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10 Signs You Are Addicted to Scuba Diving

10 Signs You Are Addicted to Scuba Diving

Well, hello there fellow scuba addict. Are you looking for a diagnosis or confirmation that you are indeed addicted to scuba diving? Let us help by talking you through 10 tell-tale signs of underwater addiction.

1. You no longer use the thumbs up sign

Everything is answered with an “OK” hand signal.

Friend asks how you’re feeling? OK signal. “Do you want some food?”. You throw them an OK sign. “How did it go?”. Your thumb and forefinger are immediately together.

“Do you know how do use anything other than an OK sign?”. You know how to reply!

2. Your dive computer is a permanent fixture on your wrist

It might be big and bulky, and it’s almost impossible to put tight clothes over. But what if we suddenly need to dive?

Close up of a forearm with a large rectangular dive computer on the wrist, displaying dive details
It doesn’t matter the size, we’re wearing it all the time!

Also, give us a valid reason for ever taking it off. With dive computers becoming more intelligent and integrating all your favourite smart watch features, who could possibly need another type of watch?

3. You own more dive t-shirts than normal t-shirts

Dressing for social occasions or formal events becomes a bit of a challenge. It’s awkward when you really need to wear something un-dive related but all you can find is shark-y shirts or dive shop tees!

4. When you actually dress up and put on ‘real people clothes’ you get a huge reaction

“Wow, you look amazing!”

“Yes, this is what I really look like when I don’t have a burnt nose or salt water in my hair, and I’ve actually brushed it”

5. You only travel to places you can dive

Wherever we’re travelling, we’re going diving. Get your Going Diving luggage tag!

Because what else are we supposed to do on holiday? A diver can find a body of water almost anywhere. Heading on a city break? There might be underwater flooded mines to explore beneath the city.

Jetting off to a cold destination? Looks like we’re going ice diving! You’re truly addicted to scuba diving if you manage to find a dive in every new destination you visit.

6. You can talk for HOURS just about scuba diving

Scuba divers are your people. They get you. You get them. You’re kind of scared about talking to people that don’t dive incase you run out of conversation.

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7. It starts feeling weird to breathe without a regulator in your mouth

And don’t even get us started on swimming in a pool. How do you actually breathe in bodies of water without a regulator? HOW?

8. Your Facebook profile picture is an underwater selfie

A woman scuba diver looks at the camera and holds up a "hang loose" hand signal, swimming in bright blue water

It is though, isn’t it..? From your social media accounts to your dating app profiles – they’re all littered with pictures of you blowing bubbles. And on every dive trip, you’re seeking out the nearest person with a camera to get a great picture of yourself underwater!

9. You talk to the underwater wildlife

The garbled noise your buddy can hear coming from your reg is actually “Why hello there, Mr. Fish, do you come here often?”.

Pro tip – chat to the moray eels. With their mouths constantly opening and closing, at least they look like they’re giving you a reply!

10. You’d rather keep your wetsuit on until the next dive than go through the ordeal of taking it off…

…even if the next dive isn’t until the following day!

Group of women on the deck of a boat dressed in brightly coloured lycra suits for scuba diving
But if you do want to make it easier to get in and out of your wetsuit, we love SlipIns!

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