What to do with your hair when scuba diving

what to do with your hair when diving
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It's a hot topic in Girls that Scuba; what to do with your hair when scuba diving..? How to keep control of your locks, stay away from tares and tangles. Well, if there were a group of ladies that could tell you all of their tried and tested hair techniques it's GTS! So here are our top scuba diving hair tips!


Braids! 2 braids under a hood and you'll never have a problem again..also change your strap to a Velcro one and you'll find it much easier if you don't want to wear a hood..


I French braid my bangs and completely solved the problem. I had a hell of a time with mask skills during certification for precisely this reason.

Coconut oil and braids. Two. And a hood.


I wear braids or pigtails and at the suggestion of the lovely ladies here I use the invisabobble and clip barrettes for my very long side bangs. Between that and the hood I'm golden though with baby fine hair it still a hot mess at the end of multiple dives but not a rats nest at least. I use natural leave in conditioner when I get home after rinsing with cool water if I'm doing intense diving (multiple days).


I wear a beanie; I cannot stand to wear a hood even in cold water! It keeps my hair contained, & out of my full face mask.


I too wear a hood, skull cap or headband. I also shave part of my neck to keep hair out of my dry suit.


I smothered my hair with coconut oil and wore a neoprene hood. Didn't stay dry but the oil stopped it from drying out.

Neoprene Mask Strap

I bought the neoprene with velcro straps (replaces the silicone strap) and had absolutely no tangles during our live aboard....None! I was concerned about the straps keeping my mask in place, however, they did just fine.


I have a neoprene strap on my mask and always brush and braid my hair into a french braid. If I do that I have almost no problems with my hair.


I have a neoprene sleeve covering the strap so it doesn't snag. I have long hair so I braid it for diving.


We designed our own Girls that Scuba mask covers to help women deal with their crazy hair. Get yours here.

Head Band/ Buff

One of the GTS girls in her whale shark buff!
One of the GTS girls in her whale shark buff!

I use a buff but pull it over my head from the back, like a hood, not a cap. Keeps everything in place and doesn't slip off. Looks a bit daft but I'm old and don't care lol.


Buff + switch out the silicone mask strap with a neoprene buckle strap. The neoprene straps with velcro still tend to grab my hair. And Buffs are great for topside too -- especially if you spend a lot of time on the surface teaching, etc.


I can contest that unless you shave it all off even shorthair is annoying when diving (and possibly more so since you can't tie it up) I'm a big advocate of the buff band to keep it all in check and out the face/mask. That and a braid.


Buff in picture: Waterlust

Reef-safe conditioner

I only dive using Stream2Sea in fresh and salt water. I use all of their products - sunscreen, body wash/shampoo and leave in conditioner. I feel good using on my kids as well!


I normally braid my hair and tuck it under a wide headband to keep it from turning into sea weed. Then I rinse it after the dive. Depending on the dive conditions I either leave it as it is for the day, or rinse and condition after each dive (liveaboard). At least in Europe you can get a fair few organic conditioners that work ok. Or I just use coconut oil in the day and wash it all out in the evenings. I don't mind looking a bit greasy haired when diving if it saves my tresses for later, I mean, who should care?


I use the leave in conditioner after the dive. It works great after a fresh water rinse and application.


I've used all of the products in the line. I've read the data reports and fully support this brand. I also use the leave in conditioner daily as needed.


Girls that Scuba get 10% off all Stream2Sea products with the code girlsthatscuba.


Haven't tried myself, but I had a DM who was wearing one and she swears by them.


Too bad I just chopped off all my hair!! Sure could have used one of these!


I bought a pack of 5 for $20. I figured the girls at my shop would like a little stocking stuffer. I dive in a hood almost every weekend, med to long hair. I like the idea of this because although braiding works well enough, when I rip off my hood, my braid always goes with it. 


Get yours at real life mermaid hair ties, or alternatively buy a pack of hair ties and tie one a few cm away from each other down the length of your hair.


To chuck on after you've tried all of these hair techniques.

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