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Girls that Scuba Trips – Community Norms & FAQs

Choosing to Travel with Girls that Scuba Trips 

Girls that Scuba is all about connecting women from around the world, and Girls that Scuba Trips elevates this mission by organising group trips that allow our members to meet, dive, and journey together to some of the world’s best dive destinations!  

Our unique edge in group dive travel lies within our vibrant community. Founded on the pillars of inclusivity, shared wisdom, and the idea that there are no stupid questions, we strive to bring these principles to life with our group travel experiences.  

On your trip, you will meet like-minded divers who share your enthusiasm for exploration and forming new bonds. You’ll make discoveries about your destination, and, importantly, about yourself. Friendship is a huge part of our trip experience, with many guests returning with lifelong friends and a supportive network of diving allies to accompany them on their scuba journeys. 

Whether you’re a new diver or a seasoned instructor, aged 19 or 72, Girls that Scuba Trips offers a fulfilling and open-hearted environment for you to craft your own unique experience within a group setting. 

Inclusion on Girls that Scuba Trips  

We welcome all women and non-binary individuals who find value in a women-focused environment to join our Girls that Scuba Trips. 

Just as we are in our online communities, we’re passionate about encouraging women divers of every age, race, size, sexuality, ability, culture, and religion to join our trips. We strive to create an inclusive and supportive space where you can connect with inspiring divers from various walks of life. We believe that our trips are not just about diving – they’re about building a community where everyone feels valued and empowered. 

Age Diversity 

Our trips attract a diverse array of divers from various ages and backgrounds, with participants ranging from their early 20s to their mid-70s. You’ll probably find fellow divers around your age, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive environment for everyone. We proudly operate with no age limit, welcoming divers of all ages! 

Dive Qualifications, Minimum Dive Requirements, and Why We Ask For Them 

To ensure a harmonious, safe, and enjoyable diving experience, we ask for your specific dive qualifications as well as other necessary paperwork. These qualifications, ranging from a basic Open Water certification to Advanced levels, help us pair you with a dive group that aligns with your skills, experience, and pace.  

Whether you’re keen on capturing underwater wonders, a nervous new diver or an experienced diver who prefers a leisurely pace, we aim to accommodate your needs. This means that while groupings may not always align strictly by certification level, we strive to assemble groups that are conducive to each diver’s enjoyment and comfort.  

Some of our trips require a specific number of logged dives for you to join. These minimum dive requirements are based on our experience of the destinations, as well as recommendations from the operators we partner with. Please read the individual trip information carefully to ensure your skills and logged dives align with the trip requirements. 

Alongside your certification, completing dive paperwork and providing relevant doctor sign-offs as required by operators are essential steps to facilitate a safe diving experience for all. For those who might feel out of practice or wish to brush up on their skills, we recommend a refresher course before you leave to ensure you’re fully prepared and comfortable on your adventure. We also ask you to make us aware of any medical condition that may affect your diving abilities. 

Fitness Requirements for Our Trips 

As our trips are centred around scuba diving, they are all fairly active trips! Depending on the itinerary, some liveaboards will include the option of up to four dives per day. Land-based trips will often have up to three dives per day.  

Some trips have land-based portions which may include a lot of walking. During our Jordan trip, for example, we visit the archaeological site of Petra which is a full day of walking. This is alongside other full days of activities such as walking tours around the city of Amman. If you have any questions about trip suitability in relation to your personal fitness levels, please reach out to us before booking. We’re always on hand to answer questions and pair you up with the perfect trip for you!  

If you have a disability, please contact us before booking so that we can discuss your requirements with trip partners such as liveaboards, accommodation, and dive operators. We will do our best to find the most suitable trip for your needs. 

Bringing a Friend or Family Member 

Please check to see if your trip is co-ed or women-only. You can indeed book for yourself and a friend or family member, however, most of our guests come solo and don’t know anyone before they arrive. 

Respect for Local Cultures and Environment 

At Girls that Scuba, we deeply value the cultures, traditions, and natural environments of the destinations we explore. Our trips are designed not only as adventures but as opportunities to foster understanding and appreciation for the diverse world we live in. We encourage every participant to approach each destination with respect and openness, ready to learn from and engage with local communities in a manner that honours their way of life.  

Mindful interaction with locals and sensitivity to their customs and norms are pillars of our travel ethos. We believe that such respect enriches your travel experience, offering deeper insights and connections that go beyond the conventional tourist path.  

Equally, we are committed to environmentally responsible diving practices. The underwater world is a fragile ecosystem and it’s our duty to protect it for future generations of women. We advocate for and educate our members on best practices including minimising physical contact with marine life, and using reef safe sunscreens, to support a sustainable diving experience. 

Safety First 

Safety is the cornerstone of all our activities. We require our divers to adhere strictly to dive safety rules as taught in your training. We ask that you follow dive masters’ instructions and dive within the limits of your certification and comfort zone. This ensures not only your safety but the safety of the entire group.

We also emphasize maintaining a clear head and optimal health throughout the trip. We advise against excessive alcohol consumption and the use of recreational drugs while onboard or before diving. Such substances can impair judgement, reaction times, and physical abilities, increasing risks during diving activities. We also promote a healthy lifestyle during the trip including adequate rest, hydration, and nutrition to support the demands of diving.  

Respect for our dive staff and their decisions is paramount. If they determine that someone has pushed their limits too far and needs to sit out on a dive for safety reasons, we expect that decision to be met with understanding and respect. Their primary concerns are your and everyone’s safety, and their judgements are based on professional assessments of risk and capability. By fostering an environment of mutual respect, responsibility, and care, we aim to ensure every dive is not only enjoyable, but safe. 

Travel Insurance 

Travel and dive insurance are compulsory on all Girls that Scuba Trips. We highly recommend you take out travel insurance as soon as you book a trip. This means you are covered in case you need to cancel your trip for any reasons travel insurance will cover. There is no disadvantage to purchasing your travel insurance as soon as you book – it won’t be more expensive.  

You can either get a joint dive and travel policy from a dive insurance provider, or you can get separate travel and dive insurance policies. For example, if you already have a dive policy (such as DAN coverage) you may just want to get a separate travel policy just for your trip. 

For dive and travel insurance, we recommend DiveAssure. DiveAssure offers Girls that Scuba guests 5% off with code 28240962. 

If you already have dive insurance and you’re in need of a travel policy, take a look at a comparison site. Sites such as InsureMyTrip will search lots of providers to get you the best quote and coverage. 

Data and E-sims 

Connectivity can vary during our trips, with instances of limited signal and Wi-Fi access or, at times, no service whatsoever. We aim to let you know if we expect to be out of range completely, however, we have found the best solution in keeping connected is to pre-purchase an E-Sim before you travel.  

These affordable digital sims will save you a lot of money compared to using your current plan that covers you for your home country. E-Sims work in in all countries we travel to. You can even buy a multi-country E-Sim, which is handy if you have layovers or multiple destinations on your trip. As an example, a 15-day E-Sim covering Jordan is $6. Get yours here

Finding More Reviews on Our Trips 

You can take a look at our 5* reviews here! Follow our dedicated Girls that Scuba Trips Instagram account to see behind the scenes of our trips. 

Cancelling After Payment 

For cancellation details, please refer to our policy