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Aqualung Sphera X Freediving Mask

Aqualung Sphera X Freediving Mask

Are you looking for your next freediving mask? Have you just started freediving and want to get your first low-volume mask? Aqualung Sphera masks are some of the most popular freediving masks on the market, and the new ‘Sphera X’ is a mighty but small mask that we absolutely love!

The Aqualung Sphera X Mask is the next generation Sphera, the number one Freediving mask by Aqualung. The unique distortion-free lens technology provides a 180 degree wide-angle field of vision and let the user experience a panoramic vision that’s pure freedom for the eyes.

The mask also features a new silicone skirt, an attractive lightweight frame structure and an easy-to-adjust micro buckle system. It comes in a heavy-duty zippered EVA Case, not only to protect the Plexisol lenses but also to reduce PVC plastics waste.

Aqualung Sphera X Mask


  • 180° distortion-free panoramic vision thanks to the exclusive Curved Lens Technology
  • Plexisol lenses with special anti-fog and anti-scratch benefits
  • Advanced Fit Technology (AFT) enhancing the sealing features of the silicone skirt, improving fit, comfort and feel
  • Easy adjustable buckle system
  • An innovatively shaped strap better forms to the diver’s head, increasing comfort and provides a more secure fit
  • Attractive heavy-duty EVA box with corrosion free zipper.
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Real life review


Girls that Scuba founder Sarah has been using her Sphera X freediving around the UK and loves it: ‘The Sphera is my go-to freedive mask (so much so, I have it in 3 colours) I love how low-volume it is, and how clear the lens stay throughout the dive! It fits really well, and looks good too! I’m a complete convert! 

Ready to get your own Sphera X mask? Take a look at AquaLung dealerships near you! We’d love to know your experiences of freediving with the Sphera mask! Leave us a comment below!

Disclaimer:  This article is sponsored by Aqua Lung, however all views are our own. Brand sponsorships help us develop and grow the Girls that Scuba community and continually offer helpful and inspiring content.