GTS group trip to swim with humpback whales in Tonga

swim with humpbacks in Tonga
Could this be you behind the lens?

We are sure you are all aware of the dream that is Vava'u, Tonga a place considered to be the best place in the world to swim with humpback whales... 


Well, now is your chance to make your dream come alive and join GTS on a 7 day trip (5 water days) of a lifetime to share the ocean with the incredible humpback whale!


19th September - 26th September 2020

8 spots available - 4 PLACES LEFT

We are going to have a whale-y good time!

Vava'u, Tonga is one - if not THE - best place in the world to swim with humpback whales! Tongan waters are birthing and mating grounds for a specific population of humpback whales, which means they are around for months each year. Even better, the islands that surround Vava'u provide protection from the winds, ensuring that you can go out on the water almost every day.


There are lots of options when it comes to swimming with humpbacks in Tonga, but not all of them are great options. You've likely traveled a long way to swim with these beautiful creatures, and Humpback Swims feel that they've created the island's best experience — for both the snorkelers and the whales. Come join us and meet the humpback whales of Tonga for yourself. 


The more days you put in on the water, the higher your chances of having memorable, meaningful encounters which is why we are heading out for 8 days. We tend to see and swim with the whales almost every day, but we aim for real, quality encounters, not just fleeting glimpses of the whales.



Small groups: We take max 8 people. Other boats will put up to 12 people, this can become an issue, as you are only allowed 4 people in the water with the whales at a time. Can you imagine having the most amazing whale encounter of your life, and being tapped on the shoulder after 5 minutes to rotate with another guest? We keep our groups small, to optimize for water time.


Good operators (it’s an art to swim with the whales, and we have the best crew who have years of experience. Believe it or not this can make or break your trip)


Top Accommodations: The island of Vava'u is small and quite undeveloped,  there are not a lot of  places to stay. We book our accommodations years in advance, to ensure our guests have some of the best options available for their stay.

Swimming with whales

These are snorkel trips, as it's near-impossible to scuba dive with whales since they move quite quickly. Clients should have snorkeling experience and understand that there is a lot of swimming involved on these tours.


We generally get in the water with whales almost everyday, it really comes down to the quality of those swims. We aim to get 2 quality swims on a 5 swim day trip.  A high quality encounter to us is one that lasts over 10 minutes and is in close proximity to a set of whales. Please note tours don't run on Sundays.


Flying Annie is a cute bed and breakfast, located near town. Within 5 minutes of walking, you will find yourself at restaurants and at the water's edge.


For our trips, we have a small house with two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. We also have a room inside the main building with a double bed and ensuite bathrooms. Air conditioning is available in all of these suites, however, it is winter in Tonga, and most people do not need air conditioning.

Do I need to be a diver to come on this trip?

The humpback whale trips are snorkeling only; there is no diving allowed. There is also no need to dive, as the whales are at the surface most of the time.

Please note that Tongan law allows 4 guests in the water with a certified whale guide at a time. The boats take 8 guests, unless otherwise noted. You will rotate turns in the water with your group.

Girl power with Nadia Aly!

We are even more excited about this trip as we are collaborating with Nadia Aly, founder of Humpback Swims and Scuba Dive Life as your host! Nadia Aly is an award winning wildlife photographer, with a focus on underwater marine life. She left her corporate job in 2012, to travel and dive around the world.

Her primary goal is to educate people globally, about the diverse populations of sea creatures that exist in our oceans. Along the way she started 2 very successful scuba/ocean companies, and her business story is one many of GTS look up to. We are so excited to have Nadia hosting this trip as you will not only get that extra female power, you will also be able to learn from her on her exclusive photography workshop she will be hosting just for this GTS trip. Check out Nadia's photos here.

Price and what's included in the cost?

swimming with humpbacks tonga

$3,250 USD per person | 19 - 26 Sept 2020

$875 deposit required to book your spot


– Accommodation for 7 nights

– Hot breakfast

– Lunches on whale water days

– Boat, skipper, accredited whale guide

– Return transport from VAV to accommodations

– Photography and videography workshop

– Smiles & fun!


Our tours do not include any airfare

*please note this trip is not attended by GTS founder Sarah Richard

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