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ProShot Dive Case Review

ProShot Dive Case Review

Are you an avid iPhone user who wants to capture breathtaking underwater photos & videos? The ProShot Dive Case might just be for you. Check out our ProShot underwater iPhone housing review after we took it diving in the Caribbean.

Here, you’ll find out more about the ProShot Dive Case’s capabilities. Read on to learn whether this is the right underwater iPhone housing for you! 

ProShot Dive Case Product Overview 

The ProShot Dive Case, priced at a reasonable $159.99 (£126.12, €146.53, or AU$241.65), is compatible with all iPhone models. The case ensures your device’s safety down to 40m (130ft). It’s a great option for those who would like to capture photos and videos, without spending a fortune on expensive camera equipment. 

The ProShot Dive Case underwater iPhone housing sits on a sandy background.

Differentiating itself from the snorkelling-focused ProShot Touch Case, the Dive Case offers a no-touch screen feature above water. Additionally, it provides compatibility with all GoPro mounts. 

With the added bonus of a free Adjustable Buoyancy Floating Handgrip, ProShot sets itself apart by prioritising iPhone protection. This makes it a go-to choice for underwater adventures. 

Dive Case vs. Touch Case

ProShot has understood that underwater exploration comes in various depths. Their Dive Case, rated down to 40m (130ft), caters to divers seeking use of the housing whilst diving. However, it’s crucial to distinguish this from their shallower-rated Touch Case housing. The Touch Case is ideal for snorkelling and capturing the beauty of the surface waters.

Unboxing – What’s Inside the ProShot Box

The robust hard-shell ProShot box serves as a safeguard, ensuring your gear is protected both on the journey and during your dive holidays.

An open black case sits on the sand, with the ProShot Dive Case inside and the accessories in small blue bags.

Inside the box, you’ll find the ProShot Dive Case – the diving companion for your iPhone to maximum depths of 40m (130ft). The package includes essentials like a wrist strap, an adjustable buoyancy floating handgrip for steady shots beneath the surface, and a cleaning cloth to keep the wide lens crystal clear.

ProShot Dive Case – Functionality 

The ProShot Dive Case, built tough with resilient plastic, ensures a watertight seal thanks to the O-ring and dual security features. Slipping your phone in is a breeze – just align volume buttons with the sliding insert, and you’re set for your underwater adventure.

The ProShot Dive Case sits on a surface with water in the background. The case is open, with an iPhone resting on top.

For smaller iPhones, you’ll need a subtle touch to place foam pieces under the left net and along the insert’s right edge. 

Most importantly, you have to ensure you open the ProShot app before securing your phone in the case. However, you don’t need to change the iPhone native settings to ensure it doesn’t go to sleep. Thanks to a helpful feature in the app, the screen will remain on to allow you to capture those precious moments under the water. 

What Sets ProShot Apart?

In a sea of options, ProShot stands as a reliable housing, ensuring your iPhone stays dry and secure even in challenging underwater environments. The robust housing offers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on capturing those photographs without worrying about your device’s safety.

A black case with white writing reading "ProShot" and a white logo sitting on a sandy beach.

What truly distinguishes ProShot from competitors, though, is their 12 month iPhone Protection Guarantee. In the unlikely event that your iPhone is damaged due to a fault with the housing, you will be reimbursed for a replacement phone.

Testing the ProShot Housing in Grenada

Embarking on a diving adventure in the turquoise depths of Grenada, we put the ProShot housing to the test. The seamless integration of the Dive Case with the iPhone created a powerful underwater photography tool, allowing us to easily share our adventures.

Set Up

We found the set up time was about 2 minutes to ensure the phone was sitting correctly in the case, ensuring it’s all aligned correctly. 

The ProShotCase Camera App

Underwater, you’re able to take photographs and videos via the ProShotCase Camera App. The app is designed similarly to the native Apple Camera app, and allows you to see clearly the subject of the photographs. You can then control the camera via your phone’s volume buttons, which are accessible through the housing.

Diving in Shallow Waters

We took the case with us to the Underwater Sculpture Park for the first dive. We wanted to test the case in slightly shallower waters first and it didn’t disappoint. Using an iPhone 14, we managed to capture the sculptures perfectly with the ProShot Dive Case. 

Underwater Sculpture Park – Unedited

This type of dive was only between 6-7m (20-23ft) with great sunlight, so we didn’t need to use our video light to brighten the shot. We were really impressed with the quality and ease of switching between modes with the volume buttons on the side. 

One of our favourite features was the wrist strap. This provided an additional layer of security, letting us focus on framing the perfect shot without concerns about dropping the device. 

Deeper Reef Dives

Next, we tested it on a variety of reef dives which were deeper (between 18-22m, 59-72ft). You could tell the difference in colour. The photos were clear and had a lot of clarity but without the dive light for the wide photos, they would come out quite green or very blue.


However, when we added a video light for close up macro shots of some eels, it captured them perfectly. We used a BigBlue video light similar to this model, but ProShot also offer a compatible dive light at an affordable price.

Shots lit with video light – Unedited

The ProShot App didn’t seem to drain the phone battery either which was another plus feature of the housing. The photos automatically saved to the camera roll for ease of viewing post dive. 

Banner showing blue spotted whale shark print dive wear, with written details of the items and "new collection" writing in pink.

Accessorising – The Red Filter 3 Pack

For those aiming to enhance their underwater colour palette, the optional Red Filter 3 Pack is a worthy addition. Priced at $29.99 (£23.64, €27.47, AU$45.30) this accessory complements the ProShot Dive Case, adding versatility to your underwater photography tool-kit. 

Three translucent red pieces of plastic sit on the sand, peeking out of small blue bags.

Effortlessly inserting the filters into the housing offers an easy way to enhance your photos without post-dive editing. This feature proved invaluable during deeper dives, compensating for the loss of red colour.

The only drawback is the inability to switch filters underwater – once chosen, you’re committed for the entire dive.

Conclusion – A Great Affordable Option for iPhone Users

ProShot’s Dive Case orchestrates a harmonious blend of protection, functionality, and adaptability. The Dive Case’s depth rating, coupled with the iPhone Protection Guarantee, makes it a reliable companion for any underwater journey.

Author Ellie enjoying her dive – shot with ProShot Dive Case

The affordability and usability of the product appealed to us, demonstrating that underwater photography doesn’t need to be hard or stressful. We found the housing to be perfect coupled with the filter pack for sharing your everyday dives. 

The ability to quickly set up your iPhone in the housing enabled us to have confidence that we could use this even during the hustle and bustle of a diving day. 


  • iPhone protection guarantee
  • Dive case rated down to 40m (130ft)
  • Responsive controls for easy underwater adjustments
  • Additional accessories, such as the Red Filter 3 Pack, enhance versatility


  • Red Filter 3 Pack sold separately
  • Inability to switch filters during dives

In conclusion, the ProShot Dive Case is perfect for those seeking an affordable underwater iPhone housing, and the peace of mind added with the iPhone guarantee is a huge plus. 

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