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4 Benefits of Wearing a Dive Watch 

4 Benefits of Wearing a Dive Watch 

We all know how important it is to wear a dive computer when we’re underwater. But what about the humble dive watch? There are lots of benefits of a dive watch, and we checked out the new Abingdon Nadia Watch to learn why. Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider carrying both a dive watch and a dive computer!

1. It’s a back-up time device

Redundancy is incredibly important in diving, so a dive watch makes an ideal back-up for timing. If something goes wrong with your dive computer, you’ll still be able to know how long you’ve been down for. This could be the difference between being able to do your next dive or having to miss out. You don’t want to be left on the liveaboard when everyone else sees your favourite shark!

A dive watch with a white strap, silver face, and blue accents, is wrapped around the neck of a scuba diving cylinder.
The rotating bezel allows you to track your elapsed dive time

Most dive watches, like Abingdon’s Nadia Watch, have a rotating bezel which means you can easily track your bottom time. Simply align the zero on the bezel with the minute hand at the start of your dive. You’ll then be able to read the minute hand against the bezel to see your elapsed dive time. 

2. You can read the time at a glance

Whilst most dive computers will have the time available somewhere, it’s often a few button presses away from your main dive display. One of the benefits of a dive watch is that you can read the time at a glance – no pressing buttons necessary! 

This could be particularly useful for dive instructors, such as if you have a strict time to be back on the boat or a dry class to make back at the dive shop. 

A dive watch with a white strap, silver face, and blue accents, is around a woman's wrist. Her arm is in the surface of blue ocean, and her other hand is adjusting the bezel.
The Nadia Watch is readable in all conditions

The new, improved face of the Abingdon Nadia Watch makes it even easier to check the time with a quick look. The crystal clear display and high-contrast hands make it easy to read, no matter the dive conditions.

3. It looks great above and below the surface!

Dive watches are wearable as an everyday accessory, as well as being useful timepieces underwater. In fact, the properties which make them suitable for exploring underwater also make them the ideal everyday watch for adventurers! 

They’re often much more hardwearing than any other type of watch, which isn’t surprising when they’re made to withstand huge amounts of pressure. 

The Nadia Watch is water resistant to 660 feet (approx. 201m), and all of the Abingdon Co. watches are designed with adventure in mind – whether it’s underwater or on land. The Nadia is also automatic, meaning there’s no need to change the batteries.

A woman scuba diver walks towards the camera across a white sandy beach. She is wearing a white swimsuit with black details, and a white scuba watch on her left wrist. She carries a scuba cylinder on her shoulder and looks off into the distance.
A dive watch looks just at home on a sandy beach or at a dinner!

And of course, as well as performing well, they look amazing too! Dive watches make quite the fashion statement. They look just as great with shorts and a scuba tee or with a more formal outfit, and are always a fun talking point. After all, us divers love any excuse to chat about our favourite hobby!

4. A dive watch is a collector’s item

If you’re looking for a piece of scuba equipment which can act as an heirloom, look no further than a dive watch. How incredible would it be to pass down a dive watch, and be able to tell the tales of the adventures it had been on? 

Being so well constructed, dive watches are timeless timepieces which can be kept as collector’s items, and handed down for generations. 

Over a quarter of our Girls that Scuba Instagram followers said they wear a dive watch as well as a dive computer – so what’s your favourite reason for wearing a dive watch?

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