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Scuba diving in England: Hope Cove, Devon

Scuba diving in England: Hope Cove, Devon

UK diving boasts wrecks, shores, reefs, seals and even sharks! There’s plenty to explore around the coast of England so we headed to Hope Cove to check out what the scuba diving was like there! Here’s what you need to know about diving at Hope Cove in Devon.

Hope Cove Devon Diving

Hope Cove Devon Diving

Hope cove is a small cove in Devon with a small sandy beach area. It is a shore dive and there is no dive centre on site so you will need to rent/bring all your gear ready for your dive. Always dive with a buddy.

You can follow the rocks around on your right shoulder, the first few hundred meters are on a shallow sandy patch no deeper than 5meters, you then head into a slightly deeper rocky area with plenty of seaweed to watch and dive around.

As it is such a shallow dive you can enjoy your time looking between the rocks and seaweed and return back the way you came when your dive is ready to end. You can see jellyfish, cuttlefish and more.

Access to Hope Cove

Access to Hope Cove

You have to walk from the car park down a steep slope to access the shore at Hope Cove, so make sure you are able to carry your equipment on your back, and you have boots on!

Hope Cove Car Park/facilities

Hope Cove Car Park

Like a lot of UK diving you will be getting kitted up in the car park. The car park is very close to the beach and is fairly spacious. A full days parking is around £7. The toilets aren’t in the car park and are around the back of the cafe area, you can get changed here if you want. Remember to bring your 20p. There is a pub/restaurant and a kiosk at Hope Cove where you can buy most food/drinks with cash or card.

Video of diving in Hope Cove

What you need to dive in Hope Cove

If you need to rent cylinder/gear contact Aquanauts in Plymouth who will be able to help you.

  • 7mm wetsuit or dry suit (all year round)
  • Hood and gloves 
  • Changing robe/changing mat 

Take a look at our female equipment guide here for recommendations.