A week on board a luxury liveaboard in the Red Sea - and you're invited on the next one

luxury liveabords
The good life onboard Scuba Scene

Here's the thing girls (ok, and boys, I'm letting you in on this one) I'm struggling to describe to you my time onboard Scuba Scene last month. On one hand, I want to light up your imagination with stories of dancing with dolphins and midnight dives, and on the other, I want to be a kid and totally show off about the complete and utter luxury of the boat. Maybe I can do both? Forgive my boasting, it's just this trip blew any expectations of a scuba dive liveaboard out the water.

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These photos free diving with dolphins will be the most magical thing you'll see today

If you are anything like us at Girls that Scuba swimming with dolphins is the ultimate dream. These beautiful animals like to join us alongside the boat, but having an encounter with them underwater is somewhat rare. So these photos of Girls that Scuba founder Sarah Richard diving in Marsa Alam, Egypt while on a liveaboard with Bateel Divers are quite simply breathtaking. We will let the photos say it all.


All photos by Ebrahim Hamdy

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Coral Education: 5 Corals you can find in the Caribbean

coral in Caribbean ocean

How often do you spend your dive looking at, or searching for coral? Coral reefs are the foundation of the marine environment but often get overlooked for flashy fish, tiny critters or charismatic megafauna. 


Coral reefs are tremendously important and are often the reason people first get involved in scuba diving. But ask any diver to name a handful of species, and chances are you will be met with blank stairs.


Corals come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and unique growth forms, all within the same species. Each individual colony is influenced by the depth at which it is growing, and if it is found in the current or living in a low flow environment. This means no two colonies are alike.


Once your train your eyes to start looking at the reef, a whole new world of scuba diving adventures unfolds. We’ve put together this list of 5 corals to get you started. Each of these corals are easy to identify and common throughout the Caribbean. 

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Things you need to know before diving in Silfra, Iceland

We've all hear about scuba diving in Silfra - the only place in the world you can dive between the American and Eurasian continental plates, and touch both continents at the same time! We hand over to Girls that Scuba member Sigríður Lárusdóttir who lives and works in Iceland to tell us all about scuba diving in this magical place!


The water in Silfra is as clear as pure air, the landscape is breathtaking and the colours are beautiful. Visibility can be 100 meters plus, in fact, the water is so clean that you can take out your regulator and take a sip of the 3°c cold water, which has been filtered for hundreds of years through the lava. For me, it is paradise, and there's no wonder why divers come from all over the world to dive in this continental rift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.  But it's not only scuba divers; this is a heaven for free diving as well due to the numerous holes and cracks to go through; you can even meet an occasional trout resting.


As Iceland lies far north the temperature is not as most divers dream of, there are many things to take into consideration before dipping into the cold waters. In summertime the warmest waters are maximum 14°C and in winter it can go as cold as down to freezing point.  Let's discuss what you are going to need to bring:

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The 10 Best Dive Sites in the Philippines

With so many islands to explore, it makes sense that the Philippines is one of the best diving destinations in the world. Spectacular reefs, whale sharks, mantas and underwater UNESCO World Heritage sites invite divers into the crystal clear waters of the Pacific.


While nearly any destination will yield amazing scuba diving, the best diving holidays in the Philippines are found aboard liveaboard diving vessels. These well-appointed yachts will transport you to otherwise unreachable reefs and allow you to dive the best sites across several islands in just a short amount of time. 


Below you’ll find Girls that Scuba  ultimate recommendations on 10 best dive sites in the Philippines:

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