Pregnancy in Scuba Diving - help us collect data!

scuba diving when pregnant

Are you a scuba diver currently pregnant? Have you been pregnant as a scuba diver? We are looking to help women make informed decisions on pregnancy while being a diver by collecting data and creating information on this topic - one that is hardly spoken about! We'd love to hear your experience that you can share with the community. We aren't taking any personal data from you - not even your name, so anything shared is completely anonymous.


If you are interested in whether you can scuba dive when you are pregnant we have a dedicated article about that here: Can you scuba dive when pregnant? 


*Please note this current survey is for divers who have been pregnant or are currently pregnant. We also hope to do more research with divers who have decided not to start a family, become pregnant or cannot become pregnant. 

Can you scuba dive when pregnant?