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Scuba diving in Aqaba, Jordan – The best dive sites

Scuba diving in Aqaba, Jordan – The best dive sites

Aqaba, the southernmost part of Jordan in the Middle East, is a bustling ocean town, known only to those who give Jordan a chance and visit to see more than just Petra. Sitting on the Red Sea it is home to some world-class diving and is a lot less crowded than some touristy diving towns in Egypt or Israel. Diving here really surprised us, and we are sure it will you too. Warm waters, good visibility, big and small marine life await. BUT, unfortunately, there is a lots of rubbish that flows in through the gulf of Aqaba so make sure you pick up the trash as you dive and help make Aqaba cleaner! Here are our favourite dive sites in Aqaba, Jordan.

Cedar Pride

Sunk for divers on November 16th, 1985 this shipwreck now lies on her port side across two reefs. Those with experience can explore its interior, and less experienced divers can appreciate the soft corals surrounding it. The perfect dive profile is to descend by the mooring and work your way along the bottom of the wreck, come around under the bow, then along the keel to the swim through. Ascend to the main mast and accommodation area then return along the top edge of the wreck and complete a safety stop on the mooring chain. Amazing dive for wreck lovers and coral lovers alike. Accessible by shore or boat. Max depth 25m.

Japanese Garden

Known as one of the prettiest areas in Aqaba Japanese Garden is popular with snorkelers, beginner divers and anyone that loves corals and plenty of fish. Hawksbill turtles, shoaling barracuda, sergeant majors and fusiliers can be expected, along with bright and beautiful corals and clear water. Stretching all the way along to Eilat in Israel, it has been said the Aqaba section is better preserved and more sought after by serious divers. Max depth 40m.


Whoever named this site could have come up with something a little more elegant, however, it is a spectacular wall dive, conducted as a drift from North to South, and actually, has nothing to do with an underwater power station. Sharks and other large marine life are often spotted here, along with large moray eels. Also great for technical diving as your decompression stops comes with the added view of what seems like an underwater fish tank. Only accessible by boat. Slope begins at 12m and then large drop off. Great for deep and technical dives, as well as beginners (in the shallows).

Seven Sisters

This is a wonderful shallow dive (starts around 8m) that you can do in a little over an hour while observing the marine life or practising your macro photography skills. There are two sets of pinnacles; the Seven Sisters and the Fairy Ring for you to explore. Excellent for novice divers and those looking to do a course while diving in Aqaba. Maybe not too interesting for divers looking for large animals or deeper dive profiles.

Dive info

Water temperatures can get as low as 23c in the winter, but very rarely, and usually comes out around 27c. However, I would recommend a long wetsuit, especially if you are doing one of the longer dives. Make sure you check your local embassy before travelling to Jordan, while most countries can get a $60usd visa on arrival, some may have to organise in advance.

Who to dive with

Girls that Scuba with Diverse Divers
Girls that Scuba with Diverse Divers

GTS love Aqaba – we even hosted a group trip there, so of course we have a dive centre we love sending you all to! Diverse Divers is by far the best dive centre in Aqaba, with an incredible boat, amazing crew, new equipment and yummy food. A day out with Diverse divers is one you’ll never forget! GTS membership holders get 20% off diving with Diverse Divers!

Who to stay with

Who to stay with

We love staying in Kempinski Aqaba hotel when we are in Aqaba which is around 100JD a night (around $150) and is absolutely STUNNING! But, if you want something a little cheaper we LOVE La Costa – right in the town, super clean and big rooms starting from $60 a night.