Scuba Diving Florida Springs

scuba diving in florida spring

The sparkling freshwater pools of the Florida Springs offer some of the best dive sites in Florida. With unique sites such as the Blue Grotto and Ginnie Springs, it’s a fascinating area and would make for a fantastic Floridian scuba road trip. Read on to learn what makes the springs so special, what equipment to pack for your adventure, and most importantly the best springs to scuba dive or visit in Florida. We’ve also included a handy Florida Springs diving map alongside our tips for how to make the most of your visit.

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Your guide to Scuba Diving Florida: The Keys, Broward and Palm Beach

scuba diving in florida
GTS in Florida!

Many people flock to Florida in the USA each year to scuba dive the amazing waters in hope for big animals, amazing corals and an inspirational scuba community. We ask some of our GTS members about diving in Florida, where and who they recommend. 

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Scuba Diving in Key Largo, Florida Keys

scuba diving in Key Largo, Florida

The third largest barrier reef in the world is found off the Atlantic coast of the Florida Keys—and that makes for world-class diving all along the 100-mile stretch that runs between Key Largo to the north and the southernmost tip in Key West. 


Our contributor Micki Browning spent several years in Key Largo and while she is familiar with the other Keys and their diving, Key Largo’s dive sites are what inspired her to write her dive mysteries set in the Keys. Mer, the marine biologist heroine character, visits many of them in the pages of Adrift and Beached, two of the Mer Cavallo Mysteries.


If you are looking for the best dive centres in Key Largo we have a whole article on that too.

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Shark diving in Florida - what you need to know

shark diving in florida
Would you?

Shark diving is one of those love-hate kind of dives. If you love sharks, you'll be jumping in as soon as you see a fin, if you hate them, you'll be staying away from the choppy water and deep abyss. If you don't believe in "chumming" you'll be giving it a bad name, but if you want to come face-to-face with a shark you won't mind it.


But, whichever you prefer, we need to talk about shark diving; 100 million sharks are killed each year just for their fins, but eco-tourism, such as shark diving is *trying* to give those shark-killers a run for their money and show sharks are worth more alive than dead. So Girls that Scuba head over to West Palm Beach in Florida to go shark diving, and give sharks some positive media for once.


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