Girls that Scuba show their scuba related tattoos

scuba diving tattoos
Carolina Marcías Tattoo

How do you show your love for scuba diving? Some post about it on social media, some take photos, others get tattoos. And when we say others, we mean A LOT! It's a common post within Girls that Scuba, scuba- obsessed ladies looking for their next piece of ink, so we've put some of our favourite scuba tattoos in one post!


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When scuba runs through your veins

scuba tattoo
Emma Barlow

And that eagle ray you saw was too beautiful to forget

scuba diving tattoos
Leslie Hickerson

that shark too!

scuba diving tattoos
Charlotte Holt

Mermaids do exist

Jessika Kattah Delatorre

Even dogs know that!

Jaime Lakatos
Jaime Lakatos

Take only pictures, make only bubbles... and tattoos

Natasha Colburn                                                                         Katie Fitton

It's as much about the girl as it is about the scuba

scuba dive tattoo
Photo by @violeta.arus

and there's nothing wrong with wanting to find our own man that scuba's too

Jamie Harrison Denman

But sometimes you've got to admit it's all about that...

scuba diving tattoos
Jaime Lakatos

Some more of our favourites

Top Left - Eleanor Stray, Top middle Anne Astorga, Top Left - Richa Malik, Bottom Left Patsy Errin, Bottom Right Sarah Richard

How about that GTS tattoo.. would you get one?

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