We've launched a plastic and waste free online shop!

PLASTIC. WASTE. It's nearly a daily topic in Girls that Scuba and in other scuba diving groups. The amount of it in the ocean, how to get rid of it and how to stop using it. We love talking about making a difference so much, that around 9 months ago we started a sub group of GTS called A Waste Free World.


Within this group we discuss everything about plastic and waste, educate each other and help share information. Opening it up to all also gave us the opportunity to spread awareness to not only scuba divers but anyone that is interested in saving the oceans!


One of the main topics was stopping buying single use plastic and where to find alternative plastic-free products of the every-day products we use. 


You know us, rather than waiting for someone else to do it we do it ourself, and that is how A Waste Free World was born.

Plastic, waste free, natural, vegan products

All our products - of course - are plastic free (we hand pack them too to ensure theres no plastic in your packaging) but it's not just plastic-free products you'll get. There's natural ones to - no nasty chemicals that are bad for yourself and your environment. We also have a huge vegan collection to make sure the products you buy aren't made with any meat or fish products. Have you read our article on eating fish and overfishing?


What's more we try and source most of our products from the UK (that's where we live) to reduce our carbon footprint, when it comes to delivering products. 


So not only are you buying yourself amazing quality products you are reducing plastic, looking after your body, the environment and supporting small local business.

Plastic Education

We don't just want you to buy items from A Waste Free World for the sake of buying, we want you to buy because you understand why these plastic free items are needed. So with each product we sell we create a video on our YouTube channel to go alongside it so you can see the products benefits and learn how much plastic and population goes into making the current plastic ones we have.


We also have a section on our website called "Plastic Education" which has written article on plastic and plastic products. We just wrote about how our kitchen sponges contain plastic and it's going directly into the ocean.

Some of our products

Join us, Help us, Share us

We need your help to spread the word about plastic free products, and you can easily do that by just sharing our page, facebook group or instagram! We'd also truly appreciate your support in buying for a teeny tiny small business that has just launched. If you'd like to see the full story about how and why we started A Waste Free World as well as how we even afforded it (spoiler alert; we couldn't) watch the full youtube video here.


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