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Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers and Ocean Lovers

Gift Ideas for Scuba Divers and Ocean Lovers

Trying to work out what to buy for a scuba diver in your life? Look no further than this scuba diving gift guide!

From big budget items to impress an ocean lover, like dive computers and custom wetsuits, down to scuba diving stocking fillers, we’ve got you totally covered.

GTS Membership Discount Card

GTS Membership Discount Card

At Girls that Scuba we’re the proud creators of the first ever scuba dive discount card. We’ve recruited over 120 dive centres offering 10% off and 250 liveaboards offering 5% discount, as well as countless scuba brands offering discounts of up to 20%. Give the gift of discounted scuba travel – there’s no need for them to ever pay full price for a dive holiday again!

We’ve listed this first as many of the gifts in this guide can be discounted with the GTS membership. To join our membership for yourself take a look here,  or head this way if you’re looking to purchase the membership as a gift for someone else!

Scuba Equipment Gifts

What’s every diver’s favourite type of gift to receive? Apart from a tropical trip, dive gear, of course! Gifting scuba diving equipment doesn’t have to break the bank, so here are some dive gear gift ideas for a variety of budgets.

Girls that Scuba DSMB

DSMB is an essential piece of safety equipment for any scuba diver, and what could be a better gift than keeping your favourite diver safe? As well as being a way to recognise other Girls that Scuba, this DSMB has all the features you’d expect from a top-quality piece of dive gear.


 Collage of scuba diving fins which are ideal as Christmas gifts for scuba divers
Two of our favourite fin models in a selection of colours

A colour co-ordinated equipment gift is a fun choice, and two of our GTS favourite fins come in a variety of shades to match your gift recipient’s gear.

Choose from Black, White, Pink and Yellow in the popular Apeks RK3. For a more affordable and travel friendly option, we also love Aqua Lung’s Storm fins. These are available in Black, White, Navy, Glacier (a fetching teal), and Raspberry.

Dive Watch

There’s a few things we love about Abingdon dive watches, and it’s not just about the way they look.

“During a roundtable dinner conversation between a mix of energetic women pilots and airplane mechanics pilot and company founder Chelsea “Abingdon” Welch listened as her colleagues repeatedly expressed their desires for a fully functional aviator’s watch that is fashionable, versatile and, most importantly, made for women.

In that moment, Abingdon decided to form the first company dedicated to developing top quality, realistically priced watches to meet the needs of female pilots, mechanics, and adventurous women all over the world.”

As well as being designed with women in mind, we also love that they offer a rainbow of face colours to choose from to complement your gear. Any diver would be proud to wear this woman-designed dive watch, in or out of the water.

Dive Computer

Collage of three scuba diving computers to gift to a scuba diver
Three dive computers which would make perfect gifts!

If you’re looking to splurge on a present for a diver, a shiny new dive computer will definitely be well received. You can’t go wrong with these three models, all of which are popular with Girls that Scuba members.

For beginner divers, the Aqua Lung i330R is a powerful computer at an affordable price. Another favourite for beginners at a higher price point is the Shearwater Peregrine.

For the diver who cares about style as well as substance, the Suunto D5 Steel looks just as home above water as it does under the waves.

Phone Housing

cheap underwater camera housings

Underwater photography is a popular topic in Girls that Scuba, and price is a big barrier for many wanting to get started. For divers who simply cannot afford the price of the housings, here’s where phone housings come in.

For an avid phone photographer and budding underwater photographer, an underwater phone housing makes an ideal gift. There are many underwater smartphone housings to choose from, many of which are universal making it much easier to buy for someone else as a gift.

Wetsuits, Swimwear and Base Layers

Most scuba divers dream of having a scuba wardrobe to choose from, so adding to their collection is a brilliant gift. For smaller gifts and scuba stocking stuffers, ocean themed swimwear is a fun option, but for a more special gift consider splurging on a custom wetsuit.

Whale Shark Swimsuit

Woman walking waist deep in the ocean wearing a white swimsuit with whale sharks printed on it
Whale shark swimsuit by Sea The World Co

How cute is this whale shark swimsuit? Sea The World Co is run by a GTS girl who makes and creates all the pieces herself. We love supporting GTS members’ businesses and introducing other members to their sites.

Sea The World Co offer GTS membership holders 10% off.

Shark Leggings

Collage of Waterlust's tiger shark print leggings on a blue water background with a Girls that Scuba gift tag
Waterlust donate to research projects with every purchase of their eco-responsible apparel

This stunning tiger shark print, inspired by one of the ocean’s largest predators, was produced in collaboration with the Shark Research and Conservation Program at the University of Miami.

Waterlust leggings aren’t only gorgeous but are made of 86% recycled polyester and 14% lycra, giving 10 post-consumer plastic bottles a positive future. They’re printed using dye-sublimation, an environmentally friendly process which uses no water and minimises waste.

It’s not just tiger sharks on offer, either! Every one of their huge variety of marine prints donates to a related charitable ocean project. Bonus points if you find your gift recipient’s favourite creature.

SlipIns Dive Skins

Collage of SlipIns colourful dive skins as a gift for scuba divers
You won’t be missed underwater a dive in a SlipIns skin

SlipIns dive skins bring fun into diving! Their prints and pieces are so bright and colourful you’ll never go unnoticed on the boat.

Owner Robin, a Girls that Scuba member, created these skins after her frustration at the difficulty of getting in and out of wetsuits. If your scuba friend has ever complained about this struggle, this could be the perfect gift.

GTS membership card holders get 20% off everything.

Truli Wetsuit

Women wearing black wetsuits in a variety of sizes by Truli
Truli offers some of the best sizing we’ve seen in the scuba industry

Whatever the water temperature, the versatile wetsuits from Truli Wetsuits can be used to layer up or cover up. They are fleece lined to keep you warm, and a number of styles are sleeveless to allow more movement.

We love everything about these intuitive designs, but perhaps the best part is that they are created by our very own Girls that Scuba member Mia. Her priority is making sure these suits come in ALL sizes!

GTS membership card holders will get 10% off full price wetsuits at Truli.

Custom-Made Wetsuit

Kalypse custom made wetsuit panels being glued
Kalypse custom wetsuits are hand made with close attention to detail

We’re asked almost daily on Girls that Scuba “How can I find a wetsuit that fits me?” You could trawl through every brand to find your size, but does a standard size ever really fit properly? We believe custom wetsuits are the future of diving, and possibly the best gift you could receive or even give to yourself.

Kalypse are a custom made wetsuit company, who cater to every size in so many amazing colours. They will help you design your dream wetsuit from your measurements, even down to the colour of the stitching.

Scuba and Ocean Jewellery Gifts

Scuba jewellery is pretty much the only scuba-related accessory you can wear in and out of the water (although we would happily go to the office in full scuba gear if it meant we could go diving quicker).

Girls that Scuba Necklaces

Girls that Scuba Necklaces
Girls that Scuba Necklaces
Girls that Scuba Necklaces

Our very own Girls that Scuba jewellery is the perfect way to wear a subtle everyday nod to your scuba obsession. All of our pieces are 925 sterling silver and packaged plastic free. Membership card holders receive 10% off.

Fossilised Shark Tooth Jewellery

Fossilised Shark Tooth Jewellery
Fossilised Shark Tooth Jewellery
Fossilised Shark Tooth Jewellery

Found at Sea Collective is a small, independent brand based in Indonesia. They create a stunning variety of unique jewellery from fossilised shark teeth, which are set into 925 sterling silver or silver coated in gold vermeil. Ethically minded, a portion of each sale goes to conservation efforts for sharks.

Brand founder, Etoile, created Found at Sea’s earliest pieces in an effort to capture who the ocean truly belongs to – sharks. Their message is close to our hearts:

“Aimed at raising awareness about the plight of sharks worldwide whilst empowering fellow women of the sea, the theme of coexistence lies at the heart of the brand.”

If you’re looking for more jewellery gift ideas, have you seen our small business gift guide?

Scuba Clothes

Divers setting up equipment wearing Fourth Element's sustainable knitwear line

Every diver needs something cosy to snuggle up in on a chilly surface interval, right? Fourth Element’s sustainable knitwear selection fills that need perfectly.

Any cold water diver, swimmer, or coastal adventurer would be thrilled to receive one of these toasty sweaters. The range is completed with Cousteau-inspired beanies and winter-warming socks.

Storm Poncho

Woman wearing a burgundy Fourth Element storm poncho to shield from the rain
Stay out of the wind and rain in this Fourth Element poncho

Getting changed where there are no bathrooms just got easier. This all weather poncho by Fourth Element is warm, fast drying and packs down small, enabling you to take it anywhere. Throw it on to get changed into your wetsuit at the beach or on the boat. Use it to warm up after a session in the water or to cover up between dives.

The waterproof, fleece-lined fabric is lightweight, cosy and manufactured using an environmentally friendly, fluorine-free waterproofing treatment.

Scuba Diving Stocking Fillers

Collage of stocking filler gifts for scuba divers
Stocking fillers for every scuba diver!
  1. Girls that Scuba “Going Diving” Passport Cover is a travel essential.
  2. It might not be plastic free, but a Tangle Teezer is the only brush we’ve found which can tame a post-dive mane, and they’re so durable you won’t need to constantly repurchase them. 
  3. Adorn every surface with these fun Girls that Scuba stickers!
  4. Carry an organic tote to avoid needing to use single use plastic bags.
  5. Dive log books make a great budget friendly gift, and Dive Proof’s waterproof log books can even be customised with your giftee’s favourite ocean creature!
  6. Keep your dive friend warm on their surface intervals with our Girls that Scuba beanie, or opt for our nudibranch hat if they love sea slugs as much as we do!
  7. Stream2Sea’s reef safe sunscreen and mask defog are always needed by scuba divers.

GTS Mask Straps & Hair Accessories

GTS Mask Straps & Hair Accessories
GTS Mask Straps & Hair Accessories
GTS Mask Straps & Hair Accessories

Our Girls that Scuba mask straps are one of our favourite products, as we love hearing tales of how they bring scuba women together all over the globe! As well as our seven original plain colours, a whole host of marine life prints have joined the mask strap family over the years.

Whether you want to rock whale shark print, go for a graceful turtle, or add a hint of danger with our lionfish strap or blue ringed octopus, we’ve got you covered.

To truly tame your scuba hair, we also have matching buffs and scrunchies in each print – all of which are available as bundles!

Check out also

Check out also

Scuba Books

Scuba Books
Scuba Books
Scuba Books

The soul of an octopus: “In “The Soul of an Octopus,” Sy Montgomery immerses readers into an intriguing, seductive world just beneath the ocean waves and the lives of the creatures living within. In this beautifully written book, she brings empathy, insight, and an enchanting sense of wonderment to the bonds we inherently share with other beings even those seeming far different from us.”–Vint Virga, DVM “The Soul of All Living Creatures “”

Adrift: A Mer Cavallo Mystery: In this breathtaking mystery debut, marine biologist–turned-divemaster Meredith Cavallo stands accused of a chilling crime after a dive gone wrong. But do the murky circumstances point to an accident, a murder, or a supernatural encounter?

Deep Into Deco: The Diver’s Textbook: Deep Into Deco is a comprehensive and well-written reference text that covers the various topics of decompression theory. What makes this book truly stunning is that it is not only straightforward, easy-to-read and understand and free from technical jargon, but it also portrays the latest developments and controversial issues in technical diving.

Interested in reading more scuba and ocean related books? Join the GTS Book club!

Save Our Oceans

The holidays are full of excess, and year on year this is disastrous for our environment. Try to look for plastic free options where possible, to avoid the countless pieces of plastic our gifts constantly come wrapped in.

Want to give a gift that keeps on giving? Consider setting up a regular donation to Plastic Oceans. A regular donation to any marine charity is always a generous gift for an ocean lover or scuba diver.