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Where to get women’s whale shark wetsuits, rash vests and leggings

Where to get women’s whale shark wetsuits, rash vests and leggings

We’ll admit it, we are obsessed with prints, colours, patterns and shapes all over our dive gear – because why not!? Diving should not only be fun, but look fun, and we are super happy so many brands agree too! Girls that Scuba are always the first ones to get their hands on any new prints and patterns and it seems the hottest trend at the moment is WHALE SHARK print! So here’s exactly where you can get the best whale shark leggings, whale shark rashvests and everything else whale shark in between! 


whale shark leggings

Waterlust, the original creators of the whale shark leggings – we will always love their collections! Now also available in tiger shark print, turtle print and many more!


ocean ramsey whaleshark excel wetsuit

Need something a little warmer? Xcel collaborated with Ocean Ramsey in their latest whale shark collection, with 2 pieces in 2m and one piece in 5m, so now you can rock your whale shark print in warm and cold water!

10% off at (Europe only) with GTS membership card


whale shark wetsuit

An all-in-one whale shark? Yes please! We love Slipins all-in one suits, they are so bright and colourful and look amazing underwater! But what more they give GTS members 20% discount! Wahoo, whale shark print here we come!