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22 Scuba Diving Gifts for Him

22 Scuba Diving Gifts for Him

Gifting to your dive-loving Dad, underwater uncle or boat-dwelling brother? No matter who it is, we’ve got scuba diving gifts for him covered with these 22 gift ideas. There’s something for every budget – from personalised scuba diving gifts such as stylish dive site maps, to wearable ocean gifts for scuba divers.

Please note: This article was initially created as a Father’s Day feature, which is why we had focused on gifts “for him”. However, we’re sure that any diver – regardless of gender – would be thrilled to receive these gifts!

Useful Gifts for Scuba Divers

scuba diving gifts for men

Scubapro O-Ring Tank Keychain – £10

There’s nothing worse than a dive being cancelled due to a simple busted o-ring. You can keep your favourite diver prepared by gifting them this handy scuba cylinder key ring, containing an o-ring tool and spare o-rings.

Fourth Element Changing Mat – £20

Most divers have suffered many a drive home with muddy socks after a quick change in a car park, but sandy feet can be banished thanks to this tough-yet-lightweight roll up changing mat.

Apeks Regulator Bag – £26

A diver’s reg set is their life support underwater, so keeping it protected is extremely important. This sturdy regulator bag would make a great gift for anyone who’s recently started to invest in their own gear.

Waterhaul Beach Cleaning Knife – £25

Your gift recipient might already have a diving knife they love, but we’d be very surprised if they already have a brilliant beach cleaning knife like this one. Just like Waterhaul’s sunglasses, these handy blades are made with 100% recycled fishing nets. This gives them their unique and distinctive colour which can vary from green to teal. For bonus beach cleaning points, add on one of their folding litter pickers.

Apeks Luna Mini Dive Torch – £250

With an output of 1000 lumens, this is a pocket sized powerhouse of a dive light. It’s the perfect adventure companion for both above and below the surface if you’re looking to splash the cash on a gift. The torch comes in Grey, Orange, Green and Purple, so there’s something to match every diver’s kit colour scheme.

Mares XR Black Ceramic Bolt Snap – £10

To a non-diver this probably seems like the most mundane gift in the world, but any seasoned diver will appreciate a quality bolt snap over a basic brass one. Trust us on this, they’ll definitely thank you!

Paralenz Vaquita – €749.00

If you truly want to wow a scuba diver with a gift, look no further than the Paralenz Vaquita. This dive-specific action camera is ideal for those who want to effortlessly capture their dive memories in up to 4K. Unlike other action cameras, the Vaquita offers built-in colour correction optimised to the diver’s depth. It can be mounted to wrists, masks or other gear and operated without even pressing a button. It’s a gift they’ll remember for the dives they don’t want to forget.

Scubapro Beach Towel – £24 

This generously sized organic cotton towel is perfect for drying off post-dive.

Metal Reusable Safety Razor

If your gift recipient likes to stay groomed to prevent a leaky mask, you can help make their hair removal more sustainable by gifting them this plastic free shaving essential. Whilst it’s not strictly a diving gift, most divers will appreciate any present which helps them remove the amount of plastic in their daily life!

Trshbg Ocean Cleanup Bag – from €29

Most of us have seen way more trash than we’d like underwater, so a Trshbg is the perfect gift for the diver who wants to do something about the problem. These clip-on clean-up bags can be attached to the hip or calf for easy litter collection, whether it’s underwater on a dive or during any other water-based activity, such as surfing or paddleboarding.

Mares Diver Tool Kit – £26 

A tool kit can be a dive saviour in a pinch. This handy set has all the tools a diver might need for on-the-go repairs and replacements, neatly displayed and organised in a protective case.

Personalised and Wearable Gifts for Divers

Personalised and Wearable Gifts for Divers

Aqua Lung Xscape Rash Guard – £35 

We’ve already shared our love for the new Aqua Lung Xscape collection, and the stylish men’s designs haven’t gone unnoticed. The slick khaki green with red details is a welcome change from typical all-black rashies. If your giftee is eco-minded, they’ll appreciate that it’s made from recycled polyester and comes packaged totally plastic free.

Waterhaul Sunglasses – from £60

Every diver needs a great pair of adventure proof sunglasses, and Waterhaul’s styles are a great choice. With frames made from 100% recycled ghost fishing nets combined with polarised mineral glass, they’re perfect for those spending time on the water.

Customised Dive Proof Waterproof Log Book – from £20

For those who like to write about their dive memories, a customised dive log book is a fantastic gift. Add a photo of their favourite critter to the cover, or flatter their underwater photography skills by making one of their images the star of the show! As well as customising the cover, you can choose different styles of waterproof pages inside to match to the type of diving they do.

Narked Shark Stop Finning Hammerhead Shark T-Shirt – £30

Divers generally love to show their underwater obsession wherever they can, and clothing is no exception. These sustainable tees feature awesome artwork which does good for our oceans – both by spreading awareness for issues facing our oceans, and by directly donating to marine charities. We also love their Mako shark tooth sweater.

Fourth Element Humpback Whale T-Shirt – £29.95

Another sustainable ocean tee; this time in a striking teal with a fine line humpback whale design. What’s not to love?

Francesca Page Sticker Pack – from £19.50

Who said stickers were just for kids? These stunning stick-on works of art by British artist Francesca Page are perfect for adding ocean adornments to all surfaces. There’s a whole world of underwater wonder to choose from, you can pick four of your giftee’s favourite creatures from an impressive selection of cephalopods, elasmobranchs or nudibranchs.

Apeks 30L Dry Bag Backpack – £80

This backpack would look just at home on the commute or on the dive boat, and it’s the perfect size to keep all their tech safe and dry whilst they’re below the waves.

Fourth Element Storm Poncho – £143.50

As the name suggests, this protective poncho is perfect for shielding from unwelcome weather on the dive boat. It’s also a great cover up for changing after a dive with its cosy fleece lining, and as part of Fourth Element’s Ocean Positive line it has admirable eco credentials.

Gift Card for their Local Dive Store

As much as we love having a wealth of dive products at our fingertips online, there’s something special about going into a local dive store and choosing for yourself. Do your homework to find out your gift recipient’s favourite dive store, and purchase a gift card or voucher. This is a great way to contribute if you know they’re in the process of purchasing expensive gear.

Recycled Board Shorts

Sustainable swimwear brands for women are popping up constantly, and now eco-friendly board shorts are becoming more and more common. A pair would make an ideal gift for any diver! We absolutely love the marine print board shorts on offer from Waterlust.

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