How we travel waste and plastic free

At Girls that Scuba we are extremely passionate about becoming more eco-friendly individuals so are always on the look out on how to travel more efficiently. Here Sarah, founder of Girls that Scuba shows us how she travels waste and plastic free to help inspire and encourage others to do the same. Let us know about any other products you think we should try to continue our waste free journey!

1. Joco Coffee Cup £21.50

2. Camelbak BPA Free Chute Outdoor Bottle £15

3. Girls that Scuba Steel Straws £9.99

4. Girls that Scuba "This is not a plastic bag" £6.99

5. Coconut oil

6. Face flannel mit £6

7. Brushnaked Bamboo Toothbrush $5.99

8. Lush Shampoo Bar £6.50

9. Earth Conscience deodorant £6

10. Printed Peanuts Travel Soap £5.75

11. Shark makeup bag originally from Society6 but no longer available - we've found this similar one though.

Our GTS bag - 10% goes to Plastic Oceans

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