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Scuba diving is an expensive hobby, and this can be a barrier to those who have something to offer to this industry but don’t have the means to pursue their passions. Many organisations and brands come together to offer scuba diving scholarships and grants to offer opportunities to more divers. 


We’re all about levelling the playing field and offering opportunities to as many divers, and as many marginalised divers, as possible. If you’re looking for up-to-date information on scuba diving grants and diving scholarships, you’re in the right place! 


We’ll keep this page updated with all of the best diving grants out there, in hopes of encouraging more women and marginalised groups to take on these incredible opportunities. 


Opportunities are arranged with the soonest closing dates at the top. New opportunities will be added as they open. If you are a brand or organisation offering a scuba diving scholarship or grant, or you find an opportunity not listed on this page, please forward to

Government Funded Diving - Maldives

Banner detailing the Maldivian Government Dive Training Grants, details below

What Is It?

The Maldivian Government is initiating a training programme aimed at up-skilling job seekers in priority trade areas, including scuba diving. This is an exciting opportunity for Maldivian residents to develop their skills to either PADI Divemaster or PADI OWSI level. 


Who Can Apply?

Applicants must be Maldivian residents currently living in Maldives, aged 16-65, and should be either unemployed or currently working less than 20 hours per week. Full eligibility criteria can be found here


How Do I Apply?

Dive operators taking part in this programme are listed on the Maldivian Job Center website. 


Closing dates vary depending on dive operator


GUE - NextGen Scholarship

Banner detailing the GUE NextGen Scholarship, details below

What Is It?

The NextGen Scholarship is one of the most sought-after opportunities in the dive industry, offering a year of tuition-free GUE training, a generous travel budget, support from a mentor, and equipment provided by Halcyon. 


The scholarship allows budding divers to take on training in the environments they’re most passionate about. Our very own Girls that Scuba Ambassador, Annika, was the first ever recipient of this scholarship!


Who Can Apply?

Applicants must be aged 21-30, hold Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent, have 20+ logged dives, must be medically fit to dive, and fluent in English. 


How Do I Apply?

Apply through this form. The application process includes a 1000 word essay, a short video (less than two minutes) about your dive background, aspirations, and why you’re a good candidate, and a character reference. 


Closes 1st July 2022


AUAS - Zale Parry Scholarship

Banner detailing the AUAS Zale Parry Scholarship, details below

What Is It?
The Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences offer a grant of up to $6000 towards education for those already enrolled in graduate school in a diving-related field.


Who Can Apply?
US or Canadian certified divers, who are currently enrolled in a Masters or PhD program in one of the listed diving-related fields of study


How Do I Apply?
Application details can be found here. Applicants must submit a completed application form, CV or resume, 500 word essay, two letters of recommendation, and copies of their dive certifications.  


Closes 31st August 2022


AUAS - DAN Diving Medicine Research Scholarship

Banner detailing the AUAS and DAN Diving Medicine Research Scholarship, details below

What Is It?

AUAS and DAN created this scholarship to encourage research on topics that expand our knowledge of human physiology in the marine environment. The scholarship awards up to $10000 for successful applicants. 


Who Can Apply?

Applicants must possess a PhD, MD, DO, or Master’s degree, must have previous peer-reviewed publications, and a record of interest or involvement with diving medical research. 


How Do I Apply?

Details on the thorough proposal and two letters of support can be found here.


Closes 15th September 2022