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At Girls that Scuba we talk a lot about anxiety in scuba diving because we think it’s incredibly important to open up the conversation and normalise this experience. Whenever the conversation is opened up in our 50,000 strong Facebook group, the topic is met with gratitude from divers who’ve felt their experiences have been ignored by the wider community. We want to make it easier to speak out about anxious experiences, and to equip divers with basic knowledge on how to recognise and help...

plus sized scuba diving wetsuits
We speak to Irene our Girls that Scuba ambassador about the problems with plus sizing in the scuba dive industry

breathing from both regulators
We take a look at some common scuba safety concerns. Do you breath off both regulators before you dive?

Thinking about getting breast implants - for whatever reason - we bust myths about whether you can or cannot scuba dive with breast implants

Staying fit to scuba dive is an important aspect of the sport. We take a look at the best ways to keep fit here.

With help Dr Laura Walton we talk about Nitrogen Narcosis/Gas Narcosis/ Getting "Narced" when scuba diving

Is it ok to wear contacts while scuba diving? How should you dispose of them properly and more

learning to scuba dive
Girls that Scuba - the world's largest female dive community share the pride they feel of overcoming fears and becoming scuba divers in hope to inspire many more female divers.

Woman scuba diver waving at the camera during an underwater clean up dive
It’s absolutely possible to scuba dive on your period but there are a few extra considerations you might want to think about - no, sharks aren't one!

girls that scuba
We talk about our own problems, and how normal they are, as well as support you through your own scuba anxieties. That's what we do, we're in this together.

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