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Girls that Scuba Group Trips to Jordan

Girls that Scuba Group Trips to Jordan

Come for the adventure, leave with a whole host of new dive friends and a lifetime of incredible memories. Our Girls that Scuba group trips to Jordan are some of our favourites to host, and from the glowing reviews they’re certainly a guest favourite, too!

From exploring Petra to thrilling jeep rides in the desert – and of course, scuba diving in the Red Sea – travelling Jordan with us is an action-packed week you won’t forget. Working alongside local operators and staying in a variety of unique 4* hotels, this trip truly showcases the best that this stunning country has to offer. We know you’ll leave loving Jordan as much as we do!

Jordan Group Trip Itinerary



We start our trip in the capital of Jordan, Amman. A beautiful hilly city full of history, we explore – by foot – downtown in the morning, trying local foods and traditional sweets, as well as visiting the impressive Roman Amphitheatre. 

Dead Sea

Dead Sea

The lowest point on earth! Spoil your skin and body with one of the richest waters and mud in the world, known for its healing and relaxing powers. We will float effortlessly in the Dead Sea and enjoy its peaceful and unique surroundings, whilst staying in a luxury hotel overlooking the water.



One of the 7 world wonders and a UNESCO World Heritage site. We will enter the city through a 1KM long narrow gorge which is flanked either side by 80m high cliffs. The site is massive, and contains hundreds of elaborate rock-cut tombs, a treasury, Roman-style theatres, temples, sacrificial altars and colonnaded streets. A bucket list destination for all!

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

Now our salt fun begins, let’s dive into the Red Sea for 3 days of scuba diving! We spend each day at different dive sites enjoying everything the Red Sea has to offer – including colourful corals, rich marine life, ship wrecks, and even a plane! On board Aqaba’s best boat Diversity we will be looked after like mermaids should.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum

Finally we head to the Jordanian Desert to explore Wadi Rum (AKA Valley of The Moon) on a jeep ride into the sunset – watch out for camels! We spend the night below the stars in a luxury desert camp.


This is a hotel based trip, with multiple locations throughout the trip. All hotels are 4* or 5* and are unique, beautiful properties personally recommended by the Girls that Scuba team.

Rooms are based on twin beds on a two person sharing basis, with the option to upgrade to a single supplement to have your own private double room. Names and locations of all hotels will be sent upon payment of deposit

What’s included?

  • 7 nights accommodation based on sharing a twin room at 4 * hotels
  • 7 days breakfast, 3 days lunch and 6 nights dinner
  • 8 dives plus all equipment 
  • Transportation in an A/C vehicle with an English-speaking tour guide 
  • Airport transfers to and from Amman (Queen Alia International Airport) 
  • Visa entry and processing to Jordan (normally $50)
  • Lunch on days of diving
  • Entrance fees to mentioned sites


  • Flights to and from Jordan
  • Tips
  • Meals not mentioned in the above itinerary
  • Alcohol or other beverages
  • Personal expenses

Dive Requirements

Woman scuba diving underneath a jetty in Aqaba, Jordan on a Girls that Scuba trip
Scuba diving under a jetty in Aqaba
  • You must be a certified diver – Open Water or above. No minimum amount of dives is required.
  • Wreck diving speciality is advised, but not necessary as there is an option to dive around a wreck rather than in it.
  • Night diving speciality is advised, but not necessary if you do not want to do the night dive.
  • Max depth 25m
  • No equipment is necessary and rental equipment is included in the trip price – however feel free to bring your own equipment.
  • You are required to have dive insurance.

The Girls that Scuba Difference

The majority of the questions we’re asked about our Girls that Scuba trips aren’t about the logistics of the trips themselves. Instead, we receive lots of messages about being nervous about the diving, wanting to know whether there will be support during the dives, and hesitations from people who have had bad experiences on previous dive trips.

This is where Girls that Scuba trips truly differentiate from any other dive group travel experience. Our Facebook community is built on a foundation of shared experiences, inclusivity, communal knowledge, and the idea that there are no stupid questions. We strive to bring this spirit to life in a group travel environment.

On our dives, we prioritise making every diver feel comfortable and confident, answering the questions you were too nervous to ask, and giving you an opportunity to develop your diving with no judgement. If you want to perfect a specific diving skill, fine tune your buoyancy, or ask all the questions you ever wanted to ask about equipment, a GTS trip is a safe space to do all that and more.

Whether you’re a new diver or a seasoned instructor, this environment is incredibly rewarding as it’s all about sharing experiences and knowledge. Even if your trip doesn’t include a specific diving course, we have no doubt that you’ll come away having learned something new about yourself as a diver!

“I am so pleased to share that I became a true diver on this trip. Everyone was so helpful, thoughtful and without judgement. Every single person, from my fellow travellers, to Sarah and the dive crew were there to offer advice, tips and to comfort me as I stepped into myself as a diver.”

– Sarah K, Jordan, November 2021

Diving Conditions in the Gulf of Aqaba

Aqaba lies on the Red Sea, and most of the year the conditions are incredible. Little currents, great visibility and a comfortable water temperature. There are plenty of dive sites around Aqaba and we will be diving the best ones on our 3 day dive adventure!

As well as the classic Red Sea landscape of healthy corals and schools of fish, we will also dive into history on a shipwreck, plane wreck and even visit the world’s first military museum! We will also be doing one night dive on our trip – an amazing opportunity to watch the Red Sea come alive at night.

Quick facts

  • 7 dives + 1 clean up dive
  • One night dive 
  • Ship and plane wreck dive
  • Coral reef dives
  • Max depth 25m
  • Water temp around 23-27ºC (73-81ºF)
  • Open Water or above required
  • All equipment available to rent

Is this trip for you?

Is this trip for you

This is truly the trip of a lifetime – Jordan is an incredible country with so much to see! We make sure we get in all of the highlights of the country and enjoy every hour we have. This trip is for adventure seekers, divers and people looking to see and do as much as possible.

It is a physical trip with full days of diving and walking – you should be physically fit and healthy to join. In order to see the whole of Jordan, we will be travelling from top to bottom on our own private bus. Some days there will be a few hours of driving to reach our next destination.

This is a group trip, meaning we travel and do everything together as a group. Each group trip has between 12-16 women. Accommodation is based on two people sharing a twin room in 4* hotels, so you will have a roommate for the whole trip. A single supplement is available to upgrade to your own double room.

Jordan Travel FAQs

Should I bring my own gear?

If you have it, bring it. We find it’s always best to dive with your own gear – you know it best and you’ve spent a lot of money on it, so put it to good use! Please bring a dive torch for the night dive if you have one.

What is the water temperature? What thickness wetsuit should I wear?

During our trips to Jordan the water temperature is around 25ºC (77ºF), so a 3-5mm wetsuit is recommended. The wetsuits available for rental are 3mm.

Will I be the oldest/youngest on the trip?

We get a range of women of all ages and backgrounds join our trips, and these Jordan trips have had participants from their 20s – 70s. It is highly likely, whatever you age, there will be someone else similar to your age. There is no age limit, and all ages are welcome!

I don’t have a ton of dive experience, is that okay?

That’s no problem at all – the Red Sea is great for beginners and experienced divers alike. We dive in small groups, each group with a dedicated instructor, and we are also here to help improve your dive skills and confidence if you’d like.

At Girls that Scuba there is no judgement or expectations – as long as you are minimum Open Water certified. We get all levels of divers, from newly certified divers to instructors who have been diving 20+ years.

Do I need to travel light?

Pack as you would for any vacation. You don’t need to overpack or under pack. We have no limit on luggage, but we always find our guests use a lot less than they think (clothes, accessories etc). A suggested packing list is sent before the trip starts.

How much money will I need per day?

Your trip includes most meals, only a few aren’t included. Any meals that aren’t you will have to pay for, as well as any alcohol or soft drinks you’d like. Meals on average are around $10-$15 USD per person. Jordan is a great place to pick up souvenirs and we will be visiting some shops during our trip. Based on the above, no more than $50 USD a day should be needed.

What currency is accepted in Jordan?

The local currency is Jordanian Dinar (JD), which is the most widely accepted currency and the one we will all use. USD is accepted in some tourist shops and for tipping, but it is recommended you only use JD.

Are credit and debit cards accepted?

Yes, in all the main areas we are visiting cards are accepted, however, you will need cash for food and drinks. Cards should be used for larger purchases only like souvenirs, shopping, hotel bills, diving bills.

Are there plenty of ATMs to withdraw JD?

Plenty, they are available in all places we visit and we make regular ATM stops. ATMs dispense JD and you can use any international card.


Tipping is gratefully received in Jordan. We tip as a group* for the guide and drivers (we have the same ones the whole week) and the dive crew.

*Tips are not included, we will advise you on the recommended tip amount before your trip.

Will I have service in Jordan?

Yes, there is wifi in every hotel. If you opt for a local sim card you will also get service wherever you go (even Petra). 

Read past reviews of our Jordan Trip

You can check out all the reviews on these Jordan trips and other Girls that Scuba trips here. Here are some recent reviews for your reference.

Is Jordan Safe?

Is Jordan Safe

Girls that Scuba have been hosting women-only group trips to Jordan since 2019. GTS founder Sarah created these trips based on her years of experience living and visiting Jordan, mainly solo.

We consider the country, our itinerary, hotels, guides and companies we work with incredibly safe – all have high standards of safety, cleanliness and professionalism. Other than Jordan being a simply amazing destination with so much to offer, we also wanted to organise this trip for anyone that was worried about Jordan not being safe.

If you are a solo traveller, joining a group is a great way to explore Jordan. Sarah has previously written about her experience and safety here if you’d like more information.

Ready to book?

We usually host three Jordan group trips each year, one around March time and another two in September and early October. These trips sell out very quickly and are usually only available to book on the day of release.

To be notified when these trips are being released follow @girlsthatscubatrips on Instagram, or sign up to our membership platform where members get exclusive access to booking 24 hours before anyone else.