One of the only Indonesian female Dive Masters in Komodo - at 20 years old

indonesia dive master . komodo girls that scuba

SCUBA STAR: Mersi, 20, is one of the only Indonesian female Dive Master currently working in Labuan Bajo, Flores Island – more commonly known in the scuba world as Komodo, famous for its crazy currents and magical mantas.


One of our GTS Facebook group moderators, Weeze, first met Mersi on a liveaboard in Komodo last year – her massive smiles, enthusiasm and dancing were infectious – underwater, it’s a great way to pass those safety stop minutes! In a region where scuba diving is dominated by men training to be a Dive Master it was not a usual, or easy path for Mersi to take. Weeze was inspired and humbled talking to her, learning about her journey taking her to where she is today – a confident, friendly, experienced and inspirational dive guide.

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GTS Weekend Gili T: $2065 raised, 290kg of waste removed and over 100 female divers!

girls that scuba events
Girls, girls, girls!

GTS events are one of our favourite things about this community. Getting to meet so many likeminded divers, making new friends and doing something for a better good. And our latest GTS event at Manta Dive in Gili Trawagan, Indonesia quite simply blew our minds! So if you missed it, here's your chance to 'dive' in to what went on down over on the paradise island that is Gili T! 

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An introduction to Rebreather diving in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

rebreather for girls
We tried out a rebreather for the first time with Trawangan Dive in Indonesia

We recently spent a week on the island of Gili Trawangan hosting our GTS day where 48 girls dived together in an attempt to make a World Record, and while we were there we also wanted to try something new so jumped at the chance to head over to Trawangan Dive to try out rebreathers for the first time! We are all super interested in technical diving here at GTS and our sub group Girls that Tech Dive is aiming to bridge the gap between tech and rec diving and encourage more women to get involved, so this was a great way for us to introduce you all to one of the best parts of technical diving; diving on a rebreather! 

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The Best places to scuba dive with sharks in Asia

Few divers can forget their first exhilarating encounter with a shark and for many, diving with sharks is the ultimate, awe-inspiring experience. From encounters with schooling hammerheads and hunting reef sharks, to searching for unique species and snorkeling with the giants of the oceans, read on and discover ZuBlu’s selection of Asia’s best shark diving experiences.

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Best places to see Manta Rays while scuba diving

best places to see manta rays

As a scuba diver or snorkeler, seeing mantas is high on most people’s bucket list. Described as one of the most breath-taking experiences a diver can have, why wouldn’t you want to hang out with Manta Rays? We are lucky to have had a few manta encounters around three Indonesian islands, but there are many other places in the world you can see them. If you want to dive with these majestic creatures, we can tell you the best places to see mantas.

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The Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

scuba diving Gili T
Come diving with us in Gili T

Gili 'T' (Trawangan) in Indonesia is one of the most popular dive destinations in Asia. Thousands upon thousands of divers flock there every year, mostly to do scuba courses and extend their knowledge and training. So of course, Girls that Scuba wanted to see what all the fuss was about and headed to Gili T, Indonesia in summer (2017) and May 2018, to check out the waters ourselves. Here's everything you need to know about scuba diving in Gili T!

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Scuba diving and travelling to Raja Ampat with kids

scuba diving on a budget raja ampat

We recently travelled across the world from the UK to Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia to dive some of the best dive destinations in the world. It was a long trip and quite costly as we stayed in resorts and dived every day. So we wanted to find out how to do Raja Ampat on a budget AND with kids in tow.


Traveling with young children can be daunting. How about adding scuba diving to that and also somewhere remote like Raja Ampat? How do you even organise a scuba holiday there with kids? Is it expensive? Safe? Vaccinations required? What do you even pack for family of 4 including dive equipment, 7 and 1 year old daughters? How do you deal with budget planes and long stop overs? Screaming kids?


Girls that Scuba member Michelle-Ann used to be a dive instructor living in Dahab, Egypt with a daughter operating a small dive business. Since returning to Melbourne, Australia and having another child, diving had always been on her mind but not been viable. When she finally got the chance to dive and travel again her and her family decided on Raja Ampat to dive the untouched reefs and support the local papuan community staying in an eco-lodge.

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Scuba diving in Raja Ampat - where, how, liveaboard or shore?

bait ball in Raja Ampat
Have you ever seen a school of fish this big? | Photo by Mike Corey, Kick the Grind

Raja Ampat in Indonesia is scuba diving heaven. There's no place quite like it for scuba divers and is top on most divers bucket list! However, it is notoriously expensive and hard to get to, so when doing it it's got to be done properly! That's why Girls that Scuba is here to let you know everything you need to know before visiting Raja Ampat!

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Scuba Diving in Alor, Indonesia

Never heard of Alor? Us neither until we were told it’s a scuba dive heaven, so Girls that Scuba travelled to this little known island in Indonesia to see for ourselves if it really is the most colourful dive destinations the world. It’s safe to say, we weren’t disappointed. Here’s everything you need to know about scuba diving in Alor, Indonesia.

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Scuba Diving in Sangalaki, Indonesia – An Exclusive Paradise

When it comes to scuba diving in Southeast Asia, no doubt Indonesia is among the top destinations, and Komodo island (one of the world-class dive sites and home to Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on earth!) then there's Raja Ampat (or the Four Kings, part of Coral Triangle that contains the richest marine biodiversity on earth) are definitely on the bucket list of many divers.


But just off the Indonesian Borneo, there is a less-well known untouched paradise – Sangalaki, which offers top notch diving and an exclusive experience that is perfect for a getaway with your family and friends.

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