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The Best Scuba Masks for Women – 7 Masks to Try

The Best Scuba Masks for Women – 7 Masks to Try

The first dive once you’ve found that perfect scuba mask is such a satisfying moment. But with so many to choose from, how do you know where to start? We’ve collaborated with our friends at to bring you our ULTIMATE guide to the best scuba masks for women. 

Whether you’re looking for something frameless, a prescription mask, a low volume style, or just trying to find that elusive perfect fit, there’s a scuba mask here for every diver!

What makes these the best scuba masks for women?

With a huge community of women in our Girls that Scuba Facebook Group, we base our recommendations on the products we see our members talking about and loving! These are the masks we see coming up time again in our community’s comments and pictures.

It’s important to remember, though, that the best mask is the one which fits your face. Whether shopping online or in store, we’d recommend trying on a variety of different styles. Look out for flexible returns policies which allow you to try in the comfort of your own home.

1. Cressi F1 & F1 Mini 

Whilst it’s not always the case, many women divers have smaller faces or more petite features. Lots of our members with smaller proportions love the Cressi F1 Mask. It’s a classic frameless style mask, which means it’s super easy to store and offers a fantastic field of vision. It also has a low volume, making it easier to clear. 

A Cressi F1 women's scuba mask in pink against a blurred ocean background.

The Cressi F1 is often mentioned by instructors as being a reliable design which fits a wide variety of face shapes. This is helped by the super soft silicone. Additionally, Cressi also offers the F1 Mini, which is an even smaller version for particularly small faces. 

2. Tusa Paragon & Paragon S 

Tusa masks are also well loved by the Girls that Scuba community. The Tusa Paragon comes particularly highly recommended as one of the best scuba masks for women thanks to its great fit. This is owed to the multiple silicone thicknesses and intelligent ridges which make up Tusa’s “freedom technology”. 

Tusa Paragon & Paragon S women's scuba masks in black against a blurred ocean background.

The mask also features treated lenses which prevent UV damage to the eyes. If you prefer to be able to see more in your peripheral vision, the Tusa Paragon S offers similar features but in a single-lens design. Choosing a single-lens mask can also ease the pressure some divers feel on the bridge of their nose in masks with two lenses. 

3. Scubapro Trinidad 3

Here’s one for the colourful equipment lovers! The Scubapro Trinidad 3 comes in a rainbow of colours, with something to match every kit colour scheme. But that’s not all there is to it. Another low volume, frameless design, the double skirt and soft material contribute to a great fit and leak-free dives.  

A Scubapro Trinidad 3 women's scuba mask in teal against a blurred ocean background.

The intelligent buckles make the mask strap much more comfortable, and the strap can also be switched out for a softer, ski-style strap. 

4. Apeks VX1

If you’re looking for incredible comfort and clarity in your scuba mask, the Apeks VX1 comes highly recommended. Apeks are renowned for their quality products, and the VX1 mask definitely lives up to those expectations. 

Apeks VX1 women's scuba masks in white and orange against a blurred ocean background.

The silicone is soft enough to be comfortable, but not so soft that it collapses onto the face. Additionally, the VX1 is often recommended for those looking for a slightly larger nose pocket. 

It also comes with two styles of mask strap, so you can choose between a silicone strap or a neoprene mask strap. We’re big fans of neoprene mask straps and strap covers to tame those pesky scuba hairs!

Banner showing product images of Girls that Scuba's mask strap covers, white text reads "Get yours in the GTS store

5. Oceanic Shadow 

Our community members have been wearing and loving this mask for years. There’s low volume, and then there’s the Oceanic Shadow. The profile of this mask is incredibly low, making for an impressively wide field of vision. 

Oceanic Shadow women's scuba mask in black against a blurred ocean background.

This mask has a flatter overall shape compared to a lot of similar frameless masks. The Oceanic Shadow Mini is a smaller version of the same design, making it ideal for those with more petite features. It’s loved by our members with smaller faces. 

The Oceanic Shadow is another mask which offers a neoprene strap, adding to comfort and preventing hair breakage from silicone straps. One of the main features making it a pick for the best scuba masks for women is the multiple sizes on offer.

6. Aqualung Plazma

An Aqualung Plazma women's scuba mask in dark blue against a blurred ocean background.

If you liked the look of the Apeks VX1 but wanted more colour options, the Aqualung Plazma might be for you. Much like the VX1, it offers a fantastic fit and great peripheral vision thanks to the wide design. We particularly love how easy the mask strap is to adjust. 

7. Atomic Subframe

The Atomic Subframe mask is well loved by Girls that Scuba members, and if you don’t want to wear contact lenses when diving, the prescription lens options are perfect for you. It offers an impressive field of vision for a twin lens mask, and comes in a multitude of colour pops to match your other kit. You can choose a clear skirt or black skirt, depending on your preference. Clear skirts will let more light in, but may discolour more easily over time. 

An Atomic Subframe women's scuba mask in purple and black against a blurred ocean background.

When looking for prescription scuba masks, some can be bulkier or less streamlined, but the Atomic Subframe is still a low-volume style making it comfortable and easy to clear. The prescription lenses go down to -8.0 or up to +2.5, and you can purchase each lens separately to match your eyesight perfectly. 

What scuba mask do you dive with? Join us in our Girls that Scuba community to join the conversation about the best scuba masks for women!

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