Best Scuba Diving Torches for All Budgets

best dive torches and scuba diving lights

Scuba diving torches are needed for night dives, wreck dives, technical diving, and even on recreational dives to look further into reefs and crevices checking out what marine life lives within.


Choosing a good underwater torch is important for every scuba diver, but which is the best dive torch, and which is the best budget dive torch? We dive further into the world of scuba diving torches and scuba diving lights.

Best All-Round Dive Torches

Aqua Lung Seaflare

A great decent first (or last) dive torch that's made to last. Does everything you need it to do as a recreational diver - at a decent price! Add a blue, yellow, pink or glacier color beam deflector to your light beam to customise it and really stand out from a sea of black dive torches!



  • IPX8 water-resistant down to 150 m depth
  • Anodized finishing and a hardened glass lens to protect your dive light from corrosion, abrasion and scratches
  • Large ON/OFF titanium button for easy and durable operation and quick mode changing (3 levels of intensity)
  • 1300 Lumen
  • 3 hours in HIGH, 4 hours at MEDIUM, 10 hours at LOW


Apeks Luna Dive Torch

The ultimate dive torch for scuba lovers! The Apeks Luna Dive Torch is a tough, compact yet super bright rechargeable dive torch that emits up to 2000 lumens.


Mounted on the supplied neoprene glove handle, the Luna makes a superb hands-free dive torch for all diving situations. The USB rechargeable battery can power the torch for up to 8 hours from one charge (depending on power output level).


The torch can be easily switched between three output levels and features a convenient battery status gauge for real-time battery feedback, including the remaining run time and percentage charged.


  • LED display panel for instant, real-time information on runtime remaining in hours and minutes.
  • ITM (Intelligent Thermal Management) - Patented circuitry within the light will reduce power to the LEDs if they go beyond the optimum temperature, keeping the light as efficient as possible to maximise output and battery capacity.
  • Features a dedicated SOS Strobe for emergency use in or out of the water
  • No need to open the torch to recharge the battery, which reduces the possibility of leaks.

Apeks Luna Mini Dive Torch

Looking for a powerful, compact torch to use under and above water? The Apeks Luna is so light that it can easily be stowed in a pocket, but it still packs a very impressive 1000 lumen output that can be used for more than just diving.


Intelligent Thermal Management (ITM) means that the torch will monitor and adjust power output to maintain optimal temperature and prevent the torch from overheating, making it usable above water too.


With 1000 lumens max output, three power settings offering up to 6 hours run time and a USB rechargeable battery, it ticks all the boxes for both a primary and back up torch.

Best Budget Dive Torches

Mares EOS 5RZ Dive Torch

The Mares EOS 5RZ is a compact LED dive light with a USB rechargeable battery, 500 lumen maximum output and anodised aluminium body.


The EOS 5RZ uses a CRE XP-G2 LED chip to emit up to 500 lumen at maximum over a tight 12 degree spot with a wider 75 degree corona. The compact housing measure 165mm in length with a diameter of 43mm at the head and 29mm in the body making it perfectly sized to have as a spare in your BCD pocket.


The torch is powered by a USB rechargeable battery and controlled using a multifunction magnetic switch that provides simple switching between the on, low, flash and off modes. A simple but effective locking mechanism prevents the torch from being accidentally switched between the modes. RRP £80.

OrcaTorch D580 is a professional underwater dive light with max 530 lumens output. The mechanical head rotary switch offers high reliability underwater.


The light is compatible with two types of batteries: 1* 18650Li-ion rechargeable battery, which is economic and eco-friendly, and the 3*AAA Alkaline batteries, which is low cost and easy to get. It has 6 degrees super narrow beam, quite suitable for recreational diving as a primary light, and for technical diving as a backup light. RRP $56.

Best Dive Lights

A dive light is used to navigate, see your gauges, and observe aquatic life at night. It can be used during the day to peer inside wrecks and caves They are also very handy when exploring crevices and swim throughs on reefs and dive sites.


The best dive lights are easy to carry, have a strong bright light (measured in lumens) and don’t let water in.

OrcaTorch D700 Dive Light 

With a powerful maximum brightness level of 1700 lumens, the OrcaTorch D700 dive light will illuminate your underwater adventures that require bright beam, easy operation, and long runtime. 


If you’re the kind of diver who prefers basic, easy to use gear, the OrcaTorch D700 might be your best bet. It comes with one OrcaTorch 21700 5000mAh rechargeable battery with USB Type-C charging port. It uses a narrow and focused beam of light, perfect for guiding your way in the darkest of environments, including caverns and shipwrecks. RRP $119take a look at stock here.

Tovatec Fusion 1050 Dive Light

The Tovatec Fusion 1050 is a compact dive light that features a sliding head to adjust the beam angle from 12 degrees to 100 degrees, and is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.


The Fusion 1050 uses a CREE LED for excellent reliability and brightness, generating 1050 lumens. The sliding lens allows the beam angle to be precisely controlled, altering the beam between a focused particulate penetrating beam to a wide beam for lighting a large space or for video. The head can even to be removed completely for a 140 degree beam. RRP £89.95

Best Back Up Diving Torches

Back-up rechargeable torches are small and handy and can be easily kept in your BCD or drysuit pocket and used when needed. Their batteries are not too big, but they will produce surprisingly good brightness for a reasonable period and can be recharged in a short time.


Rechargeable LED back up torches may also be a handy tool during regular dives on wrecks and caverns when an extra bit of light can enhance your diving experience.

Hollis LED 3

A tough and powerful diving back up torch that is a battery operated, non rechargeable torch with a concentrated beam and a 6 hour burn time.


A tough aluminium body houses a cradle for three AA batteries that are protected by a double O-Ring seal.

Magnetic switch operation keeps the electronic parts safe from flooding with a simple on/off push switch that is large enough for gloves but protected from accidental use by the aluminium body. RRP £89.95

The Tovatec ICOM II is a compact and superb value for money dive torch that delivers 285 lumen in a tightly focussed beam that is great for piercing through murky water.


At just 13 x 4cm it will easily fit into most BCD pockets as a great backup dive light.

The ICOM II is powered by three AAA batteries housing within an anodised aluminium casing. The magnetic sliding switch gives access to three operating modes - full, 30% power and emergency strobe. RRP £51

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