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How scuba diving can help overcome physical disability

How scuba diving can help overcome physical disability

Do you have a physical disability and wonder if scuba diving is for you? We talk to Southwest Apadtive divers who tell us more about the benefits of scuba diving to overcome a disability.

About 15% of the world’s population has some form of physical disability, whether it is present from birth, or a result of an accident or injury. Despite these injuries there is a world of possibility and freedom available to us and scuba diving can open doors to this freedom.

Scuba diving and physical disabilities

Diving is a powerful opportunity for gaining freedom and strength. The hydrostatic pressure can help relieve pressure and edema from muscles while also increases one’s range of movement. Aquatic therapy is very popular and effective for treating muscle pain, and can help in the injury recovery process, more than that it can also give one a range of movement that would not be possible outside the water.

Examples of powerful health benefits

Hydrostatic Pressure
Water being much more dense than air will give a diver an encompassing healing pressure. This pressure works as a compression bandage for the entire body and helps relieve pain from aches and soreness while also exercising the heart and lungs. Research shows that those who dive regularly are less prone to strokes and heart attacks.

Stress relief

The combination of constant pressure and methodical breathing force relaxation. Diving removes an individual from the stresses of the normal world and provides a new one underwater.

Gaining strength and flexibility

Moving and exercising underwater can remove many of the challenges of traditional exercise. Swimming and moving underwater cause the body to move in ways it normally wouldn’t as well as removing harmful impact.

While it may sound scary or risky, scuba diving with a disability can be safe with the right training and equipment. Throughout the world there are many organizations and dive schools that can give people the opportunity to dive with trained staff that can help them to adapt and experience the freedom of movement underwater. They have access to specialized equipment and training that can help to guarantee a positive and powerful healing experience.

Adaptive diving can be a great service opportunity as well. As a skilled diver it can be an incredible experience to help introduce someone new into the world of diving. Many of these organizations are nonprofit and always looking for certified divers to volunteer and help people to heal and experience the freedom of diving.

If you want to know more about adaptive diving contact Southwest adaptive divers or take a look Dive Heart for more inspiration and success stories