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Best Dive Scuba Dive Sites in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

scuba diving in Cabo Pulmo
Contributor Laura in Cabo Pulmo National Park

If you’re an eco-friendly scuba diver that likes to encourage responsible tourism then you need to head to the Sea of Cortez in Mexcio and visit the beautiful, remote Cabo Pulmo. Here you will find a marine reserve with world heritage status that’s protected in ways not seen in many other dive spots thanks to Mexico’s ‘Comision National de Areas Naturales y Protegidas’: CONANP. Voted as one of the best scuba destinations in the world we take a look why.

The Magic of Cabo Pulmo

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Cave Diving and Cave Courses in Mexico

A scuba diving experience like no other can be experienced in the cenotes located in Yucatan, Mexico. A magical play of sun rays in crystal clear water, ancient rock formations and dead trees compose the underwater world here.

Most scuba divers will do some cenote dives in Mexico and might not even wonder what follows after the huge stop sign they encountered during their dive. The adventurous ones among us who do wonder what comes next will jump at the chance to take their cave course.


The caves in Mexico are possibly the best place in the world to take a cave diving course. So let's take a look at exactly why. #GirlsthatCaveDive

Things you need to know before you take a cave course

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The Best Liveaboard Trips in Mexico

best mexico liveaboards

Do you want to go on one of the best liveaboard trips of your life? Look no further than Mexico; schooling hammerheads, great whites, whale sharks, tiger sharks, Galapagos sharks, silkies, manta rays, pods of dolphins, humpback whales, grey whales, blue whales and so so much more. This is what you can expect to see on a liveaboard in Mexico. 


Mexico is just a short flight away from most North American states and a worthwhile long-haul from Europe. Jacques Cousteau was known to call Mexico the ‘Aquarium of the World’ so I guess it's time we found out why. We've spent months diving in Mexcio to give you the best information on liveaboards there. Let's dive in.


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Announcing our next group trip: Freediving Eco-Retreat in Mexico

freediving trip

Group trip July 26th - August 2nd 2019 - FULL

NEW DATES ADDED 9th - 16th August 2019 - SPACES


Have you always wanted to learn to freedive but never found the chance? Always wanted to swim with whale sharks but never had the opportunity? Dreamed of being surrounded by passionate ocean-loving women but never knew them? 


Now's your chance. This may be our strongest girl-power trip yet. 


We had the pleasure of spending the last few months freediving in Mexico and meeting some of the most inspiring and positive ocean females ever and now we want to share this experience with you.


Freediving has the power to change lives, the feeling of diving without a tank is simply incredible, and there truly is no other place to do it quite like the cenotes of Yucatan. Alongside a group of empowering women Girls that Scuba will be taking a group of females and introducing them to freediving for the first time in one of the most magical places on earth... will you be joining us?

SSI Level 1 Freediving Course

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Night diving with crocodiles in Mexico

scuba diving with crocodiles
Night diving with crocs, would you? Photo by Drenched Divers

Night diving; dark, cold  and full of the unexpected. But that's why we love it! However when you add CROCODILES to the mix things start to get interesting! Mexico has been full of critters and creatures for us, and we recently went swimming with saltwater crocodiles in Banco Chinchorro, so it's not like we are afraid to get in the water with crocodiles (as mad as that sounds).


So when Koox Diving challenged us to a new kind of croc diving in Tulum, Mexico, you better believe we jumped right in!

Is it safe to go diving with crocodiles?

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Scuba Diving in Cozumel, Mexico

scuba diving in cozumel
Picture by Scuba Life Cozumel

No scuba diving trip to Mexico is complete without heading to one of the most famous dive destinations in Mexico: Cozumel. You can't go far without hearing whispers about the amazing scuba diving here, so of course Girls that Scuba had to go and see ourselves if it lived up to it's reputation! 

How to get to Cozumel

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Cenote diving in Yucatan Mexico

cenote diving mexico
Girls that Scuba in Taja Maha cenote | Photo by Fearless and Far

Cenotes, Yucatan, Mexico. In the depths below the peninsula of Yucatan in Mexico a complete different world is opening up to scuba divers. A huge cave system stretches through large parts of the area with thousands of sinkholes allowing humans to enter a magical place. These cenotes offer a completely different scuba diving experience with overhangs, limestone caverns and light rays piercing through crystal clear waters and personally we think they are one of the most magical things in the world. The Yucatan Peninsula is home to the greatest number and variety of cave and cavern diving sites in the world. Let us tell you more about one of mothers natures greatest gifts.


Not to be confused with cave diving.

What are cenotes

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Girls that Freedive: SSI Level 1 with Amancay Freediving in Mexico

learning to freedive in Mexico
Girls that Scuba meets Girls that Freedive

We'll admit it, we are hardcore scuba divers, give us a tank and we are in heaven, tell us to hold our breath and we will tell you that's not allowed. So for years we chose scuba diving over freediving, but then we saw the cenotes in Mexico..... could these magical underground openings be the perfect place to finally start freediving?


Amancay Freediving also thought it was time to take us over to the over side, so we jumped in with them in Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

What is Free diving and why is it different from scuba diving?

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Let's learn about Red Lionfish - the perfect super invader

lion fish

We believe being a scuba diver is not just about admiring what's in the ocean but learning about them too, and there's some fish that capture our attentions more than others. Let's talk about the Lionfish, a beautiful, yet invasive fish that has a lot more to it than the way it looks. 


Lionfish are known as the perfect super invader for several reasons; they reproduce rapidly, grow quickly, disperse readily on the ocean currents, tolerate a variety of habitats and have few natural enemies. Thriving in their new habitat in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico, they grow roughly a third larger than their native species and the population density can be up to 5 times greater. There are major concerns for the impact on native hard bottom, mangrove, seagrass and coral reef fish communities. The concern is not only the predation of lionfish on local native fish and the competition for a common food source but the cascading effects throughout the entire ecosystem. 

Taxonomy and Anatomy

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Swimming with wild Saltwater Crocodiles in Mexico. Would you?

As divers, we love underwater encounters with all animals, even those ones people say are dangerous. But, crocodiles...? Would you want to be in the ocean face to face with them?


Here at Girls that Scuba we are always up for trying something new and learning more and more about the ocean and the animals that live within it, so when we heard about crocodile encounters at Banco Chinchorro in Mexico, with XTC dive centre and Yucatan Dive Trek we were definitely intrigued to find out more. 


girl dives with crocodile
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