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Top 5 Night Dives in the Maldives

Maldives is one of our favourite places in the world to scuba dive! A ocean alive with activity! But, then when the night falls the waters become ELECTRIC! Ever seen dozens of nurse sharks swimming above you? Manta's feeding below you? Well, I guess it's time you booked that scuba trip to Maldives then! Adele Verdier-Ali, owner of Fulidhdoo Dive tells us about her top 5 night dive sites in Maldives!

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The Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

Gili 'T' (Trawangan) in Indonesia is one of the most popular dive destinations in Asia. Thousands upon thousands of divers flock there every year, mostly to do scuba courses and extend their knowledge and training. So of course, Girls that Scuba wanted to see what all the fuss was about and headed to Gili T, Indonesia this summer (2017) to check out the waters ourselves. Here's everything you need to know about scuba diving in Gili T!

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Best Scuba Diving Sites in the UK

scuba diving in the uk

Scuba diving in the U.K?! Yup, it's a thing, it's more than a thing! Freezing cold you say? Not much to see and the visibility is terrible you think? As with any dive, almost anywhere in the world, bad weather conditions can stir up silt and ruin a dive. However the UK waters are teeming with life and as long as you wrap up in your trusty drysuit you’ll stay toasty and warm whilst you enjoy all that the island has to offer. You’re missing out on something special if you have ruled out diving in the UK due to its colder climate. Here's some of our favourite dive sites in the UK.


You might also want to read: "Inland scuba diving in the UK - is it worth it?"

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Scuba dive Maldives on a Budget - Fulidhoo Island

scuba diving in Fulidhoo Maldives
A sand back just off Fulidhoo

Scuba diving on a BUDGET in the Maldives. Now that's a sentence we didn't think we would hear. But, it's true! Girls that Scuba recently went to find out themselves and stumbled across the hidden gem of the Maldives; local islands - where you don't have to be a millionaire to scuba dive in one of the world's top dive destinations. You're going to want to read this one carefully!

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Scuba diving Maldives: Liveaboards, Local Islands, Resorts - costs and info

You've always dreamed of going on a scuba trip to the Maldives right? It's been on your scuba bucket list for years, and you are constantly seeing scuba ads to Maldives, and thinking to yourself  "but how can I afford this?". Girls that Scuba recently spent 2 weeks in the Maldives in a luxury resort, mid-range resort, on a local island and a liveaboard to see exactly where the best diving was, and how our community can afford to come and dive here too! You're going to be surprised at what we found! Here we break down the benefits/drawbacks and price and costs of each options. It's a big guide - read carefully, save and share, and let us know which one you chose!

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Scuba diving in Yucatán - where, how, Cenotes or ocean?

Sun all year round, positive, Caribbean vibes, endless possibilities to dive and to get certified... this is Mexico - specifically our favourite dive destination; Yucatán. A diverse destination for divers that one single trip won’t cover all - to be honest we even think its worth looking at apartment rentals in Mexico and staying and diving for a good few week! So, you wonder: what dive sites are the best, what are Cenotes and why should I even bother going? GTS hears you, and here’s our guide to diving Yucatán in Mexico:

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Scuba diving and travelling to Raja Ampat with kids

scuba diving on a budget raja ampat

We recently travelled across the world from the UK to Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia to dive some of the best dive destinations in the world. It was a long trip and quite costly as we stayed in resorts and dived every day. So we wanted to find out how to do Raja Ampat on a budget AND with kids in tow.


Traveling with young children can be daunting. How about adding scuba diving to that and also somewhere remote like Raja Ampat? How do you even organise a scuba holiday there with kids? Is it expensive? Safe? Vaccinations required? What do you even pack for family of 4 including dive equipment, 7 and 1 year old daughters? How do you deal with budget planes and long stop overs? Screaming kids?


Girls that Scuba member Michelle-Ann used to be a dive instructor living in Dahab, Egypt with a daughter operating a small dive business. Since returning to Melbourne, Australia and having another child, diving had always been on her mind but not been viable. When she finally got the chance to dive and travel again her and her family decided on Raja Ampat to dive the untouched reefs and support the local papuan community staying in an eco-lodge.

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Scuba diving in Raja Ampat - where, how, liveaboard or shore?

bait ball in Raja Ampat
Have you ever seen a school of fish this big? | Photo by Mike Corey, Kick the Grind

Raja Ampat in Indonesia is scuba diving heaven. There's no place quite like it for scuba divers and is top on most divers bucket list! However, it is notoriously expensive and hard to get to, so when doing it it's got to be done properly! That's why Girls that Scuba is here to let you know everything you need to know before visiting Raja Ampat!

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Inland scuba diving in the UK - is it worth it?

inland scuba diving uk

Like most Girls that Scuba members I love the ocean and also love travelling the world on dive adventures. However, I also work full time in my day job in London and much as I would like to, I can't always dive in the Ocean. Throw into the mix the rather changeable UK weather and coastal diving isn't always achievable all year round. 


BUT this little GTS member simply cannot let her gills dry out and needs (yes needs, you girls get it right?!) to dive frequently, so what's a girl to do? The answer, quite simply, is carry on diving! There are many inland dive centres dotted around in the UK (and I am sure other countries) and they offer the chance to dive pretty much all year round, even when the weather is being less cooperative than us divers would like. Here's what I've got to say about diving in my local dive site Wraysbury lake.

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Scuba Diving in Alor, Indonesia

Never heard of Alor? Us neither until we were told it’s a scuba dive heaven, so Girls that Scuba travelled to this little known island in Indonesia to see for ourselves if it really is the most colourful dive destinations the world. It’s safe to say, we weren’t disappointed. Here’s everything you need to know about scuba diving in Alor, Indonesia.

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Scuba Diving in Europe's Balkan Countries

dive in Slovenia

Europe’s Balkan countries are found on the eastern side of the continent extending from Slovenia, Serbia and Romania all the way down to to tip of Greece. A lesser known part of the continent, the Balkans are slowly becoming affordable vacation destinations for some of Europe’s wealthier western counterparts.  


To dive the Balkans is to catch a glimpse of some of Europe’s colder water diving. Venture into the beautiful and less explored waters of the Mediterranean and meet some strange and exhilarating creatures. While they may not be everyone’s idea of a dream dive destinations, the Balkan countries will delightfully surprise your diving standards.

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Scuba Diving in Sangalaki, Indonesia – An Exclusive Paradise

When it comes to scuba diving in Southeast Asia, no doubt Indonesia is among the top destinations, and Komodo island (one of the world-class dive sites and home to Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on earth!) then there's Raja Ampat (or the Four Kings, part of Coral Triangle that contains the richest marine biodiversity on earth) are definitely on the bucket list of many divers.


But just off the Indonesian Borneo, there is a less-well known untouched paradise – Sangalaki, which offers top notch diving and an exclusive experience that is perfect for a getaway with your family and friends.

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Your Guide to Scuba Diving in Komodo, Indonesia

Komodo, Indonesia is one of the worlds most famous dive destinations - mostly known for its population of manta rays, it earns its reputation not only for the majestic rays, but also of it’s abundance of marine life and huge populations of corals. The best way to hit all of these top dive spots in Komodo is to go on a liveaboard for at least 3 days (but preferably 7) so you can reach the further out dive spots that aren’t accessible on the main land Labuan Bajo. We recently spent 3 days on board a liveaboard with CNdiveKomodo and here’s what we think are the best dive spots in Komodo. Let's go diving in Komodo!!

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Scuba diving in Bali with All 4 Diving

where to dive in bali

Diving with the best dive centre in Bali isn't as easy as just walking into the first one you see and diving in; especially when it comes to busy diving hotspots like Bali, you want to be extra careful to select the best dive shops and not get stuck with a bad memory on your holiday. We recently sent GTS contributor Richa to dive with All 4 Diving in Bali on a day trip to Nusa Penida to see if they could be one of the best - and here is her full review of their dive centre.

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Top 10 Scuba Dive Sites in Bali

Picture credits: Australias Coral Coast
Picture credits: Australias Coral Coast

Bali, the island of the Gods is a rare paradise for scuba diving enthusiasts looking for something different. Bali is a dream place for all the senses: bright greens of the rice terraces, the vibrant music of the gamelan – a traditional xylophone, the sweet fragrance of the frangipani flower, the mouth-watering babi guling – suckling pig, or the deep relaxation a Balinese oil massage. Everything is an invitation to take the road and discover each corner of it while exploring some the finest scuba diving sites in the world. This Indonesian island gathers everything an adventure diver could dream of: colourful coral reefs, encounters with huge fish, cave diving, using traditional Balinese boat, muck diving or even technical diving. Want know where to dive in Bali? Here's our ULTIMATE in-depth guide.

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A Beginners guide to Scuba Diving in Barbados

Photo Touropia Travel Experts

Our Girls that Scuba contributor Jennifer has just come back from a dive trip in Barbados and as an Open Water diver she completed her most challenging and beautiful dives yet. From diving with sea turtles, learning about lionfish hunting to navigating through shipwrecks, there are some truly incredible experiences on the coral island of Barbados for beginner and advanced divers alike. 

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Scuba diving in Aqaba, Jordan - The best dive sites

diving in Jordan

Aqaba, the southernmost part of Jordan in the Middle East, is a bustling ocean town, known only to those who give Jordan a chance and visit to see more than just Petra. Sitting on the Red Sea it is home to some world-class diving and is a lot less crowded than some touristy diving towns in Egypt or Israel. Diving here really surprised me, and I’m sure it will you too. Warm waters, good visibility, big and small marine life await. BUT, unfortunately, there is a lots of rubbish that flows in through the gulf of Aqaba so make sure you pick up the trash as you dive and help make Aqaba cleaner! Here are our favourite dive sites in Aqaba, Jordan.

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Who to dive with in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh is one of the best dive destinations in the world; The Red Sea, pristine coral, abundant marine life, big animals, small animals, warm water and vis for days! Thousands upon thousands of divers visit Sharm each year; and don't the dive centers know it; there's one on most corners. So who the hell should you dive with while you are in Sharm when there are so many choose from? Here at GTS we know the ropes, we've been diving in Sharm for years, so we've split it into categories for you to help you choose easier!

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A week on board a luxury liveaboard in the Red Sea - and you're invited on the next one

luxury liveabords
The good life onboard Scuba Scene

Here's the thing girls (ok, and boys, I'm letting you in on this one) I'm struggling to describe to you my time onboard Scuba Scene last month. On one hand, I want to light up your imagination with stories of dancing with dolphins and midnight dives, and on the other, I want to be a kid and totally show off about the complete and utter luxury of the boat. Maybe I can do both? Forgive my boasting, it's just this trip blew any expectations of a scuba dive liveaboard out the water.

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These photos free diving with dolphins will be the most magical thing you'll see today

If you are anything like us at Girls that Scuba swimming with dolphins is the ultimate dream. These beautiful animals like to join us alongside the boat, but having an encounter with them underwater is somewhat rare. So these photos of Girls that Scuba founder Sarah Richard diving in Marsa Alam, Egypt while on a liveaboard with Bateel Divers are quite simply breathtaking. We will let the photos say it all.


All photos by Ebrahim Hamdy

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Coral Education: 5 Corals you can find in the Caribbean

coral in Caribbean ocean

How often do you spend your dive looking at, or searching for coral? Coral reefs are the foundation of the marine environment but often get overlooked for flashy fish, tiny critters or charismatic megafauna. 


Coral reefs are tremendously important and are often the reason people first get involved in scuba diving. But ask any diver to name a handful of species, and chances are you will be met with blank stairs.


Corals come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and unique growth forms, all within the same species. Each individual colony is influenced by the depth at which it is growing, and if it is found in the current or living in a low flow environment. This means no two colonies are alike.


Once your train your eyes to start looking at the reef, a whole new world of scuba diving adventures unfolds. We’ve put together this list of 5 corals to get you started. Each of these corals are easy to identify and common throughout the Caribbean. 

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Things you need to know before diving in Silfra, Iceland

We've all hear about scuba diving in Silfra - the only place in the world you can dive between the American and Eurasian continental plates, and touch both continents at the same time! We hand over to Girls that Scuba member Sigríður Lárusdóttir who lives and works in Iceland to tell us all about scuba diving in this magical place!


The water in Silfra is as clear as pure air, the landscape is breathtaking and the colours are beautiful. Visibility can be 100 meters plus, in fact, the water is so clean that you can take out your regulator and take a sip of the 3°c cold water, which has been filtered for hundreds of years through the lava. For me, it is paradise, and there's no wonder why divers come from all over the world to dive in this continental rift between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.  But it's not only scuba divers; this is a heaven for free diving as well due to the numerous holes and cracks to go through; you can even meet an occasional trout resting.


As Iceland lies far north the temperature is not as most divers dream of, there are many things to take into consideration before dipping into the cold waters. In summertime the warmest waters are maximum 14°C and in winter it can go as cold as down to freezing point.  Let's discuss what you are going to need to bring:

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The 10 Best Dive Sites in the Philippines

With so many islands to explore, it makes sense that the Philippines is one of the best diving destinations in the world. Spectacular reefs, whale sharks, mantas and underwater UNESCO World Heritage sites invite divers into the crystal clear waters of the Pacific.


While nearly any destination will yield amazing scuba diving, the best diving holidays in the Philippines are found aboard liveaboard diving vessels. These well-appointed yachts will transport you to otherwise unreachable reefs and allow you to dive the best sites across several islands in just a short amount of time. 


Below you’ll find Girls that Scuba  ultimate recommendations on 10 best dive sites in the Philippines:

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Where to dive with Dugongs (sea cows) in Marsa Alam, Egypt

It's on your scuba bucket list right? To dive with the mighty Dugong? Well, you just might be able to tick that one off if you head over to Marsa Alam in Egypt!

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Red Sea Diving Trio; Jordan, Israel, Egypt. Which comes out on top?

scuba diving in Dahab, Egypt
Dahab Delights | Omar Madain

I'll admit it, I'm totally obsessed with scuba diving. Every country I visit I go out of my way to head to the ocean and dive straight in. I'll miss tourist attractions, nights out, and days on the beach because of it. So on my latest solo adventure around the Middle East I gave myself the challange of diving as many countries as I could along the Red Sea. A, because it is my favourite dive spot in the world and B, because a scuba dive mission is the best mission of all. So I documented my dives in Egypt, Israel and Jordan to bring to you my opinion on the best country to dive the Red Sea. Let's do this....

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Dive destination: Kosrae, Micronesia – a coral lovers paradise

Here at Girls that Scuba we are dedictaed on showing you the best scuba dive destination around the world and share all of our scuba tips on how to get there, the best time to dive and everything in between straight to you. Here we speak to Girls that Scuba member Celeste Buck-Heinz about scuba diving in Kosrae, Micronesia.


Prior to being offered a teaching contract in the Federated States of Micronesia, I had never even heard of the country composed of 4 beautiful island chains in the Western Tropical Pacific. I had seen the job posting and thought to myself--”Hey, I know Indonesia is composed of islands with sick diving, so what could be different about Micronesia?!” So, I went ahead and accepted the teaching position, unknowingly launching myself into the most beautiful and trying adventure of my young life. 

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