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We review Kalypse custom made female wetsuits

We review Kalypse custom made female wetsuits

When Girls that Scuba says they are going to review a wetsuit they mean business! We took this amazingly Kalypse wetsuit made in France all the way to Truk Lagoon, Micronesia! In about two weeks we logged almost 30 dives with the Kalypse wetsuit with taking it into wrecks testing it in the most rugged abundant wreck diving in the world! Contributor Amber challenged it to maximum recreational limits up to three dives a day and said it almost felt like a second skin truly conforming to her unique body shape and curves.

Girls that Scuba and Female Wetsuits

We’ve started to make a big scream and splash about female wetsuits – and how much we think they need to be improved within the industry. From sizes ( did you read “Dear wetsuit manufactures, why don’t you make wetsuits in bigger sizes?” to comfort and colour (no, just because we are girls it doesn’t mean we only want pink, but we certainly don’t just want black either). So custom wetsuits was a natural next review for us on our mission to encourage more female wetsuit options and giving our members more information.

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Amber with her custom wetsuit – she choose the colour and desgin

Amber says: Not only did we take this review to the extreme it is also a very unique review because I am going to break down and discuss all the insecurities I feel in a wetsuit. I’m definitely not the tiny, skinny model sized girl, nor have I ever desired to be. I’m athletic but very short at just over 5 feet tall, and I’m curvy. From the time of measurement for the Kalypse wetsuit until arrival I actually gained more than two clothing sizes after breaking my arm. This wetsuit still fits very nicely even after the weight gain. Ladies, most of us fluctuate weight so it’s really nice to know my wetsuit is fitting me for the long run of weight fluctuations that occur in life.

A little bit about Kalypse

Kalypse wetsuits are completely handmade in Montpellier, France! Their wetsuits provide an impressive 3-year warranty with most amazing technology for completing their 3D design of your new wetsuit to ensure the very best and accurate fit they can possibly provide with this modernised process. Kalypse provides customisable wetsuits for men and woman. For ladies they have the Ladyskaf or the Ladybust, I chose to have the women’s Ladybust due to liking the seam work. There is a choice between 5 main colours and 8 colours for your arm and torso, insert colour, calf colour, and seam colour. Their easy to use website will allow you to customize your 3mm, 5mm, or 7mm 4 way stretch custom wetsuit to preview before you purchase. You can even add your name or dive centre on it!

Here’s our thoughts on the Kalypse custom suit

The hood

The hood to this wetsuit is absolutely amazing. Here is the funny part about the hood; I used it a few times than I went to put on my drysuit hood and couldn’t dive in it. I used this hood instead. It spoiled me to the point my head loves this hood. It just fits perfectly and allows for nice motion, comfort, and it has never pulled my hair out! It’s so easy to tuck my hair in this hood and you only need small adjustments to get it on your head in the right place because it’s made for you! The opening is well cut for my mask and around my mouth down by my chin. The shape of the hood opening is perfect for my face.


Everyone’s neck is different. I really don’t like feeling tightness around my neck that occurs in some wetsuits. This is actually the first wetsuit I haven’t felt uncomfortable around my neck. I’ve always had a habit of not zipping up my wetsuit all the way to allow for more room around my neck. I have broken this habit because Kalypse is the game changer! No more uncomfortable feeling around the neck.

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Amber with her Kalypse and her GTS mask strap!


I have muscular swimmer’s arms and shoulders (minus the broken arm currently). The design of this wetsuit truly makes this region flexible to allow for easy movement when getting on your BCD. With a weak arm post injury this design enhancement was very welcoming. I appreciated this far more because of how weak my arm is currently. The region from your shoulder blades down to your lower lumbar to your tailbone where most wetsuits are flat which allows a large amount of water to accumulate which causes me often to be cold is not the case in this wetsuit. Looking at the back profile you can see it forms to my larger hips and curvy body. Every part of this wetsuit evenly lays against my body for the optimal fit, comfort and thermal protection.

Woman’s breasts

As we all know every woman’s shape of breasts varies and has different shape, size, and position. I have always felt that my previous wetsuits have always flattened my breasts to pancakes against my chest which made me feel like a boy. This wetsuit actually gives shape to my breast and makes me feel like a woman.

Abdominal region

Here is my most vulnerably honest part of the review. I was much thinner prior to breaking my arm when I fit for the Kalypse wetsuit. I gained the most weight in my butt, hips and my stomach – both are considerably larger now than when they fitted me for my wetsuit! I definitely have weight gain in my stomach but looking at the pictures in my Kalypse I still feel beautiful. How they designed the seam work with the cuts in material naturally makes a woman’s body feel and look more attractive. I honestly cried after looking in the mirror at how well this wetsuit made my body look even after my weight gain. I want all woman to be able to feel my tears of joy at a wetsuit that makes them feel beautiful! To my complete happy surprise, the wetsuit still fit and made me feel beautiful. I now love knowing my body weight can fluctuate and this wetsuit will still make me feel beautiful and fit me like it’s my second skin!

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Arms and legs

Another area where every woman’s body is different! Some ladies are more muscular than others, my ankles and my wrists are extremely small but my thighs and calf muscles are athletic and muscular.  Previous to this suit I had trouble getting my wetsuit on and off my Popeye muscles – I eat too much spinach. I did not have issues putting on or taking off this suit due to its amazing design – in my opinion. I would also like to note while reviewing this wetsuit I had a great deal less amount of leg cramps in this suit than any other wetsuit I have worn in the many years I have been diving. I feel it’s due to having a wetsuit that actually fits my large calf muscles that doesn’t restrict blood flow. I was extremely pleased I didn’t have cramping while in this wetsuit. I also noticed the design of the wrists allow for your dive computer to comfortably fit over the wetsuit.

wreck diving micronesia
Amber wreck diving in Micronesia

After almost 30 dives in Truk Lagoon with this amazing wetsuit I highly recommend purchasing a custom made Kalypse wetsuit. The softness of the neoprene is totally desirable for repetitive diving and definitely protected me in the rugged wreck diving environment.


Kalypse are offering GTS members a FREE exclusive sunglasses/phone bag in your own colours with every order. Shh this is just for Girls that Scuba though! Enter code ” GTS member” at checkout!