The epicness that was the Girls that Scuba Group Trip to Maldives

We announced our 2nd ever Girls that Scuba group trip in May last year and within just a few days it was sold out - and we weren’t surprised! Who WOULDN’T want to come scuba diving in the Maldives with manta rays, learn about photography with our co-hosts Insider Divers, jump into dreamy water and spend 7 days with likeminded fun people? Fast forward 8 months and it was finally time for us to board our liveaboard - 26 divers, a trip of a lifetime - here’s exactly what went down.

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10 reasons you should sign up for a marine conservation project

Recently Girls That Scuba were invited to the Maldives to join Biosphere Expeditions on a Coral Reef and Whale Shark surveying programme in the Maldives. For most us of the Maldives has always been a bucket list destination, but are we really aware of the effects of coral bleaching there? We head over to scuba dive Maldives and find out more.


With the impacts of pollution, rising sea level temperatures, invasive species and a plethora of other problems facing marine environments becoming more and more commonplace on our TV screens, Facebook feeds and even our conversations with friends; the number of marine conservation projects are on the rise. These projects offer everyone an opportunity to contribute in a hands-on, on-the-ground kind of way and are often based in amazing locations, providing a once in a lifetime holiday that can make a real difference to conservation efforts. 


Here are our top ten reasons why you should think of signing up to be a citizen scientist too.

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The Best places to scuba dive with sharks in Asia

Few divers can forget their first exhilarating encounter with a shark and for many, diving with sharks is the ultimate, awe-inspiring experience. From encounters with schooling hammerheads and hunting reef sharks, to searching for unique species and snorkeling with the giants of the oceans, read on and discover ZuBlu’s selection of Asia’s best shark diving experiences.

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Best Wreck Dives in Maldives

Wrecks in Maldives
Photo by

Recently, the Maldives began construction on an ambitious bridge to link the capital Male’ to the neighbouring airport island, Hulhule’. As a result, the Maldives Victory, arguably the country’s most famous wreck, has temporarily been designated as out of bounds due to its close proximity to the construction site. In the meantime, where to dive to catch a glimpse of sunken treasure? Adele Verdier-Ali from Fulidhoo Dive tells us more.

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Top 5 Night Dives in the Maldives

Maldives is one of our favourite places in the world to scuba dive! A ocean alive with activity! But, then when the night falls the waters become ELECTRIC! Ever seen dozens of nurse sharks swimming above you? Manta's feeding below you? Well, I guess it's time you booked that scuba trip to Maldives then! Adele Verdier-Ali, owner of Fulidhdoo Dive tells us about her top 5 night dive sites in Maldives!

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Scuba dive Maldives on a Budget - Fulidhoo Island

scuba diving in Fulidhoo Maldives
A sand back just off Fulidhoo

Scuba diving on a BUDGET in the Maldives. Now that's a sentence we didn't think we would hear. But, it's true! Girls that Scuba recently went to find out themselves and stumbled across the hidden gem of the Maldives; local islands - where you don't have to be a millionaire to scuba dive in one of the world's top dive destinations. You're going to want to read this one carefully!

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Scuba diving Maldives: Liveaboards, Local Islands, Resorts - costs and info

You've always dreamed of going on a scuba trip to the Maldives right? It's been on your scuba bucket list for years, and you are constantly seeing scuba ads to Maldives, and thinking to yourself  "but how can I afford this?". Girls that Scuba recently spent 2 weeks in the Maldives in a luxury resort, mid-range resort, on a local island and a liveaboard to see exactly where the best diving was, and how our community can afford to come and dive here too! You're going to be surprised at what we found! Here we break down the benefits/drawbacks and price and costs of each options. It's a big guide - read carefully, save and share, and let us know which one you chose!

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