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whaleshark rash vest

We all know the big scuba dive brands - and of course we love them, but sometimes we are looking for something with a little bit more personality. Something that every other woman on the boat isn't wearing and something we've never seen in the shops. Let us introduce you to these amazing small brands that we are totally in love with. And, as an added bonus most of them are owned by GTS members themselves! This is our way of 'shopping local'.

Girls that Scuba x Sewgnar

girls that scuba rash vest
We meet our rashvest inspiration in real life!

We've recently designed our own whales shark inspired rash vest and can't get enough of it! With sizes up to US16/UK18 and options for custom fit, every GTS girls can look fabulous and sharky-fresh! We've collaborated with small business Sewgnar run by GTS sister team who's goal is not only to raise awareness of our fragile ecosystem, but to also provide custom products for all shapes and sizes. Each piece is hand cut and sewn one at a time made especially just for your order!


Buy yours here


whaleshark diving
Whaleshark slip in by Slipins

Ever dreamed of being a whale shark? (er, yeah, of course). Now your scuba dreams can come true with Slipins sun protective water wear. Wear them under your wetsuit for easy and quick changing or wear them on their own for a wow factor.


GTS girls get 20% off their Slipin order thanks to Girls that Scuba member Robin! Just enter GirlsThatScuba in the checkout


SeaMorgens was developed by two sisters who are not only ocean enthusiasts but are also passionate about conserving the marine environment (and in turn, the planet). Originally from the UK, they have spent a lot of time in Asia, where it's easy to see first hand the effect single use plastics have both on the earth and marine environments.


As scuba divers, free divers and (terrible!) surfers they wanted to create a swimwear range for fellow sea lovers that is fun, comfortable, supportive and environmentally conscious towards the oceans. With this in mind they only use fabrics made from recycled fishing nets, (unlike most swimwear companies, who actually produce fabric with new plastics and in the process produce lots of marine micro plastics).


Read more: What to know about Sustainable Swimwear 


womens wetsuits

We first stumbled across these awesome wetsuits when GTS member and Truli founder, Mia Toose shared some pretty cool shots into the group. After further research we realised we needed one - fast. Diving in winter isn't always a pleasant journey, but once you've been bitten by the scuba bug, there's no cure, and what's a bit of cold water to stop us? Wearing our Truli wetsuit under our full length worked miracles, and winter temperatures were no longer a worry. Life, literally, saved. Ridiculously flattering, warm and stylish, there's no wonder GTS members are also hailing them as their faviourte wetsuits.


Thanks Mia, for offering all GTS members 10% off any Truli wetsuit with code GTS10 at the checkout.


dive leggings

Waterlust is a purpose-driven brand that creates: 1) media to inspire scientific curiosity and an adventurous spirit, and 2) sustainable products to support marine science research and education. Each product tells a story, and their hope is that these stories continue to spread around the world as you wear them on your adventures. In doing so, you become an advocate for all of our oceans, lakes, and rivers and for the process of scientific discovery that is needed to better understand them. Their gear is made with the environment in mind and 10% of profits support marine science research and education.


Let's just talk about their whale shark leggings....


To Dive For

To Dive For ( we LOVE the name) is a luxury swimwear & designer divewear brand inspired by ocean adventures. Designed & made in Britain by GTS member Kate Scott, her pieces have been catching our eyes for the last few months. With rash vests featuring jelly fish, starfish and angelfish we wear them in hope of turning into a real life mermaid. 


The lovely Kate is offering all GTS 15% off on all orders including sale items FOREVER by using the code GTS15. Now, that's what we call too die for!

Sireonsong Wetsuits

Is it just us or are wetsuits getting cuter by the day? Gone is black, in is every other colour under the rainbow. Sireonsong wetsuits introduce us to not only colours but fun patterns like "Wanderlust" (above) featuring our faviourte travel scribbles and symbols and "Mermaid" that, well, makes us look like a lady of the sea! We are so in love with all of their style, and want each and every one! Lucky they are offering us all 15% off by entering GIRLSTHATSCUBA at checkout. Phew our pennies will spread further now, thanks guys!


BATOKO is an independent swimwear brand based on the North West Coast of England. They create high quality swimsuits that are not only flattering and fun to wear, but are helping change the world for the better. All their swimwear is 100% recycled from plastic bottles and post-consumer waste such as carpets and other textiles - and SUPER cute too, have you seen their shark costume?

Aqua Marine Silver

Designed by GTS member Rose Ledbury, she became a Jeweller & a Scuba Diver all in the same week. She says about her marine inspired jewellery; "I am always conscious of the wearer when developing my designs; reflecting their desires and style. The jewellery has to be elegant and stylish and, of course, is made to the most superb quality - they are often fun and always a pleasure to wear"


Whale Sharks Pendant £69.95 enter GTS10 for 10% discount


While Josea isn't a dedicated scuba brand, we think we fit in with its values, and its owners love for the ocean. Using recycled materials and never using plastic packaging, their bikinis, rash vests and leggings are ridiculously cute and eco friendly. What's not to love

Respect the fin

scuba dive t-shirts

In too many cases, sharks are being killed faster than they can repopulate and if we allow shark finning to continue, we condemn sharks to extinction.


Respect the Fin was started in order to spread awareness of the evils of shark finning and to educate the public on sharks crucial role in our aquatic ecosystem. 20% of all of their profits goes to support shark research, conservation, and educational efforts. Gimmie that ring!!


Creating the Mokarran designs, took owner and GTS member Melo thousands of hours of diving and photographing the underwater world. Born from the desire to provide unique t-shirts that stand out among the over saturated "dive now, work later" kind of t-shirts she creating something closer to marine life, something that really puts it in the limelight. 10% off using GIRLSTHATSCUBA


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We will keep adding to this list, so let us know more of your favourite brands and we can take a look into them

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