ScubaHunt Cozumel - are you up for the challenge?

Part scavenger hunt. Part escape room. Part labyrinth. ALL underwater. ScubaHunt Cozumel is a scuba dive experience we've definitely not seen before! So we couldn't wait to find out more and try it out ourselves! We asked Girls that Scuba member, Laura - who lives in Mexico, to go and check it out and review the experience for us!


"I’ve been a diver for many years, and love adventures that take me under the waves, so when I was asked by GTS to review and underwater scuba challenge, I jumped at the chance! Here I’m going to share my experience of ScubaHunt Cozumel – and why it’s a dive day with a twist!"

What is Scuba Hunt?

We all know that Cozumel is one of the most beautiful ocean diving locations in the world. It has stunning reefs, warm water, and unbelievable clarity - which is why many divers choose Cozumel for an extended dive trip.


ScubaHunt is a different kind of dive. During this adventure, you aren’t drifiting with the current looking at the coral and marine life pass you by… You’re busy searching for clues and puzzles!


That’s right! ScubaHunt is a problem solving dive, which is part scavenger hunt, part escape room, part puzzle, and all fun!

Where is ScubaHunt?

ScubaHunt is located at Hemingway’s Beach Club, just a five minute taxi ride north of the ferry terminal in Cozumel. They have created their adventure on their very own dive site, outside of the marine park that Cozumel is known for.


Formerly known as ‘Los Bloques’ (the blocks), this site is made up of 90 huge concrete blocks that were ‘carefully disposed of’ (read: dumped in the ocean) following the construction of the ferry terminal in Cozumel.


Never fear though, the sandy spot where the blocks now lie was previously a vast open space, which now has made an underwater ecosystem that’s full of marine life!

What makes ScubaHunt different from other Cozumel dives?

Most Cozumel dive operators take you on a two tank ocean dive to see the reefs and wrecks that surround the area. ScubaHunt is a one tank dive, so can easily fit in among other dives on your trip, or even can be completed on that final day before flying, as the maximum depth is only 19ft.


Rather than the usual underwater photography, looking for marine critters, or simply enjoying breathing bubbles, during your ScubaHunt dive you are following clues to work out the code to unlock the treasure box!

Do I need to be a Navigation Pro?

I was concerned that I would be using a reel and following compass points (and getting lost!) during the dive, but the team behind the ScubaHunt concept have made it really easy to navigate with underwater buoys to guide you on your way through each part of the challenge.


You do need to be confident to explore though and keep your eyes peeled for the clues, as they can be a bit tricky to spot!

What are the challenges?

I don’t want to reveal the actual games and challenges themselves, as that is part of the fun while you try out ScubaHunt!


They definitely make you think, and you can’t cheat and blag your way to the answer without solving each step! You’ll need to have your brain switched on for this dive day.

Is ScubaHunt for everyone?

Yes and no! Let’s say first, that ScubaHunt is NOT for brand new open water divers. The requirements are at least 30 dives before completing the challenge.


I’d say this is fair, as you need to have confidence in your diving to be able to focus on navigating around the puzzles and not worry about buoyancy and fiddling with your BCD during the dive.


That said, the skills practiced in the ScubaHunt challenge reminded me of the requirements of the Open Water and Advanced Open Water Courses, and were really fun to complete!


I am a divemaster, so navigating and being below the water is second nature to me. But my dive buddy for the day was a newer Advanced Open Water diver who had around 60 dives under her belt. She found it a little more challenging.

Do you need your own scuba gear?

ScubaHunt has the option for you to rent gear if you need it. They had a great set of new wing type BCDs and the equipment was well maintained.

Final Thoughts on ScubaHunt Cozumel!

Steve, Maic, and the ScubaHunt Team were really friendly and welcoming. They were lovely for us to dive with and are really excited to get more divers to experience their clever new concept.


For those of us with many dives under our belts, sometimes it’s just a lot of fun to go under water with a purpose. And the determination to win makes it even more of a challenge!


It’s a great addition to any dive trip to Cozumel, where you just want a day of doing something a bit different.


Check it out and book your dives at

About the author; Laura Pulling

I am a Divemaster and have been diving for 5 years. I currently live in Playa del Carmen and love the range of ocean and cenote diving I can enjoy here. My favourite animals to see on a dive are spotted eagle rays, and my diving dream would be to see orcas or great white sharks!

Disclaimer:  This article is sponsored by ScubaHunt, however all views are our own. Sponsorships help us develop and grow the Girls that Scuba community and continually offer helpful and inspiring content.