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120 Ocean Themed Baby Names for Scuba Divers

120 Ocean Themed Baby Names for Scuba Divers

Most divers enjoy expressing their love for the ocean in different aspects of their lives, and it seems that naming their children is no exception! If you’re a scuba diver looking for an ocean themed baby name, you’re in the right place.

Whether it’s baby names that mean “sea” or “water”, ocean mythology baby names, or even Disney themed ocean baby names, we’ve got all bases covered.

We’ve endeavoured to include the origin of all names, and we would encourage you to be cautious in choosing names from cultures which you don’t have a connection to.

Many cultures give baby names through specific traditions, therefore it can be seen as cultural appropriation to take a name from a culture which you don’t belong to.

Read on for more than 120 ocean themed baby names for scuba divers and ocean lovers!

Baby Names with Ocean Meanings

Ada (Hebrew, German, Turkish, Igbo) – The name Ada means “island” in Turkish, and its meanings include “noble” and “nobility”.

Aegir, Agir, Ägir (Norse Mythology) – A personification of the sea in Norse mythology, akin to a sea god or king.

Air (Indonesian) – Pronounced with two syllables, “ay-ear” means water in Indonesian.

Almog (Hebrew) – The Hebrew meaning of the name Almog is “coral”.

Amphitrite (Greek Mythology) – Meaning “sea goddess”.

Aphrodite (Greek Mythology) – The Greek goddess commonly associated with love is thought by some to have been “born of (sea) foam”.

Azure, Azura (Spanish) – Meaning “sky blue”.

Azzurra (Italian) – As above, Azzurra means sky blue in Italian.

Blue – As well as being a name in its own right, the words “blue” and “teal” have many beautiful translations in different languages. Consider translating the colour into a language which is meaningful to you.

Cain (Welsh) – Meaning “clear water”.

Calypso (Greek Mythology) – An island nymph who delayed Odysseus’s return home, the name has the meaning “to cover” or “she who hides”. Calypso was also the name of Jacques Cousteau’s research ship.

Ceto (Greek Mythology) – Another Greek goddess, this time meaning “goddess of the ocean”, Ceto is more specifically the goddess of sea monsters, whales and large sharks.

Coral – Coral was particularly popular in Victorian times, alongside names stemming from precious jewels.

Coralie (French) – See “Coral”.

Coraline (Latin) – See “Coral”.

Cordelia (Welsh) – Meaning “heart of the sea” or “daughter of the sea”.

Damla (Turkish) – Meaning “drop of water” (or rain).

Daria, Darya (Persian, Iranian) – Daria is a form of the name Darius, which is a Persian royal name meaning “sea” or “ocean”. It has connotations of an expanse of water.

Deniz (Turkish) – Meaning “sea”.

Dylan (Welsh) – This name is connected to the Celtic word for “sea”, and means “son of the sea”, “born of the sea”, or “son of the waves”.

Finn, Fin, Finlay, Finley (Gaelic) – These variations of Fin are of Gaelic origin, meaning “fair haired courageous one” or “fair haired hero”. We’ve included it here due to the “Fin” prefix.

Fisher (English) – Relating to the profession of fisherman.

Gali (Hebrew) – Meaning “wave” or “my wave”.

Gill (Hebrew) – In ocean terms this can be related to a fish’s gills, but in Hebrew the name means “joy” or “gladness”.

Harbour, Harbor (Old English) – Meaning lodging for ships or temporary quarters for people.

Isla (Spanish, Scottish) – In both languages the name is related to the word “island”.

Jacques (French) – Many ocean lovers endeavour to name their babies after famous ocean figures, such as Jacques Yves-Cousteau.

Kendra (English) – Meaning “knowing” and also said to mean “water baby”.

Maayan, Mayan (Hebrew) – Meaning “spring of water”.

Mara (Hebrew, Gaelic) – This name has multiple meanings depending on the origin, with the most common being the Hebrew meaning of “bitter” and the Gaelic meaning of “sea”.

Margaret (Hebrew, French, Various Origins) – Meaning “pearl”.

Marimar (Unknown) – This name has no specific known origin, but “mar” has connotations of the ocean in many languages.

Marina, Maris, Marissa (Latin) – Meaning “of the sea”.

Marine (French) – Meaning “from the sea”.

Marisol (Spanish) – With a double meaning, Marisol means both “Mary of Solitude” and is also a combination of “mar y sol” which translates to “sea and sun”.

Mar (Spanish) – Meaning “sea”.

Maya (Hebrew, Spanish, Greek) – Meaning “water”, Maya also has meanings of “illusion” and other mystical connotations in Sanskrit.

Mererid (Welsh) – Meaning “pearl”.

Meri (Finnish) – Meaning “ocean” or “sea”.

Mira (Sanskrit) – Meaning “ocean”, with other meanings including “admirable” and “female ruler”.

Morwenna (Welsh, English) – In English the name means “maiden”, yet the Welsh origin points to “maid of the sea” or “waves of the sea” depending on translation.

Muirin (Irish) – Meaning “born of the sea” and also “bright seas”.

Naiad, Naiade (Ancient Greek, Latin) – Meaning “water nymph”.

Nami (Japanese) – Meaning “ocean wave”, but can also mean “beautiful” and “red apple”.

Neptune (Latin) – Roman god of the sea.

Nerida (Greek, Aboriginal Australian) – Meaning “sea nymph” but can be loosely taken to mean “mermaid”. In Aboriginal Australian it is also the name of a type of water lily.

Nerissa (Greek) – Meaning “of the sea” or “sea nymph”.

Nixie, Nix (German) – Meaning “water nymph”, named after shape shifting water spirits in Germanic mythology. It’s said that they cannot live happily if they’re far from water, which sounds familiar to a lot of divers!

Njord (Scandinavian) – Njord was the Norse god of the sea. The name also means “north” and holds connotations of strength and power.

Ocean, Oceana, Océane (Varying Origins) – All meaning “ocean”.

Ondina, Ondine (Latin) – Meaning “little wave”.

Pearl (Latin) – From the precious bead formed by the mollusc.

Poseida, Poseidon (Greek) – An Ancient Greek god of the sea, water, earthquakes, droughts, floods and horses.

Reed (English) – Meaning “red haired”, reeds are also a common water dwelling plant.

Reef (Unknown) – As in “coral reef”.

Sailor (German) – Meaning “boat man”.

Salacia (Latin) – From the Latin “sal” meaning “salt”, it’s said that Salacia was a goddess of salt water or the personification of calm, sunlit seas.

Sandy (Greek) – An appropriate choice for beach-loving parents, Sandy has meanings of “defender of mankind” in Greek.

Sedna (Inuit Mythology) – The Inuit goddess of the sea, sea animals, and the underworld.

Sirene, Sirène (Greek, French) – In Greek, Sirene means “enchanter” but the French form Sirène means “mermaid”.

Skipper (English) – Meaning “ship captain”.

Teal (English) – See “blue” above for more.

Thalassa (Greek) – With many divers claiming themselves thalassophiles (people who love the sea), the name is definitely appropriate for a scuba baby with its ties to Greek mythology, the ocean, the night sky, and art.

Tide (English) – Relating to ocean tides.

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Disney Themed Ocean Baby Names

Ariel (Hebrew) – Popularised by “The Little Mermaid”, Ariel means “lion of God” in Hebrew.

Adella, Alana, Andrina, Aquata, Arista, Attina (Various Origins) – Ariel’s siblings in “The Little Mermaid”.

Bailey (English) – Whilst it’s literal meaning is “bailiff”, Bailey is also the name of the adorable beluga whale in “Finding Dory”.

Bruce (English) – This traditional English name was repurposed in “Finding Nemo” for the Australian great white shark character.

Destiny (American) – Another “Finding Dory” favourite is the loveable whaleshark character, Destiny.

Dory (French) – We couldn’t leave out Dory herself, could we? This French name means “gift of god” or “gilded”.

Flounder (Unknown) – This species of flatfish lent its name to Ariel’s blue-and-yellow-striped best friend.

Marlin (English, Welsh) – Meaning “land near the lake or sea fortress” Marlin is also a large species of fish, rather different in size from the small clownfish character of Nemo’s father.

Melody (Greek) – This name meaning “song” was given to Ariel’s daughter in the sequels to “The Little Mermaid”.

Nemo (Latin) – In Latin, Nemo means “nobody”. The name was first given to Captain Nemo in Jules Verne’s “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”, and then of course to the titular character in “Finding Nemo”.

Sebastian (Greek) – Meaning “venerable” or “revered”, Sebastian was Ariel’s other best friend alongside Flounder.

Baby Names After Ocean Places & Water

Adriana (Latin, Spanish, Italian, Croatian) – Of the Adriatic sea.

Alaw (Welsh) – This is thought of as a Welsh equivalent to the name Melody, and is also the name of a river.

Atlanta (Greek) – Meaning “secure”, “immovable”, or “unswaying”, Atlanta can also relate to the Atlantic Ocean.

Brook, Brooke (English) – Meaning “small stream”.

Caspian (English) – Taken from the Caspian Sea, the largest sea in the world between Asia and Europe.

Cayman (Spanish) – Meaning “crocodile” and relating to the Caribbean islands.

Chelsea (English) – This name means “chalk landing place”, but made it onto this list due to its “-sea” suffix. Kelsea and Lindsea are also popular as they feature the same “-sea” ending.

Elouera (Aboriginal Australian) – Meaning “a pleasant place”, this is also the name of a stunning beach in Australia.

Euphrates (Turkish) – Meaning “great river”.

Baby Names from Ocean Creatures

Adelie, Adélie (German) – Similar to Ada, Adelie means “Noble” and can be related to the Adélie penguin.

Anemone (Greek) – As divers we of course know these animals as the homes of clownfish, however, the name has Greek origins meaning “wind” or “breath” and also lends itself to a land flower.

Aurelia (Latin) – This Latin name has meanings of “golden”, but is also a species of moon jellyfish. Consider researching uncommon names for your favourite ocean species as inspiration.

Mako (Maori, Japanese) – Who wouldn’t want to be named after an incredible shark species? Mako means “shark” in Maori, and the name can also mean “sincerity”.

Moray (Scottish) – Meaning “lord and master” but also the name of the common eel species.

Orca (Unknown) – Many are turning to the species of cetacean as a baby name.

Mariana (Spanish) – Means “drop of the sea”, as well as relating to the Mariana Trench, the deepest trench of the ocean.

River (English) – Named after a body of water which flows to the sea.

Ray (English) – Whilst divers might associate it more with stingrays or manta rays, the name more traditionally means “beam of light” or “wise protector”.

Ridley (English) – The original meaning is “reed clearing” or “cleared wood”, but has ocean links to the olive ridley sea turtle.

Tiburon (Spanish) – Meaning “shark”.

Vaquita (Spanish) – Don’t take the Spanish meaning of “little cow” too literally, as this is also the name of the rarest and most endangered marine mammal in the world.

Xenia (Greek) – The name Xenia means “hospitable” or “welcoming”, but also lends itself to a stunning soft coral.

Were you gifted with an ocean themed name? Which of these would you consider for your scuba babies? Share in the comments below or let us know in the Girls that Scuba Facebook community!