7 of the best scuba diving podcasts to listen to now

Podcasts have surged in popularity over the last few years, and it seems that scuba diving podcasts are no exception. With so many to choose from, which ones should be making it all the way to your ears? 


With topics ranging from conservation to freediving, we’ve listened to some of the most highly recommended ocean podcasts as suggested by our Girls that Scuba community - here’s our run down of the best scuba diving podcasts to listen to right now. 


Ocean Pancake

Ocean Pancake Podcast gathers together the best guests to chat about sustainability and conservation in relation to our oceans. Host Katt Andryskova is a passionate dive instructor based in Australia who aims to share the importance of protecting our oceans. Alongside guests from a wealth of backgrounds, including activists, reef guides, coral gardeners and spearfishers, she explores topics in accessible, conversational episodes from 20-60 minutes. 


We love: “Episode 8: Sustainable Living for Our Ocean with Laura in Waterland”, which features lots of practical tips from Laura on the individual actions we can take to live more sustainably and protect our seas. Listen on Spotify

DeeperBlue Podcast

With our founder Sarah featuring as one of the co-hosts on this fantastic podcast it would be rude not to include it, right? This weekly podcast has a slick magazine-style approach, with a variety of features serving to round up the latest news in all things scuba diving, freediving, dive travel, and ocean conservation. From bite size equipment reviews to interviews with industry leaders, there’s something for everyone - and with most episodes clocking in under 30 minutes it’s a great choice if you’re more pressed for time. 


Listen to: the episode “Floating Above A River of Sharks on ‘Our Planet’ with Kat Brown, and Getting All Techie With It In New Dive Computers”, in which Sarah interviews a wildlife filmmaker about her incredible career, and what she anticipates for getting back into her industry as a mother. Listen on Spotify

Speaking Sidemount

Hosted by sidemount expert Steve Davis, this is a fantastic listen if you’re considering dipping a fin into technical diving. As an accomplished instructor, Steve is incredibly knowledgeable and you can expect to walk away from any episode having learned something about sidemount equipment, skills, techniques, or ongoing expeditions. Most episodes run around the hour mark and are generally in an interview format, with fascinating guests such as Richard Harris, one of the divers involved in the heroic Thai cave rescue.


Start with: “Episode 1 - 7 Reasons Why You Should Dive Sidemount” for a bite-sized introduction to the benefits of sidemount diving, and a taste of Steve’s passion. We also loved listening to “Episode 33 - Cristina Zenato - Shark Conservation & Cave Exploration” and hearing Cristina’s fascinating journey into cave diving. Listen on Spotify 


In OceanPoddy, marine biologist Mads St Clair Baker aims to “prove that it’s not all doom and gloom for our blue planet”. With her casual - usually wine-fuelled - chats with a variety of guests we’d say she definitely achieves that. We love that the majority of her guests are women doing incredible things in scuba diving, conservation and marine science, and the conversations are peppered with fun anecdotes from her time in the field as a marine biologist. All of this makes the hour-long episodes fly by. 


Don’t miss: “SOS Galapagos”, in which Mads takes more of an investigative journalist approach to try and get to the bottom of what exactly is going on with the enormous fishing fleet in the Galapagos. We also enjoyed “One Gal’s Trash is Another Gal’s Treasure with Emma Sparrow”, founder of Ocean Mimic. Listen on Spotify

So You Want to Be a Marine Biologist

If you’ve been considering a career as a marine biologist but don’t have the slightest clue where to start, we’d say that this podcast is probably a great place. With practical episodes including a guide on “Getting your Resume Noticed and Landing the Interview”, So You Want to Be a Marine Biologist gives a true overview of what it’s like to pursue a career in ocean science. Host Kara Muzia brings on board some incredible scientists leading in their fields to discuss their work, how they got there, and on occasion how you can get involved in their work too. 


Start with: “1. What Does it Take to Be a Marine Biologist?” for a quick introduction to the reality of working in ocean sciences. You’ll soon be drawn in by Kara’s chatty style, then feel free to jump into any episode which grabs you - there’s an underwater topic to interest every diver! 

Listen on Spotify

Simply Scuba

Coming from one of the UK’s largest scuba retailers, you might be fooled into thinking this is just a podcast to chat about equipment. However, hosts Mark and Shaun cover all things underwater in their informal “Daily Deco” chats. With uploads maxing out at around 45 minutes but averaging at 30, consider this your daily dose of diving news. 


We love: “Otters Are The Key To Climate Change”, with some interesting snippets on the relationship between otters and sea urchins. Listen on Spotify

The Freedive Cafe Podcast

It’s not strictly a scuba diving podcast but we coudn’t leave this one out. Boasting a guestlist of over 100 incredible freedivers, The Freedive Cafe Podcast will most likely have interviewed any influential freediver you’d like to hear from. All episodes are in a longform interview format, which makes for some seriously in-depth (if you’ll excuse the pun) conversations between host Donny Mac and his guests.  


Listen to: “Episode #100 - Donny Mac | Dreaming of Depth” to get to know the host better before diving into the rest of the fascinating interviews. Listen on Spotify

Have you listened to any of the podcasts on our list? Do you have a favourite that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below, or share to your Instagram stories and tag us @girlsthatscuba!