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Scuba Diving in New South Wales, Australia

Scuba Diving in New South Wales, Australia

Australia is famed for some of the best scuba diving in the world. Their waters contain vibrant coral reefs and an extensive list of marine life, and you can find some of the most enjoyable diving in New South Wales.

New South Wales is a popular travel destination for its iconic architecture, local wildlife, and endless beaches, but under the water, you’ll discover a different view of this breathtaking state.

Scuba diving in New South Wales varies from offshore islands to within Sydney itself. Uncover the world’s southernmost coral reef on Lord Howe Island, the gorgeous undersea scenes of Jervis Bay, or the abundance of marine life right in Sydney’s backyard.

Here are 3 stunning scuba sites in New South Wales proving it’s not all just about the Great Barrier Reef!

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Lord Howe Island

Nearly 700 kilometres east of Sydney lay a small island with big opportunity for adventure. Lord Howe Island only permits a limited number of visitors at a time, which means your island diving experience will be that much more enchanting.

Lord Howe Island is home to the southernmost coral reef in the world, making for a unique blend of marine flora and fauna. The mixture of tropical and temperate ocean currents brings a wide array of life, from delicate invertebrates to large fish, to flourish in these clear waters. Lord Howe Island is even home to a number of endemic species that you won’t find anywhere else.

When you’ve completed your dive, you’ll be met with cliff top views of aqua water, golden beaches, and rugged terrain.

Jervis Bay

New South Wales boasts a coastline that’s equal parts rugged and refined, but under the water is a world all its own.

Jervis Bay delivers some of the whitest sand beaches in the world, which makes scuba diving in these waters an impressive experience. Jervis Bay Marine Park is your underwater playground, featuring stunning marine life and deep waters not too far from shore.

With dozens of dive sites to choose from, you’ll gain a view of Jervis Bay like none other.

Manly Beach

In New South Wales, you don’t have to go far to find a dive site worth exploring. Just a thirty-minute ferry from Sydney’s bustling CBD you’ll find one of the city’s most famous beaches. Manly Beach is known for its epic surf and active foreshore, but it may come as a surprise that Manly Beach is also home to scuba diving lessons and guided dives.

Dive Centre Manly offers scuba diving lessons for beginners, as well as guided dives for certified divers. On nearby Shelly Beach, divers will encounter white sand and a natural reef, with rocks and boulders leading to a depth of 12 metres. Divers can meet a range of marine life including the large Eastern Blue Groper, octopus, Port Jackson sharks, and much more.

Discover stunning sea life and exquisite coral reefs, all in the waters of New South Wales.