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Girls that Scuba is the world’s largest dive community for women.


Our mission is to encourage more women to scuba dive, to empower those of us who are already diving, and to elevate more diverse representation within the scuba industry.

Our Story

Girls that Scuba is a community of inspiring women who are passionate about scuba diving. We range from the scuba instructor, the beginner, the never-put-on-a-scuba-mask, to the full-time ocean activist, and everyone in between. 


Want to know how we became the thriving online community you see today? Here's the Girls that Scuba story!


An accessible text-only version of this infographic can be found here

Infographic timeline detailing the Girls that Scuba history - accessible text only version linked below

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The simplest way to get involved with Girls that Scuba is to be part of our online communities! We’ve now grown to over 16 social platforms (more on that below), but it all began with our Girls that Scuba Facebook group which remains at the heart of our community today. Our private groups are a safe space open to women and non-binary people, and any other social platforms can be followed by people of all genders. 


For the opportunity to join us in person and dive on one of our incredible scuba adventures, head to Girls that Scuba Trips


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Our three main communities are our private facebook groups - Girls that Scuba, Girls that Freedive, and Girls that Tech Dive.

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