Introducing our online courses and the scholarship programme

These dry times have got the scuba industry more creative that ever. Our gills may be drying up but our knowledge won't! We are so excited to be collaborating with our members in these new online courses aiming to keep your mind ticking while we can't be underwater.


We have clubbed together with our members to offer exciting and interactive online dry courses to help support incomes and connect the dive community at this time. But don’t worry, these are not more webinars or social media live events. These courses are taught just like they would be in person and you can even come out with a new certification! Each course is hosted by a different instructor who is a member of Girls that Scuba and has been affected by the loss of income due to COVID-19.

Online courses open to all

9th May: Equalisation Workshop - For Scuba divers and Freedivers - Run by Argentinian sister team Lu and Cande Fabre from Amanacay Freediving this course is aimed at anyone that has ever experienced issues equalising either in freediving or scuba diving. You will learn new techniques in equalisation and understand the process more helping you more successfully equalise. We hosted this course last week too to a sold out crowd. £33 GBP book your spot here.


16th May: Journey into Marine Conservation - Project Aware Specialty Course

Run by Ellen from Dive Ninja Expeditions this dry conservation workshop will jumpstart your journey in marine conservation. Ellen is an instructor from USA that has worked in conservation projects ranging from coral to sharks and rays in some of the most abundant yet threatened regions of the world. For those that are looking to make a positive impact in their dive careers, or share their passion for the ocean in their own communities this is a great place to start. Empower yourself with the resources and tools that conservationists use to speak out for our oceans and create change, with these passionate instructors who are immersed in the field every day. £60 GBP book your spot here. Includes a $10 donation to project aware plus your own project aware cert card with a manta or a whale shark on it!

23rd May: Coral Identification Course - Easy Techniques for Spotting Corals

Run by coral expert Nicole Helgason the ‘coral queen’ who has her own blog dedicated to coral education, and leads coral identification presentations at numerous dive shows, and dive resorts worldwide. Whether you are a dive professional looking to increase your coral knowledge, a recreational scuba diver, or underwater enthusiasts interested in learning more about corals, this course is for you. Learning to identify corals can be a challenge, especially if your only resources are a few old ID books. This course will give you simple techniques for identifying corals and will have you seeing the reef with new eyes in no time. £37 GBP book your spot here.

30th May: Turtle Identification, Anatomy, Surveying Techniques and More - PADI Distinctive Specialty: Hosted by Natasha Gillespie-wong from Hong Kong who is PADI master scuba diver trainer looking to make a positive impact on the fragile underwater world! She has worked as a dive instructor and researcher in Indonesia for the last two years and is now based on the glorious island of Gili Trawangan. This course is open to anybody aged 10 and above, whether you dive, snorkel or just want to learn more about sea turtles! 

You will learn in this course how to identify turtle species, sea turtle anatomy and feeding habits, mating, nesting and hatching habits, surveying techniques, threats to turtle populations and the importance of conservation plus much more. You will get a A PADI distinctive speciality certification upon certifying£95 book your spot  here. Includes a PADI speciality card sent to your address or as an e-card.

Lost your income due to covid-19 but still  want to join a course? Apply for our scholarship programme

We have launched a scholarship programme alongside these courses to give divers the opportunity to join one of these courses free of charge - as sponsored by a dive company/brand/dive centre/diver. An application is available for anyone who has lost income in the dive industry due to the effects of COVID-19 but also for young divers who are looking to progress in diving but don’t have the funds. All divers aged from 13 years old onwards are accepted into the application process. One place on every course is guaranteed by Girls that Scuba as a sponsor and the hope is to get more sponsors in the dive industry that would be willing to sponsor an applicant so we can offer more spaces.


Click her to apply for a scholarship


If you are interested in sponsoring an applicant (the price is the price of the course) please contact Sarah, founder of Girls that Scuba at