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Top 5 Night Dives in the Maldives

Top 5 Night Dives in the Maldives

Maldives is one of our favourite places in the world to scuba dive! A ocean alive with activity! But, then when the night falls the waters become ELECTRIC! Ever seen dozens of nurse sharks swimming above you? Manta’s feeding below you? Well, I guess it’s time you booked that scuba trip to Maldives then! Adele Verdier-Ali, owner of Fulidhdoo Dive tells us about her top 5 night dive sites in Maldives!

1. Alimatha Resort House Reef, Vaavu Atoll

One of the Maldives’ most famous dive sites is Alimatha House Reef where divers can swim with up to 100 nurse sharks. Many years ago, food waste used to be dumped in the area and the sharks became used to foraging there. They still associate the sound of boat engines with food, so as your dive boat arrives, watch as they swarm around it. The sharks are completely used to human presence – in fact, you might just find one swimming through your legs! It’s a real bucket list experience!

Depth: 5m-18m

2. Maaya Thila

Location: 4km north west of Maayafushi, North Ari Atoll

80 metres in diameter and with top reef beginning at six metres, Maaya Thila is a well known dive spot on the liveaboard route. The spot has been described as ‘the white-tip capital’ of the country and on a night dive dozens of these slender sharks can spotted hunting around the thila. With so many boats choosing to dive here at night for a chance to witness this incredible show, the sharks and other large hunters such as jackfish and barracudas have become used to the lights and use them to their advantage when chasing the fusiliers. A high adrenaline dive!

Depth: 6m-30m

3. Dhigurah Arches

Location: West of Dhigurah, inside Dhigurahshu Kandu, South Ari Atoll.

Located on the house reef of Dhigurah island, this dive covers about 300 metres of reef edge to the west of the island. The name of this site comes from the interesting formation of the reef, with several small inlets occurring across the reef. There are also a few small caves with seafans and healthy coral growth. During the south-west monsoon (May-November) mantas and whale sharks frequent this reef and can even be spotted at night. A relaxing night dive with plenty to see!

Depth: 5m-25m

4. Milaidhoo Wall

Location: North side of Milaidhoo Island, Baa Atoll.

This dive spot is found on the north side reef of Milaidhoo Island. Top reef starts at a depth of 5 metres and falls steeply away like a wall. Huge overhangs and swim-throughs begin at 12 metres and continue until around 25 metres. The ceilings of these overhangs are covered with orange and yellow soft corals. During a night dive, divers can enjoy the incredible colours of these corals and spot many critters and nudibranchs along the wall. There’s also a chance to see sting or eagle rays here as well as a wide variety of fish life. 

Depth: 5m- 25m

5. Vilivaru Giri

Location: 2km west of Guraidhoo, South Male’ Atoll. 

A shallow patch of coral inside the atoll, at night divers at Villivaru Giri can enjoy watching the plentiful coral polyps feeding on passing plankton. The site has many holes, crevices and overhangs where critters of all kinds can be effortlessly spotted. Also flatworms and lion fishes become less shy in the dark and it is easier to see them there at night than during daytime. Bigger marine animals such as turtles, morays and stingrays are also common here. 

Depth: 1.5m – 30m

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Adele Verdier-Ali

About the Author
Adele Verdier-Ali and her husband own the very first dive centre on Fulidhoo island in the Vaavu Atol, Maldives. They both know the sites like the back of their hands and run a professional and safe dive shop; Fulidhdoo Dive & Watersports which we visited ourselves in Nov 2017! We can’t recommend them enough! Read more about our experience with them here: Scuba Diving Maldives on a Budget!