Info on scuba diving in Mexico


Scuba Diving in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

scuba diving in isle mujeres

Over 500 underwater life-size statues, whale sharks, and so much more – Isla Mujeres, Mexico has a lot to share with everyone from the experienced adventurer to the first-time diver. Located a short ferry ride from Cancun, Isla Mujeres is a quaint island of only 7 km from its northern tip to the first Mexican soil to be warmed by the sunrise each morning at its Punta Sur. Though the island is small, the vastness of experience awaiting to be explored is astounding and one of the best diving spots in Mexico!

Diving in a Garden of Statues

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Bull Shark Diving in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

bull shark diving playa del carmen
The most amazing experience coming this close to a bull shark in Mexcio

Shark diving is a bucket list scuba experience for many of us. But shark diving in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico is one of those dreams that is so much more accessible and affordable than you may think! We recently headed over to Playa Del Carmen, in Yucatan Mexico to dive with a ton of beautiful bull sharks! Here's what we learnt, and why we think you should go shark diving in Mexico.

Scuba diving in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

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GTS Day round 2 in Cabo, Mexico!

 Girls that Scuba days are the best days of the year; a whole day full of female power, awesome diving, new friendship, old friendships getting stronger, goodies and so many laughs. And let's not forget about those cheeky tequilas and wines in the evenings ;)


They are becoming quite the events and we are so excited to announce our next GTS day in one of our favourite dive locations - Baja California, Mexico - with some of our favourite dive family Dive Ninja expeditions!

Details on GTS Day Cabo 2019

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GTS Gentle Giants Group Tour - Baja, Mexico

Introducing the GTS Gentle Giant Expedition!


ONLY 5 SPOTS AVAILABLE! March 1 - 9 2019


Could this be the ultimate dream? Humpback whales, grey whales, blue whales, whale sharks, sharks, sea lions (and so much more) all in one Girls that Scuba trip. Baja is known for having the greatest concentration of migrating marine mammals in the entire world - and there is only one month of the year you'll get the chance to see all of this in one action packed adventure. By joining our GTS group trip organised by Dive Ninja Expeditions, you will have front row seats to the action! This tour starts the day after our GTS day in Cabo so is perfect for those joining us on that day!

What is a "gentle giants" expedition?

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Best Dive Scuba Dive Sites in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo
Contributor Laura in Cabo Pulmo National Park

If you’re an eco-friendly scuba diver that likes to encourage responsible tourism then you need to head to the Sea of Cortez in Mexcio and visit the beautiful, remote Cabo Pulmo. Here you will find a marine reserve with world heritage status that’s protected in ways not seen in many other dive spots thanks to Mexico’s ‘Comision National de Areas Naturales y Protegidas’: CONANP. Voted as one of the best scuba destinations in the world we take a look why.

The Magic of Cabo Pulmo

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Cave Diving and Cave Courses in Mexico

A scuba diving experience like no other can be experienced in the cenotes located in Yucatan, Mexico. A magical play of sun rays in crystal clear water, ancient rock formations and dead trees compose the underwater world here.

Most scuba divers will do some cenote dives in Mexico and might not even wonder what follows after the huge stop sign they encountered during their dive. The adventurous ones among us who do wonder what comes next will jump at the chance to take their cave course.


The caves in Mexico are possibly the best place in the world to take a cave diving course. So let's take a look at exactly why. #GirlsthatCaveDive

Things you need to know before you take a cave course

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The Best Liveaboard Trips in Mexico

best mexico liveaboards

Do you want to go on one of the best liveaboard trips of your life? Look no further than Mexico; schooling hammerheads, great whites, whale sharks, tiger sharks, Galapagos sharks, silkies, manta rays, pods of dolphins, humpback whales, grey whales, blue whales and so so much more. This is what you can expect to see on a liveaboard in Mexico. 


Mexico is just a short flight away from most North American states and a worthwhile long-haul from Europe. Jacques Cousteau was known to call Mexico the ‘Aquarium of the World’ so I guess it's time we found out why. We've spent months diving in Mexcio to give you the best information on liveaboards there. Let's dive in.


But before you do anything sign up to our GTS discount membership and get 5% off 12 different liveaboards in Mexico!!


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Announcing our next group trip: Freediving Eco-Retreat in Mexico

freediving trip

Group trip July 26th - August 2nd 2019 - FULL

NEW DATES ADDED 9th - 16th August 2019 - FULL


Have you always wanted to learn to freedive but never found the chance? Always wanted to swim with whale sharks but never had the opportunity? Dreamed of being surrounded by passionate ocean-loving women but never knew them? 


Now's your chance. This may be our strongest girl-power trip yet. 


We had the pleasure of spending the last few months freediving in Mexico and meeting some of the most inspiring and positive ocean females ever and now we want to share this experience with you.


Freediving has the power to change lives, the feeling of diving without a tank is simply incredible, and there truly is no other place to do it quite like the cenotes of Yucatan. Alongside a group of empowering women Girls that Scuba will be taking a group of females and introducing them to freediving for the first time in one of the most magical places on earth... will you be joining us?

SSI Level 1 Freediving Course

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Night diving with crocodiles in Mexico

scuba diving with crocodiles
Night diving with crocs, would you? Photo by Drenched Divers

Night diving; dark, cold  and full of the unexpected. But that's why we love it! However when you add CROCODILES to the mix things start to get interesting! Mexico has been full of critters and creatures for us, and we recently went swimming with saltwater crocodiles in Banco Chinchorro, so it's not like we are afraid to get in the water with crocodiles (as mad as that sounds).


So when Koox Diving challenged us to a new kind of croc diving in Tulum, Mexico, you better believe we jumped right in!

Is it safe to go diving with crocodiles?

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Scuba Diving in Cozumel, Mexico

scuba diving in cozumel
Picture by Scuba Life Cozumel

No scuba diving trip to Mexico is complete without heading to one of the most famous dive destinations in Mexico: Cozumel. You can't go far without hearing whispers about the amazing scuba diving here, so of course Girls that Scuba had to go and see ourselves if it lived up to it's reputation! 

How to get to Cozumel

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