Emma of Crystal Divers gives us some advice on CV writing
Three dive professionals from the Girls that Scuba community share 10 top tips to improve your diving CV and land your dream scuba job.
Two Girls that Scuba members dive into their thoughts on the Netflix documentary and why some environmental docos can do more harm than good.
servicing your scuba dive equipment. When should I service it?
Girls that Scuba shares why it’s so important to service your scuba equipment - from why you need to service your gear and where to get kit checked, to when to send it for servicing.
seasickness in scuba
Girls that Scuba shares the wisdom from their community on what scuba divers can do to prevent seasickness, how you can ease seasickness in the moment, and what to do if you experience motion sickness underwater on a dive.
Wondering how much you get paid as a scuba instructor? How much you can earn as an underwater photographer or how much the salary is for a dive centre manager? We've got it all!
best sustainable swimwear for scuba divers
Girls that Scuba breaks down how to choose sustainable swimwear for scuba diving, exploring which fabrics are used, how to care for recycled swimwear, how to avoid greenwashing, and the best sustainable swimwear brands.
best scuba dive computers 2021
We round up the best dive computers for 2021 (as well as the all time best dive computers), with new releases, updated editions and soon-to-be-released dive computers suitable for beginner divers, technical divers or gadget lovers.
Finding the perfect wetsuit/drysuit/dive wear, is it possible? The Girls that Scuba team show you their favourite brands and sizing
Looking for your first set of scuba dive gear? Take a look at our video helping you choose your gear and where to buy it from
apeks new equipment 2021
Apeks launches new dive equipment for 2021 and Girls that Scuba is among the first to take a sneak peek at what is hitting the dive shops soon!

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