Inland scuba diving in the UK - is it worth it?

inland scuba diving uk

Like most Girls that Scuba members I love the ocean and also love travelling the world on dive adventures. However, I also work full time in my day job in London and much as I would like to, I can't always dive in the Ocean. Throw into the mix the rather changeable UK weather and coastal diving isn't always achievable all year round. 


BUT this little GTS member simply cannot let her gills dry out and needs (yes needs, you girls get it right?!) to dive frequently, so what's a girl to do? The answer, quite simply, is carry on diving! There are many inland dive centres dotted around in the UK (and I am sure other countries) and they offer the chance to dive pretty much all year round, even when the weather is being less cooperative than us divers would like. Here's what I've got to say about diving in my local dive site Wraysbury lake.

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Scuba Diving in Alor, Indonesia

Never heard of Alor? Us neither until we were told it’s a scuba dive heaven, so Girls that Scuba travelled to this little known island in Indonesia to see for ourselves if it really is the most colourful dive destinations the world. It’s safe to say, we weren’t disappointed. Here’s everything you need to know about scuba diving in Alor, Indonesia.

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Scuba Diving in Europe's Balkan Countries

dive in Slovenia

Europe’s Balkan countries are found on the eastern side of the continent extending from Slovenia, Serbia and Romania all the way down to to tip of Greece. A lesser known part of the continent, the Balkans are slowly becoming affordable vacation destinations for some of Europe’s wealthier western counterparts.  


To dive the Balkans is to catch a glimpse of some of Europe’s colder water diving. Venture into the beautiful and less explored waters of the Mediterranean and meet some strange and exhilarating creatures. While they may not be everyone’s idea of a dream dive destinations, the Balkan countries will delightfully surprise your diving standards.

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Scuba Diving in Sangalaki, Indonesia – An Exclusive Paradise

When it comes to scuba diving in Southeast Asia, no doubt Indonesia is among the top destinations, and Komodo island (one of the world-class dive sites and home to Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on earth!) then there's Raja Ampat (or the Four Kings, part of Coral Triangle that contains the richest marine biodiversity on earth) are definitely on the bucket list of many divers.


But just off the Indonesian Borneo, there is a less-well known untouched paradise – Sangalaki, which offers top notch diving and an exclusive experience that is perfect for a getaway with your family and friends.

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Your Guide to Scuba Diving in Komodo, Indonesia

Komodo, Indonesia is one of the worlds most famous dive destinations - mostly known for its population of manta rays, it earns its reputation not only for the majestic rays, but also of it’s abundance of marine life and huge populations of corals. The best way to hit all of these top dive spots in Komodo is to go on a liveaboard for at least 3 days (but preferably 7) so you can reach the further out dive spots that aren’t accessible on the main land Labuan Bajo. We recently spent 3 days on board a liveaboard with CNdiveKomodo and here’s what we think are the best dive spots in Komodo. Let's go diving in Komodo!!

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