Dive wear for every BODY? Finding the right wetsuit or exposure suit

Finding the perfect wetsuit/drysuit/dive layers.This is a topic that comes up here at Girls That Scuba time and time again. We're sure we speak for every girl in this community when we say that at some point during our dive journeys, we've tried on a wetsuit and it's left us feeling embarrassed, frustrated, apprehensive and even sad.


Who would have thought that such an exciting task could be such a daunting experience. At Girls That Scuba we've been discussing this topic in depth and we've realised that as female divers, we come in such a beautiful array of shapes and sizes, just look at our team for example!


We're a diverse bunch here at Girls That Scuba, but how does our diversity help you? Over the past few weeks, our female dive team members have been donning the brands that they feel best suit their body shape.


- See yourself in one of us

- Read our stats

- And match your body type to the wetsuit brand that best fits your shape


We're hoping that by putting ourselves out there, we can make your next dive wear experience a little less daunting!


Height/weight: 5,2” / 119 lbs

Clothes size: S

Wetsuit size: S-M (fully customizable)

Brand: SeaGods Wetsuit


My favorite wetsuit is from SeaGods Wetsuit. The size was customized and made perfectly fit for me. It’s two pieces of wetsuit (jacket & pants) which are perfect for petite but a little curvy body like me. As you can see, I have a “pear” shape of body and this kind of wetsuit is great for any women who need different sizes of top and bottoms. You can choose any colors and how you want it to be made since they’re fully customizable from the size to the design. They’re also available from 2mm to 6,5mm thickness.


Height: 5ft 4 inches 

Clothes Size: Usually UK 8-10 

Size of drysuit: Custom!


I absolutely love my fourth element Argonaut stealth hybrid drysuit, It was custom made to fit my body type perfectly. I can easily fit all the undergarments I need under the suit ensuring a toasty dive but don’t feel drowned in fabric like I have with off the hanger rental suits. I love that this suit was made for my unique body type and that I was able to customise all of it’s features to ensure it meets all of my underwater needs. As a photographer / filmmaker it was important to me that the material was tough enough to withstand large amounts of diving in various terrains and the argonaut absolutely delivered. It's really important to me that my dive gear is built to last and is aligned with my environmental views and I felt fourth elements views on building quality dive gear for professional use, attention to plastic free packaging and development of their ocean positive line greatly reflect those views. 

plus size wetsuits


Height: 175 cm

Clothing size: US 28

Wetsuit: TommyD Sports


I am so thankful for my Tommy D Sports wetsuits! This is the only brand I can purchase off the rack that actually fits me! I use and abuse my suits as an instructor, and since they are so affordable I don’t feel like I have to be extra careful. Actually, they’ve held up to my abuse beautifully! I’ve also been known to throw them in the washing machine when I was too lazy for a proper clean, and they still look great. DO follow the size charts, and email if you have a question as you need to factor in the stretch based on thickness. Bonus, most models come in a front zip and a back zip option, so you can pick your fave.


Height: 5ft 8in /172cm

Clothes Size: Roughly UK12 and though I would normally take a Medium, I went for a size smaller here as it fit well, it is super snug, but not uncomfortably so. 

Sizing on items:  Euro S/ Aus 10/US 4  


Wetsuit: Sharkskin chillproof sleeveless vest &  (Both Women's)

Though I generally dive in warm waters I get cold very easily, especially on night dives after a full day’s diving coupled with heat and sunshine!  I find wearing these under my 3mm wetsuit the perfect addition to keep me warm when I’m feeling a bit tired or know that we might be hitting some thermoclines! They are both so cosy, easy to get on and off, but I’m not sure I trust their sizing! 


Height: 5ft 3in

Clothes Size: US XL tanks/12 Pants

Wetsuit: Bare Evoke 3mm Size 14

This wetsuit is everything I could ask for! Being in tropical waters that can get down to 72*F, and only having half the horsepower as most other divers, this suit is perfect for me. It keeps me warm without having to have the weight needed for me to dive my 5mm suit.  The honeycomb pattern inside bounces back heat and keeps you warm and toasty in all conditions!


Height: 163cm/5ft 4in

Clothing Size: Usually UK 6-8 (6 tops, 8 bottoms)

Wetsuit Brand & Size: Ocean Mimic, UK 8


Whether I’m wearing this suit with just shorts in warm water or layering it under a thicker wetsuit, the cute creature-inspired prints of Ocean Mimic’s styles always bring some fun to my dives. I’m fairly petite in height and shape, and their fit works really well for my body type. There was also great attention to detail with the sizing during their ordering process - I received an email to remind me that their sizing runs a little small (meaning their 8 fits me perfectly as I’m usually a UK 6-8), and asking me to confirm that the size I’d chosen would be suitable!



Height: 5ft 2"

The Otter Ultralite Drysuit is made to measure which makes diving in cold water SO much easier. I’m only 5ft 2” and am not stick thin so I spent years in borrowed drysuits trying to find a brand that would fit over my hips but not be extremely long in the legs. It would sometimes take me about 15 minutes to get in/out of a suit which is not helpful when you are bursting for the toilet after a dive!

If you are a regular cold water diver I think this suit is the best investment you could make as Otter are extremely reliable and have great customer service. These suits are completely customisable and as they are made to fit you, they are very flexible and allow you to move easily in and out of the water. They even have a ‘telescopic’ feature which means that the leg/torso length can easily be adjusted, perfect for someone who is still growing or for people changing between thin and thick exposure protection. 


Size: US 14

Height: 5ft 8"

Brand: Lava Core


Size: Medium

Height 5ft 6"

Brand: Waterlust 


Size: UK 12

Height: 5ft 1"

Brand: Waterlust


Size: UK 12

Height: 5ft 11"

Brand: Kalypse Wetsuits


Size: UK 12

Height: 5ft 10"

Brand: Waterlust


Size: UK 12

Height: 5ft 2"

Brand: SEAC


Size: UK 10

Height: 5ft 2"

Brand: Fourth Element