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Best Underwater Phone Cases for Diving

Best Underwater Phone Cases for Diving

We’ve come a long way from grainy phone snaps, so it’s no wonder that many divers are opting to take their powerful smartphone cameras on their adventures.

Don’t want to splurge on a full underwater camera setup? Lacking the space to travel with heavy camera equipment? Keen to share your dives quickly and easily without spending time transferring files to your phone? Check out these underwater phone cases and smartphone housings!

Kraken Underwater Phone Case

Kraken Underwater phone case against an underwater background

Kraken’s second version of their popular underwater phone housing is well thought out and will keep your smartphone safe and protected on a dive. It’s universal, meaning it’s designed to fit the majority of smartphones. The maximum dimensions of 175mm x 8mm will fit any of the following:

  • All current iPhones up to the iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • All Google Pixel phones up to the Pixel 7 Pro
  • All Samsung Galaxy models

The case features a vacuum seal to prevent leaks underwater. There’s also a clever sliding mechanism which allows you to apply or remove a red filter inside the case during your dive. A major issue with earlier versions was draining the battery life on your device, however, this version has compensated with a built in battery allowing you to charge your device during the dive. The small custom charging cables are included for this.

Kraken’s housing is depth rated to 85m (280 feet). There is also a pro version of the case which includes a depth and temperature sensor, meaning you can easily log your dives directly onto your phone using the housing.

Sealife SportDiver Underwater Housing

Sealife SportDiver phone case against a water background

Sealife’s SportDiver housing is suitable for iPhone 7 and above, up to the 14 Pro Max. It also fits most Android models – you can check whether your phone is compatible here. The case is vacuum sealed for safety, and features a large shutter which is user friendly even when diving in cold water with gloves. Sealife’s case is depth rated to 40m (130 feet).

Sealife’s casing works with an app, allowing you to easily switch between photo and video mode. Internal moisture sensors will warn the diver if the case begins to leak during the dive. You can add a red filter to the case for colour correction.

The SportDiver case features threads on the bottom, making it easier to mount the case onto a tray and add accessories such as lights. To truly enhance your underwater phone photography, you can buy a package including a tray and SeaDragon light.

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DIVEVOLK underwater smartphone housing against an ocean background

The DIVEVOLK SeaTouch 4 Max case is unique from all the other housings, as it allows full access to the touch screen whilst underwater. This gives you much more creative freedom when taking photos. You can use whatever camera app you choose to take your photos, rather than being limited to the compatible apps with other housings or the native camera app in your device.

This also means that your smartphone is more useful than just as a camera in the water, perhaps as a safety device to communicate on the surface. The manufacturer also implies that you can use your phone for entertainment on safety stops or decompression stops, but that has some questionable safety implications.

Your phone will be safe to a depth of 60m (197 feet), and the case covers a wide variety of phone models. Threads on the bottom allow you to mount a tray, handles, and accessories. These include colour correction filters and wide-angle lenses.

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