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The Best Gifts for Scuba Divers – 27 Ideas for Every Diver & Budget

The Best Gifts for Scuba Divers – 27 Ideas for Every Diver & Budget

Shopping for the diver in your life? Not a diver yourself and no clue where to start? Fear not – we’ve created the ULTIMATE list of the best gifts for scuba divers!

We’ve categorised them by type of diver, and included options at three different price points in each group. Simply scroll to find someone who sounds like your giftee, choose something to match your budget, and follow the link to get it ordered. Gift shopping couldn’t be easier with this list.

There’s also a section on scuba stocking stuffers for divers who’ve got it all (under $25), and some big gifts to splurge on. Let’s get stuck in and get these scuba gifts all wrapped up!

The New Scuba Diver

Scuba diving gifts on a blurred blue ocean background

$ – Dive Log Book – £12.99

Every new diver needs to be logging their dives, and what better than a Girls that Scuba log book to do so? This easy-to-use dive log book tracks everything you need, and features inspiring images of women divers.

Want to create something unique for them? Check out the custom log books from DiveProof

$$ – Girls that Scuba DSMB – £41.99

If there’s one piece of safety equipment your favourite diver shouldn’t be diving without, it’s this. Choose from vibrant pink or easy-to-see yellow. Don’t forget to add a reel, too!

$$$ – Aqualung Storm Fins – $119 (US), £69 (UK)

Splashing out on a newly-certified diver? It can be tough to pick beginner equipment if you don’t know exactly what they want, but you can’t go too far wrong with fins and a pair of boots

Aqualung’s Storm fins are incredibly lightweight, making them ideal for travel and a great beginner choice. They still offer a lot of power with their compact but strong shape, so will grow with them as they develop their technique!

The Diver Who Loves an Instagram Post

Scuba diving gifts on a blurred blue ocean background

$ – Lightroom Editing Presets – £20

Up the wow factor on their feed by giving them a consistent editing style with our Girls that Scuba Lightroom presets. If you’re looking for a last-minute scuba gift, this one’s ideal. It’s a digital product which can be sent to their inbox instantly! 

$$ – DiveVolk Housing – $199 

What could be better for the social-media loving diver than coming up from a dive and being able to instantly share their sightings? For an avid phone photographer and budding underwater photographer, an underwater phone housing makes an ideal gift. 

There are many underwater smartphone housings to choose from. Some are universal, making it much easier to buy for someone else as a gift. The Girls that Scuba team have been loving the DiveVolk housing. It allows you to take your phone underwater (rated to 60 m or 197 feet), and offers full access to the touch screen. 

Unlike some other phone housing models, the DiveVolk SeaTouch 4 Max can be used with the majority of phone models. So you can gift it to any diver, without knowing what phone they have!

$$$ – DiveVolk Housing with Light – $409 

If you really want to impress the Instagram-loving diver in your life, take it to the next level with the DiveVolk housing and lighting package. Adding lights allows them to share the underwater world in its stunning, truly colourful glory.

The Gadget-Loving Diver

Scuba diving gifts on a blurred blue ocean background

$ – Scuba Multi Tool – $29.95 (US), £27 (UK)

If you’re looking for scuba diving gifts for someone handy, a diving multi-tool will definitely fit the wishlist. They’ll be able to fix any small equipment issues on the fly. They’ll thank you the next time it saves their dive! 

Want to take it a step further? Why not build them a whole save-a-dive kit?

$$ – OrcaTorch D560 – $39.95 (US), £41.95 (UK)

Every diver should carry a dive light, but it’s not always top of the list to buy for themselves. Treat them to a small-but-mighty torch. You never know what critters they might find thanks to having this on a dive.

$$$ – Oceanic+ Dive Housing for iPhone – $489.95

When it comes to the best gifts for scuba divers, this one potentially takes the crown. The Oceanic+ Dive Housing doubles up as both a dive computer and an underwater camera, all with the iPhone they already own! 

This is definitely one for the Apple product junkies, as it’s exclusively for iPhone users. Although there are other underwater phone housings out there, the dive computer functionality makes this one truly unique. 

The Diver on a Surface Interval

Scuba diving gifts on a blurred blue ocean background

$ – Girls that Scuba T-Shirts – from £18.99

As much as we’d rather be in the water all of the time, sometimes us divers get land-locked. So what’s the best gift for a scuba diver stuck on land? 

We LOVE any way of showing our ocean affinity in everyday life, and our new designs of Girls that Scuba t-shirts are a super fun way to do this. We particularly love this “sealiously” cute scuba cylinder design!

Please note, these are printed on demand in order to reduce waste so delivery takes a little longer. Check the expected delivery dates to ensure you’ll get them on time.

$$ – Ocean Themed Jewellery – £45.99

Scuba jewellery is pretty much the only scuba-related accessory you can wear in and out of the water (although we’d happily go to the office in full scuba gear if it meant we could go diving quicker).

Our Girls that Scuba jewellery is the perfect way to wear a subtle everyday nod to your scuba obsession. All of our pieces are 925 sterling silver and packaged plastic free. Girls that Scuba membership card holders receive 10% off.

$$$ – Fourth Element Xerotherm Hoodie – £150

If you’re shopping for scuba gifts for a diver with other outdoorsy hobbies, this hoodie is ideal. Fellow divers will recognise and appreciate the Fourth Element branding. More importantly, this is a practical and warm hoodie for any outdoor activities. And when your diver can get back in the water, it’s perfect for keeping toasty after a dive!

The Cold Water Diver 

Scuba diving gifts on a blurred blue ocean background

$ – Beanie Hat – from £12.99

Speaking of getting warm after a dive, let’s get stuck into the scuba gifts for cold water divers. We lose so much heat from our heads, so the best way to get warm after a dive is to put on a beanie! 

Our Girls that Scuba logo beanies come in a huge variety of colours, and we even have designs with nudibranchs, seals, and whale sharks, too. This is the PERFECT stocking stuffer for those chilly winter dive days. 

$$ – Fourth Element Hood – from $68 (US), £48 (UK)

If you’re looking for underwater headgear, a hood is a perfect present for a cold water diver. The Fourth Element options we’ve linked here include lots of thicknesses. Choosing a 5mm will cover a whole variety of water temperatures, but if they’re diving somewhere particularly cold, a 7mm hood or thicker might be more appropriate. 

$$$ – Waterproof Body X Undersuit Top – $105 (US), £89.95 (UK)

Shopping for the drysuit diver in your life? If you truly want to treat them, you can’t go wrong with these high-performance drysuit undergarments. Plus, they’re thin enough to be worn with a neoprene or trilaminate drysuit, so you don’t even need to know what type of drysuit they wear.

The Underwater Fashionista

Scuba diving gifts on a blurred blue ocean background

$ – Girls that Scuba Mask Straps & Hair Sets – from £9.99

If you’re buying a scuba diving gift for someone who loves to accessorise, this is the perfect option. Our Girls that Scuba mask straps are one of our favourite products, as we love hearing tales of how they bring scuba women together all over the globe! 

As well as our seven original plain colours, a whole host of marine life prints have joined the mask strap family over the years. Whether you want to rock whale shark print, wear colourful coral, go for a graceful turtle, or add a hint of danger with our lionfish strap or blue ringed octopus, we’ve got you covered.

To truly tame your scuba hair, we also have matching head and neck covers and scrunchies in each print – all of which are available as bundles!

$$ – Custom Hoses – from $37.95 (US), from £21 (UK)

If you know what colour their kit is, buying matching hoses for their equipment is a super fun gift idea! You may have to do a bit more digging (or sneaking around with a measuring tape) to know exactly what lengths they need, but the payoff will be worth it. 

$$$ – Whale Shark Divewear – from £40

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from hosting our Girls that Scuba trips, it’s that people love a co-ordinated marine print outfit. So oh boy, did we deliver with our new Divewear Collection. Featuring our much-loved whale shark print, this flattering collection includes shorts, leggings, sports-bra style tops, cropped rashies and full length rash guards. 

They can be worn alone for dives in tropical climes, or used to layer underneath wetsuits in colder water. With sizing up to 6XL in some items, there’s something to fit every diver!

Please note, these are printed on demand in order to reduce waste so delivery takes a little longer. Check the expected delivery dates to ensure you’ll get them on time. If you’re in need of something more last-minute, we’re big fans of Waterlust’s divewear too. 

The Tropical Diver

Scuba diving gifts on a blurred blue ocean background

$ – Going Diving Passport Cover – £15.99

Diving often means lots of jet-setting, and our Going Diving passport cover is a super fun way to tell everyone at the airport exactly what your vacation is in aid of. 

$$ – Stream2Sea Reef Safe Products – from $26.95

Diving in tropical destinations usually means lots of sun and salt water, and those can be damaging to our hair and skin. However, the products we use for these don’t have to be damaging to our oceans! 

Stream2Sea’s reef-safe sunscreens and leave-in conditioner are constantly recommended within the GTS community. They would make a great scuba gift for anyone spending time in the sun and sea. 

$$$ – Marine Print Changing Robe – £45.99

The post-dive wriggle out of swimwear behind a towel trying not to expose yourself is REAL. But this changing robe is the solution. With two subtle gaps down the side to access underneath, you can get changed quickly and easily after a dive. 

The hood also provides sun protection for those tropical boat rides, and the microfibre fabric is quick drying so ideal for travelling divers. The robe comes in our signature whale shark print, as well as a pink option or a yellow and blue boxfish design!

Scuba Stocking Fillers for the Diver Who Has Everything

Scuba diving gifts on a blurred blue ocean background

$ – Rip Tie Hair Tie – from $8.95

If you’re looking for simple stocking stuffers for the diver who already has everything, these three budget friendly options are for you. 

Shopping for a diver with mid-long length hair? We love the Rip Tie Hair Ties for keeping our scuba hair tamed. With an array of colours and lengths, there’s something to suit every hair colour or to match their dive kit.

$ – Sunglasses Lanyard – £4.99

When we’re spending so much time on boats, it’s far too easy to lose our sunglasses whilst gazing off the side looking for exciting marine life. Save your favourite diver’s favourite sunnies by getting them a marine-print sunglasses lanyard.

$ – Ocean Playing Cards – £13.99 

Card games are an ideal way to pass those surface intervals on liveaboards, and what could be better than marine-themed playing cards? We’re sure any diver would love receiving this scuba gift in their stocking! 

The Diver Who Deserves a Treat

Scuba diving gifts on a blurred blue ocean background

$$$ – Shearwater Peregrine Dive Computer – $550 (US), £490 (UK)

If you’re really looking for the best gifts for scuba divers, treating them to any of these big-ticket items will be sure to make them happy. 

The Shearwater Peregrine dive computer has cemented itself as a firm favourite with our Girls that Scuba members. The large display makes it ideal for beginners, but it has enough functionality to support most divers through many years of their dive career.  

$$$ – Apeks XL4+ Ocea Regulators – $1049 (US), £810 (UK)

Shiny new regulators are a perfect treat for the diver in your life – and these ones are environmentally friendly, making them even better! With their small size, the Apeks XL4+ Ocea are ideal for travelling divers, but they’re still cold-water rated and can be used in all conditions.

$$$ – Pay for a Dive Trip 

Any diver would be over the moon to receive a surprise trip as a gift. Splurge on a liveaboard, and they’ll thank you in the form of stories about their dives and photos of all the incredible life they saw! Don’t know where to send them? Check out our destination guides for inspiration.

Are you writing your scuba gifts wishlist? Share this with a buddy who’s shopping for you!

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