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Welcome to Girls that Scuba

Welcome to Girls that Scuba

Girls that Scuba is the world’s largest dive community for women.

Our mission is to encourage more women to scuba dive, to empower those of us who are already diving, and to elevate more diverse representation within the scuba industry.

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The Girls that Scuba Story

Girls that Scuba is a community of inspiring women who are passionate about scuba diving. We range from the scuba instructor, the beginner, the never-put-on-a-scuba-mask, to the full-time ocean activist, and everyone in between.

Want to know how we became the thriving online community you see today? Here’s the Girls that Scuba story!

2016 – The Group and Website

Sarah Richard was the only woman divemaster working on a boat in Micronesia and she wanted more women to talk to about diving. Finding a lack of spaces online, she made her own. The Girls that Scuba Facebook group was born.

Girls that Scuba founder Sarah Richard smiles widely. She is taking a selfie on a boat, wearing a blue whale shark print dive skin.

Within 5 months, Girls that Scuba became the largest women’s diving community online!

Our content needed a space outside of social media, so we started the Girls that Scuba blog. The website continues to share educational diving articles, equipment reviews, and dive destination advice.

2017 – Girls that Scuba Store

The community wanted a way to spot other members underwater, so our mask strap covers became our first piece of merchandise and we launched our Girls that Scuba online store. Over the years the store has grown to include log books, changing robes, DSMBs, passport covers, and so much more!

2018 – Girls that Scuba Trips and Membership

As well as bringing divers together online, people wanted to be able to meet other members in person. Who were we to say no? Our first Girls that Scuba Day event took place in Indonesia, and was shortly followed by our first Girls that Scuba trip to Komodo Island. We now host scuba and freediving trips around the world.

We also hosted our first ever Girls that Scuba Underwater Photography Contest – the first to highlight women in underwater photography. 

Allied with dive businesses and travel providers, we created and launched the GTS Membership Card – the first membership of its kind in the industry. The membership continues to offer hundreds of discounts on dive centres, liveaboards and scuba brands worldwide! 

2020 – Courses and Ambassadors

Whilst the dive industry took a collective surface interval, we collaborated with instructors and marine scientists on a series of webinars and offered sponsored scholarship places on each one.

Inspired by our incredible community, we also introduced the world to our first group of Girls that Scuba ambassadors!

2021 – Returning to Travel

With dive travel starting to reopen, we hosted 4 international and 5 UK based trips.

2022 – Trips and More

Set to be our biggest year yet for events, we will be taking divers on 9 international dive trips and 7 UK adventures!

Get Involved

The simplest way to get involved with Girls that Scuba is to be part of our online communities! We’ve now grown to over 16 social platforms (more on that below), but it all began with our Girls that Scuba Facebook group which remains at the heart of our community today. Our private groups are a safe space open to women and non-binary people, and any other social platforms can be followed by people of all genders.

For the opportunity to join us in person and dive on one of our incredible scuba adventures, head to Girls that Scuba Trips.

If you want to share your Girls that Scuba pride far and wide, check out our merchandise on the GTS Store. And for exclusive discounts on our store and hundreds of dive brands, centres and holidays worldwide, pick up your GTS Membership here!

For business, collaboration and sponsorship opportunities, learn how to work with us.

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Our three main communities are our private facebook groups – Girls that ScubaGirls that Freedive, and Girls that Tech Dive.

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Girls that Scuba group Instagram
Girls that tech dive group Instagram

You can also find us on Instagram – @girlsthatscuba@girlsthatfreedive and @girlsthattechdive

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