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Aqua Lung's latest set of 3 'Leg3nd' regulators all offer something slightly different, and after a year of use, we review all 3. Could these be the best scuba regulators on the current market?
We review the Apeks XL4+ regulator after using it for one year to let you know exactly what we think of it and if you should buy an XL4+ as your next set of regs
Aqualung i770R dive computer
Big, bright and bold. We take the Aqua Lung i770R computer for a serious spin in cenotes, wrecks and reefs to see if it passes the Girls that Scuba review test!
A new website and scuba travel agency that shows you eco-friendly operators to dive with and gives you diving volunteer opportunities.
We have a look at what Girls that Scuba are loving recently starting with the new Abingdon Dive Watch.
Yes, you can take your phone underwater and no it won't flood.. if you buy the right housing.
best underwater camera
Capture the beauty of the underwater world with your first underwater camera. Which one will it be?
log books
A waterproof logbook that is actually waterproof? Tell us more!
We even went up 2 dress sizes from it being made to arrival and it still fits amazingly - could custom fit wetsuits be the next big thing?
best scuba dive computers
We check out the best scuba diving computers on the market for every budget.

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