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8 Women’s Divewear Brands You’ll LOVE

8 Women’s Divewear Brands You’ll LOVE

If there’s one thing you’re guaranteed to see on a boat full of Girls that Scuba, it’s a sea of incredible colours and prints. Our group members – and our Girls that Scuba Trip guests – LOVE their fun swimwear and divewear. And who are we to gatekeep the brands that they’re loving? Here are some of the best women’s divewear brands, as worn and loved by our members.

If you’re looking for whale shark swimwear, fun scuba diving swimwear, or colourful rashguards, you’re in the right place!

1. Waterlust

Waterlust are a long-standing Girls that Scuba favourite, for very good reasons! They create unique prints which are adapted from photographs and inspired by marine environments and creatures. Not only that, they also donate to a project related to the print’s inspiration for every single piece sold. These causes vary from coral conservation and parrotfish protection to sea turtle research.

Three women smile at the camera wearing printed women's divewear, featuring whale shark prints and orange sea turtle inspired prints.
Waterlust’s whale shark and turtle prints looking amazing on our guests in the Maldives

Waterlust’s environmental efforts don’t end there, either. Their recycled materials are all constructed from post-consumer waste plastic bottles. The resulting fabric feels significantly thicker and more substantial than a lot of other scuba base layers. 

Charlotte sits on the side of a boat and looks into blue ocean in the distance. She is wearing a Waterlust orca set of a black crop top and black and white printed leggings.
Our Social Media Manager, Charlotte, rocking the understated Orca print in Komodo

Their leggings and sunsuits feel like something between a lycra layer and a thin neoprene base. This makes them ideal for layering under your wetsuit, or even wearing alone in more tropical climes! Our community loves how versatile and long-lasting their pieces are, and of course, they look amazing too.

Two sisters smile at the camera, with their arms around one another. They are wearing Waterlust's women's divewear, with one in a blue, pink and green parrotfish print, and one in a grey-blue tiger shark print.
More Waterlust sun-suit love from our guests in the Maldives

Finally, Waterlust’s sizing is another huge tick from women divers. Their sizes go from XS to 3XL, and their thorough size guides show the styles on lots of different body types. Waterlust also have an easy-to-use size calculator. You can plug in some simple stats (no tape measure needed) to gauge what size you might be.

2. Spacefish Army

If size inclusivity and psychedelic prints are top of your list, you need to be shopping from Spacefish Army for your scuba baselayers! These styles are sure to get you seen on the dive boat, with an abundance of octopus-inspired prints (amongst other creatures) and kaleidoscopic colours.

A woman scuba diver poses for the camera with one hand above her head and one on her hip. She is stood on a small boat, wearing a bright coral printed swimwear set, with a pink scuba mask to match.
Where better to wear the Coral Kaleidoscope print than Raja Ampat?

Spacefish Army’s range of rashies, leggings, shorts, and more, are also constructed from recycled fabrics. They offer UPF50, and their leggings and shorts now have added pockets – and who doesn’t love a pocket? 

Two women sit on the side of a large boat laughing and smiling at one another. They are wearing matching black and printed women's divewear, one with whale sharks on the leggings and sleeves, and the other with an octopus-tentacle and flower print.
Guest besties matching in their Manta Mayhem and Electric Blue Octofloral prints in Komodo

Spacefish Army’s pieces can also be worn above the water for any active hobbies, thanks to their super-stretchy fabric. This means you can take your love of the ocean into the gym or on a hike!

3. SlipIns

SlipIns are best known for their incredible full body skins. They also create leggings and long sleeved swimsuits, amongst other styles, all of which allow the wearer to “slip in” to their wetsuit with ease. 

Two women smile at the camera and hold up their right hands in a "hang loose" or "shaka" hand signal with their thumbs and pinkie fingers extended. They are wearing matching black printed full dive suits from SlipIns.
More matching guests in Komodo – this time it’s twin sisters in SlipIns!

Their bold prints include inspiration from blue ringed octopus, coral groupers, whale sharks, eagle rays, jellyfish, and so many more. 

A group of 7 women smile at the camera wearing brightly coloured SlipIns suits, in blues, greens, yellows, and red. They are on the dive deck of a large boat with bright blue water to the back.
Rocking a rainbow of SlipIns on a Girls that Scuba trip to Jordan

Whenever anyone asks our community about the difficulties of getting into a wetsuit, SlipIns are sure to be found as a recommendation in the comments. If you’ve ever struggled wrestling yourself into a 5mm suit, you need to check out SlipIns! 

Banner showing product images of Girls that Scuba's changing poncho, white text reads "Get yours in the GTS store"

4. SeaMorgens

If you’re looking for the best swimwear for scuba diving, look no further than SeaMorgens. Owned by two ocean-loving sisters, their figure-flattering styles and marine inspired prints are a Girls that Scuba favourite.

Two women face away from the camera showing the back of their SeaMorgens swimsuits - one white and blue with printed ocean creatures, the other black and grey with a shark tooth print. They are sitting on the bow of a large boat.
SeaMorgens’ Ocean and Shark Skin prints in Komodo

SeaMorgens swimwear, rashies, and leggings are all made from ECONYL® regenerated yarn, making use of waste products such as plastic bottles and ghost fishing nets. The resulting fabric is incredibly strong and hardwearing, and our community members love how long lasting their styles are. A number of their prints support projects such as coral conservation and ghost net removal, too. 

Few brands put as much thought and customer feedback into their swimwear as SeaMorgens. They are constantly asking their customers for their thoughts on designs. As a result, they create super flattering styles with features that women really want. 

Three women lay on the top of a dive boat with their heads towards the camera and their feet extended away from the camera. They are all smiling in the sunshine wearing matching SeaMorgens women's divewear, with manta ray silhouettes printed in blue.
Matchy-matchy Manta Silhouettes on our Jordan trip!

As divers, we also love that many of their designs don’t feature any clasps or ties – no more pesky bikini knots pressing between your BCD and your back!

5. Girls that Scuba Divewear Collection

We couldn’t leave out our own women’s divewear now, could we? If you’re looking for the ultimate whale shark divewear, we’ve got you covered with the Girls that Scuba Divewear Collection.

Charlotte sits on top of a large dive boat wearing pieces from the Girls that Scuba whale shark divewear collection. She is smiling and looking at the black fins she's picking up.
Taking our whale shark divewear for a dive in the Philippines

Our signature whale shark print is much-loved by our members, and we’ve now made it available on a small capsule collection. These rashies, leggings, tops, and shorts are printed on demand to reduce waste. You can also go full matchy-matchy, with our range of whale shark accessories. Additionally, most of the collection is available up to size 6XL.

A woman scuba diver is just under the surface wearing a whale shark print set from the Girls that Scuba divewear collection. Her face isn't visible above the bright blue water. She has bright pink fins on and a purple BCD cover.
It also looks just as incredible under the waves!

The collection is also on the more affordable side of divewear, with all items coming in under £50. With a subtle Girls that Scuba logo, you can represent your favourite women’s dive community AND your favourite big spotty fish, all at the same time!

6. Batoko

If we could pick one word to describe Batoko‘s swimsuits, it would be fun. These aren’t your typical marine life prints though – think bold, graphic line-drawings of your favourite ocean creatures in bright, eye-catching colour combos. Even land based and extinct creatures aren’t off the inspo list, either. T-rex swimsuit, anyone?

Girls that Scuba founder Sarah sits on a large rock at a beach. She is holding up an adult pair of fins in one hand and a baby pair in the other, smiling at the baby fins. She is wearing a lobster-print swimsuit with a visible baby bump.
Girls that Scuba founder, Sarah, wore a Batoko lobster swimsuit to share her pregnancy!

Like all our favourite women’s swimwear and divewear, Batoko also have strong eco-credentials. Their swimsuits are made from recycled materials. In addition, they consciously focus on a small collection to reduce consumption. We love that their sizing goes up to 3XL, too!

7. Blue Adaptation

Designed by a divemaster, Blue Adaptation’s ocean-inspired prints feature some of the most beautiful patterns the underwater world has to offer. If you prefer a more toned-down style for your divewear, you’ll also love the understated style of their eagle ray and whale shark prints.

Charlotte sits on the side of a large scuba liveaboard looking out to the blue ocean. She is wearing a Blue Adaptation eagle ray set in black with a white print.
On the lookout for eagle rays in Indonesia

Their swimwear, rashies, leggings and more are created in super flattering styles which are sure to work for many body types. Above all, we love that their products are created with the environment in mind – even down to the shipping materials. 

8. Rewild Swimwear

Lastly, but by no means least, we have Rewild‘s capsule swimwear collection which is inspired by stunning British ocean wildlife. It’s also created in the UK. Their supportive and sun-protective styles feature seals, sharks, and even adorable puffins. 

A woman walks towards the camera on a sandy beach. She is looking down and wearing a blue swimsuit with puffins on the print.
This puffin print, named after Lundy Island, has our hearts!

Like many of our favourite women’s divewear brands, they’re also made from eco-friendly recycled fabrics. In addition, they even create zero-waste scrunchies from leftover scraps. We particularly love their long-sleeved swimsuits – they’d be perfect paired with shorts for a warm water dive!

We want to know about your favourite women’s divewear brands, too! Join us in our Girls that Scuba community and share your snaps of your favourite scuba outfits!

Banner showing blue spotted whale shark print dive wear, with written details of the items and "new collection" writing in pink.