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Welcome to the largest online community of scuba dive women in the world!

Girls that Scuba is a community of inspiring women who are passionate about scuba diving. We range from the scuba instructor, the beginner, the never-put-on-a-scuba-mask, to the full-time ocean activist, and everyone in-between.


Our mission is to encourage, educate and introduce more and more women to scuba diving while empowering the ones among us that are already addicted.


You've heard of girl power but have you heard of Girls that Scuba power? 


Founded by Sarah Richard a full-time digital nomad, Divemaster and travel blogger, after she worked on a Liveaboard in Micronesia and was the only female diver on the staff.  What started as a way for her to make new female dive friends, it quickly became clear that she wasn't the only one on the search, and Girls that Scuba became the largest online community of female divers after only 5 months of starting the humble Facebook page (you're a part of it, right?). Now, there are members of Girls that Scuba is almost every country in the world - and there's no getting in between us - our community goes far beyond online communication and has proven a new and exciting way to meet new friends to dive with, a way to find scuba gear recommendations and even buddies to go on scuba holidays with.



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