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Let's learn about Red Lionfish - the perfect super invader

lion fish

We believe being a scuba diver is not just about admiring what's in the ocean but learning about them too, and there's some fish that capture our attentions more than others. Let's talk about the Lionfish, a beautiful, yet invasive fish that has a lot more to it than the way it looks. 


Lionfish are known as the perfect super invader for several reasons; they reproduce rapidly, grow quickly, disperse readily on the ocean currents, tolerate a variety of habitats and have few natural enemies. Thriving in their new habitat in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, they grow roughly a third larger than their native species and the population density can be up to 5 times greater. There are major concerns for the impact on native hard bottom, mangrove, seagrass and coral reef fish communities. The concern is not only the predation of lionfish on local native fish and the competition for a common food source but the cascading effects throughout the entire ecosystem. 

Taxonomy and Anatomy

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Swimming with wild Saltwater Crocodiles in Mexico. Would you?

As divers, we love underwater encounters with all animals, even those ones people say are dangerous. But, crocodiles...? Would you want to be in the ocean face to face with them?


Here at Girls that Scuba we are always up for trying something new and learning more and more about the ocean and the animals that live within it, so when we heard about crocodile encounters at Banco Chinchorro in Mexico, with XTC dive centre and Yucatan Dive Trek we were definitely intrigued to find out more. 


girl dives with crocodile
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Scuba Diving in Xcalak, Mexico

scuba diving xcalak
Xcalak; where tarpon fish are as big as you! Photo by Dive Ninja Expeditions

Xcalak in the Southern most tip of Mexico, boarding Belize, was never a dive destination we had heard too much about, so arriving to this sleepy town on the Caribbean coast we could have never predicted what the ocean had in store for us. Could this be Mexico's best dive destination? Dive in with us as we tell you exactly why you're going to be wanting to make he journey to XTC Dive Centre in Xcalak very soon. 

Scuba Diving in Xcalak

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Scuba diving in Los Cabo, Mexico

scuba diving los cabos

Have  you ever been diving with thousands of Mobula Rays, schools so massive they literally block out the sun? How about snorkeling with Mako sharks? Or encounters with gigantic, breaching humpback whales and their newborn calves?  Scuba diving in Los Cabos gives you the chance to do all of that and much more! We recently held a Girls that Scuba event in Los Cabos, with our awesome dive friends Dive Ninja Expeditions, and were so amazed at the life we saw underwater that we couldn't wait to tell you about it!

Where is Los Cabos?

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Scuba Diving with giant manta rays in La Reina, La Paz

scuba diving with giant manta rays
GTS meet the giant manta | Photo by Luke Inman for Cortez Expeditions

La Reina in La Paz, Mexico may just be one of the best scuba dive sites in the area, but until recently it's main attraction had disappeared - the giant manta ray. Girls that Scuba travelled to La Paz in Mexico recently in collaboration with Cortez expeditions, in hope we may see these magical giants that went into disappearance and to find out where else to scuba dive in La Paz.

Where is La Paz?

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Girls that Scuba Event in Los Cabo Mexico

We've been super busy here at Girls that Scuba HQ lately - lots of travelling, and lots of diving. Last week were were in Florida and the Maldives and this week we are in Mexico, but want to know the best thing about all this travelling? MEETING YOU ALL! We've only just started doing our GTS meet ups in different locations around the globe and each one keeps getting bigger and better! But, Los Cabos with Dive Ninja Expedition has to be the best one yet!

Los Cabo, Baja Mexico

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Scuba diving in Mexico: Where to dive on each coast

photo by
photo by

Mexico is an easily accessible paradise that ranks highly on many scuba divers lists of dream destinations. With the Pacific on one coast and the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean on the other, as well as some of the worlds largest freshwater cave systems; Mexico has thousands of dive sites to explore and something for everyone, here we cover; Isla Guadalupe, La Paz, Socorro, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun, Isla Mujeres, Cenotes, and Banco Chinchorro. This really is the ultimate, and only guide you will need, on scuba diving in Mexico!

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Scuba diving in Yucatán - where, how, Cenotes or ocean?

Sun all year round, positive, Caribbean vibes, endless possibilities to dive and to get certified... this is Mexico - specifically our favourite dive destination; Yucatán. A diverse destination for divers that one single trip won’t cover all - to be honest we even think its worth looking at apartment rentals in Mexico and staying and diving for a good few week! So, you wonder: what dive sites are the best, what are Cenotes and why should I even bother going? GTS hears you, and here’s our guide to diving Yucatán in Mexico:

Scuba Diving in Yucatán

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