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Introducing Girls Talk Scuba – The NEW Scuba Diving Podcast

Introducing Girls Talk Scuba – The NEW Scuba Diving Podcast

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love a scuba diving podcast. There was a space in the dive podcast world for a chattier, more inclusive, and exciting dive podcast – so we made our own! We might be biased, but our brand NEW Girls Talk Scuba podcast is one of the best scuba diving podcasts out there.

Hosted by two passionate scuba instructors and Girls that Scuba community members, Ellie Hudson and Emmy Spink, Girls Talk Scuba is a platform for everyone to connect, learn, and inspire each other.

Just like everything we do at Girls that Scuba, we wanted the podcast to involve our thriving community. Our topics come directly from the questions that our members are asking in the group! Join Ellie and Emmy as they interact with members of the community, sharing stories, tips, and insights on scuba diving.

Podcast artwork for Girls Talk Scuba podcast - two women divers dressed in their scuba equipment smile at each other with two microphones in between them, overlaid on a turquoise background. The Girls Talk Scuba logo features above them, with a teal silhouetted woman diver and a white microphone.

Suitable for beginners to experienced divers, the Girls Talk Scuba podcast covers a range of topics. Expect chats about skills, safety, equipment, travel, marine life, and conservation. Whether you’re curious about starting your scuba journey or looking for new adventures underwater, our podcast has something for everyone!

The First Three Episodes of Girls Talk Scuba!

Our first three episodes are out now! In episode one of Girls Talk Scuba we chat through every diver’s favourite topic – buoyancy. Should you take a buoyancy course, or just get some more fun dives under your weight belt? Ellie and Emmy discuss this, and give lots of helpful buoyancy tips along the way!

Episode two is a great one for newer divers. Our hosts reflect on what scuba equipment they purchased first, whilst helping you decide what to pick first for yourself. If you want some more on the topic, check out this blog post.

Our third episode of Girls Talk Scuba is about all things sharky in a GTS favourite dive destination – the Caribbean! Always wondered where’s best to dive with sharks? We’ve got the answers!

What do you want to hear us talk about on the Girls Talk Scuba podcast? Join the conversation in our Facebook group and let us know what you’d like to hear!