The Best plus-size swimwear and wetsuits

plus size swimwear and scuba wetsuits

Are you looking for plus-size scuba dive wetsuits or swimwear in plus sizes? Do you look for just anything bigger than size L? Well, we don't think you should look for "just anything" we think you should check out these plus size brands who understand women come in all shapes and sizes and still offer all their awesome patterns - in all sizes! 


So check out these plus size swimwear brands and plus size wetsuit brands we think you'll love! 

Truli Wetsuits sizes 0 - 24

plus size wetsuits

The Truli Wetsuits sizing system recognizes that our bodies are not straight cookie cutter shapes.  What we need is the flexibility to move between sizes until we find that perfect fit for OUR body. Feeling a little tug in the thigh area or pressure on your chest? No problem - Move up a size for a slightly larger fit without it becoming too loose anywhere else.


With just millimetres of difference between sizes, Truli Wetsuits allows you to move up or down a size to accommodate for boobs, bums, and bellies without worrying about it being too loose or tight anywhere else. Read about their new range here! 


Membership card holders get 10% off across the store!

Deakin and Blue - up to HH cup and from size 8 - 24

plus size swimsuits

500,000 women have given up swimming and 1 in 2 mums have stopped taking their child to learn to swim because of body image concerns. Deakin and Blue are on a mission to change that. Sustainable, all sizing, SEXY swimwear, what more could a Girls that Scuba's want? All their swimwear is made from ECONYL® - a 100% regenerated nylon fibre made from post-consumer waste such as old fishing nets and industrial plastic.


We are so in love, especially as they offer GTS membership holders 10% off across the whole store! 

Girls that Scuba Ambassador Irene Marcoux says:

plus sized scuba diving women

I love Molidae because not only are they super size inclusive, going beyond the usual size 22/24 often offered, but they are made from recycled plastic, spf50 so limiting the amount of sunscreen needed, and dry extra fast so perfect for travel. I also love Scuba Sisters for their extensive sizing and super cute prints!


Scuba Sisters -  up to 6XL

Always wanted those whaleshark leggings everyone is wearing butt can never find them in your size? You can rely on Girls that Scuba to find a place you can buy them! Scuba Sisters was born on a dive boat filled with female scuba divers who were tired of being asked to fit in a mold made for men. They wanted to show their love of the ocean though rarely could find any garments (and hardly any scuba gear) designed for women. So they did it themselves! These are our kinda women - and our kinda sizes!


Yup, and you got it, these fab team also offer GTS membership holders 15% off the store!

Waterlust up to 3XL

While they do lack in photos of plus-size women, their sizes have been increased and now go up to XXXL. What's more their ethics and moral as a company are incredible; supporting black women in diving by donating 100% profits of their diversity T and donating 10% of overall profit to Marine Megafauna Foundation. With fun, ocean-inspired prints their website is a scuba girls dream! 

Sewgnar - XXL + custom sizing

We've recently designed our own whales shark inspired rash vest and can't get enough of it! With sizes up to US16/UK18 and options for custom fit, every GTS girls can look fabulous and sharky-fresh! We've collaborated with small business Sewgnar run by GTS sister team who's goal is not only to raise awareness of our fragile ecosystem, but to also provide custom products for all shapes and sizes. Each piece is hand cut and sewn one at a time made especially just for your order!


10% off for GTS membership holders!

Molidae design - XXS-5X!

Molidae desgins are committed to creating colorful scuba, snorkel, and beach activewear that celebrates the diversity and beauty of life in our oceans. Every pattern is custom designed for Molidae, so you will only find our prints and patterns on their website. They also want to ensure that their products are available to all ocean lovers, regardless of size, so all of their rashguards are offered sizes XXS – 5X. 

Henderson 2 - 24

US based divewear company Henderson are well-known for providing more sizes than most, ranging from US 2 - 24. And the patterns are super cute too!

Do you know any other plus-sized brands to try? Let us know in the comments!

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