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Female scuba diving clubs and communities around the world

Female scuba diving clubs and communities around the world

Are you looking to join a female dive club or community in your area? We love having you all over on our Girls that Scuba groups, and we’d love to see you dive together and meet-up through our groups, but understand members are based all over the world. Here we have listed some other female dive clubs and communities in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Asia! If you can’t find a female dive club here feel free to post in Girls that Scuba together asking for any females in your local area who would like to dive or meet up!


Scuba Girls of Florida:

Jacksonville Scuba Girls:

Letts Dive: Sisters of Sedna:

Seminole Women That Scuba:

Southeast Scuba Diving (USA):

Scuba Girls of Georgia:

Pacific Northwest Women Divers:

NYC Scuba Girls:

San Francisco Bay Area: Join the Lady Divers of Northern California Facebook Group

Chicago Undersea Explorers Society: Contact Katie Mika for information


Sea Foxes – Ladies Dive Club:


Belgian scuba girls 🧜‍♀️:

Tauchgirls Süddeutschland:


Stavanger Dykkerklubb


Mermaids of Perth dive group:

Melbourne Mermaids: Contact Jourdane Iversen or Rachel Price to be added to group chat

Tasmanian Mermaids:

Border Mermaids:

Middle East and Asia


Okinawa Ladies Dive Club:

Online Female Scuba Diving Groups

Girls thats Scuba:

Girls that Scuba together (meet up group):

Girls that Tech Dive :

Mums that Scuba

Girls That Scuba Book Club

Female scuba gear Buy & Sell

Girls that Freedive

Scuba Ocean arts and crafts

Plus Size Scuba Girls

Scuba Girls Buddy Board

Scuba Women

Do you know of any other female scuba dive groups? Drop us a comment here or in Girls that Scuba together Facebook group!