Best Dive Sites in Dahab, Egypt

Scuba diving in Dahab
Photo @scubaomar

Dahab in Egypt is famous for it's scuba diving, with thousands of divers heading there all year (yes, Egypt is safe). But if you only have a short time there which dive sites should be on top of your list? We are the Girls that Scuba members for their best recommendations for diving in Dahab!

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Scuba diving in Aqaba, Jordan - The best dive sites

diving in Jordan

Aqaba, the southernmost part of Jordan in the Middle East, is a bustling ocean town, known only to those who give Jordan a chance and visit to see more than just Petra. Sitting on the Red Sea it is home to some world-class diving and is a lot less crowded than some touristy diving towns in Egypt or Israel. Diving here really surprised me, and I’m sure it will you too. Warm waters, good visibility, big and small marine life await. BUT, unfortunately, there is a lots of rubbish that flows in through the gulf of Aqaba so make sure you pick up the trash as you dive and help make Aqaba cleaner! Here are our favourite dive sites in Aqaba, Jordan.

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Who to dive with in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Sharm el Sheikh is one of the best dive destinations in the world; The Red Sea, pristine coral, abundant marine life, big animals, small animals, warm water and vis for days! Thousands upon thousands of divers visit Sharm each year; and don't the dive centers know it; there's one on most corners. So who the hell should you dive with while you are in Sharm when there are so many choose from? Here at GTS we know the ropes, we've been diving in Sharm for years, so we've split it into categories for you to help you choose easier!

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A week on board a luxury liveaboard in the Red Sea

luxury liveabords
The good life onboard Scuba Scene

Here's the thing girls (ok, and boys, I'm letting you in on this one) I'm struggling to describe to you my time onboard Scuba Scene last month. On one hand, I want to light up your imagination with stories of dancing with dolphins and midnight dives, and on the other, I want to be a kid and totally show off about the complete and utter luxury of the boat. Maybe I can do both? Forgive my boasting, it's just this trip blew any expectations of a scuba dive liveaboard out the water.

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Where to dive with Dugongs (sea cows) in Marsa Alam, Egypt

It's on your scuba bucket list right? To dive with the mighty Dugong? Well, you just might be able to tick that one off if you head over to Marsa Alam in Egypt!

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Red Sea Diving Trio; Jordan, Israel, Egypt. Which comes out on top?

scuba diving in Dahab, Egypt
Dahab Delights | Omar Madain

I'll admit it, I'm totally obsessed with scuba diving. Every country I visit I go out of my way to head to the ocean and dive straight in. I'll miss tourist attractions, nights out, and days on the beach because of it. So on my latest solo adventure around the Middle East I gave myself the challange of diving as many countries as I could along the Red Sea. A, because it is my favourite dive spot in the world and B, because a scuba dive mission is the best mission of all. So I documented my dives in Egypt, Israel and Jordan to bring to you my opinion on the best country to dive the Red Sea. Let's do this....

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