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22 Girls that Scuba to Watch in 2022

22 Girls that Scuba to Watch in 2022

We love to see the rise of role model women in scuba diving, and are always keeping our eye out for women achieving incredible things in the underwater world.

We’ve put together a few women who have caught our eye recently, and who we think you should watch in 2022. Do you know any others? Leave us a comment and let us know who!

Beisan AlSharif

Beisan, from Jordan, is a scuba diver and the co-founder of Project Sea.  This initiative is dedicated to cleaning the ocean in the Gulf of Aqaba.

Since she co-founded the project in Summer 2021, her and her team have retrieved over 16,000 pieces of single use plastic from the shores of Aqaba. Follow her and Project Sea here.

Thais Paz

Thais is an underwater photographer from Brazil. Her bright and beautiful photography really captures us, and she definitely seems like a Girl that Scuba who we’d like to meet on a dive boat. Admire her shots here!

Alice Cimino

Hailing from the UK, Alice is the founder of OceanKin Conservation, a marine biologist, and shark advocate. She uses her platform as an underwater storyteller to share with her audience ways they can help protect our oceans. Follow Alice here.

Frida Lara

Frida is a Conservation Scientist, photographer and researcher based in Revillagigedo (Socorro) and the Gulf of California. A member of Orgacas – a community of women creating marine conservation solutions through science, communication and education – Frida is an incredible role model for all divers and scientists! Follow Frida and her projects here.

Danni Washington

Danni is a science communicator, ocean advocate and TV presenter. She’s usually found travelling and diving in beautiful places, and uses her platform to educate her following on climate issues and ways they can help. Give her a follow here!

Taryn ‘Taz Diving’

Taz runs her own solo female diving operation in Mexico, and showcases to her followers what it is like to dive in the cenotes (caverns) in Riviera Maya. Her fun and educational short videos capture new divers and current divers looking to try something new! Give Taz a follow.

Nur Sabrina

Nur is a scuba instructor and sidemount diver from Malaysia. Her mission is to inspire the younger generation to explore the ocean and start scuba diving. Follow Nur here.

Chi Felton

Chi is a CCR & Advanced diver and Trimix Instructor, originally from the UK, but usually based in Indonesia. She is doing an incredible job on social media smashing gender stereotypes in diving and inspiring women to go further in their dive career. Give Chi a follow here!

Hannah Rudd

Marine Scientist Hannah promotes exploring the globe slowly and sustainably. As a female solo traveller with a thirst for venturing into the unknown, an infatuation with all things sharky, and seeing the world through non-tinted glasses, she craves diving into the inner workings of the world around her. We particularly love her educational TikTok videos!

Tara Roberts

National Geographic Storytelling Fellow Tara is a scuba diver and podcast host. Season 1 of Into the Depths Podcast follows black scuba divers on a global search for slave shipwrecks. Give Tara and her Podcast a follow.

Jen – Anxious and Adventurous

Jen is a scuba diver, hiker and cold water swimmer from the UK. She shares a lot of content about anxiety and ways to overcome it, as well as discussing cold water as therapy! Follow Jen’s positive messages.

Dayne Garcia

Dayne is a divemaster from the Philippines, sharing her journey in the ocean through her eyes. Her photos and her smile after dives are just fantastic. We love following Dayne, and we’re sure you will too!

Girls that Scuba Ambassadors

And lets not forget our own inspirational ambassadors, individually all doing incredible things in and out of the water and quickly becoming role models for divers to look up. Support them all by giving them a follow or reaching out to say hey!

Read more about our ambassadors and follow them all below

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