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Dive computer review: COSMIQ+ by Deepblu

Dive computer review: COSMIQ+ by Deepblu

When Deepblu reached out and asked if we would be interested in reviewing their dive computer we were pretty excited after being introduced to it just earlier that month on a liveaboard in the Red Sea! We liked the sound of the social side, automatic logs, and could see the big screen would be good for some of our blurry eyes. So we sent it onto GTS contributor Myrthe Henriks to review while diving in Aqaba, Jordan.

  • DESIGN: When I first saw the computer, I immediately noticed that it had a really attractive design; different colours made it a personal computer. Perfectly adjustable to any wet- or dry- suit, it gives a great fit around the wrist.
  • EASE OF USE: The computer is really easy to use, there are two buttons, one on the right and one on the left side of the screen. These help you to switch modes and adjust the settings you want.All the modes have a good overview and the different information is shown clearly.
  • SCREEN: I found it really hard to read the screen on the surface and in shallow water, if there is bright sunlight. Deeper down it’s all good.
  • INFORMATION: The information it shows is clear, readable and detailed. I compared it with my Suunto D4I, the temperature, NDL, dive time and bottom time was the same on both computers. The depth was a difference of 0.2m. The Suunto showed 0.2m deeper than the DeepBlu.
  • MODES: You can put the computer in air, nitrox or free dive mode. Unfortunately no other gas mixes, so not recommended for tec diving.In the Nitrox mode, you can set it quick to the right amount of O2/ Nitrogen you are using.
  • DISADVANTAGES: A disadvantage is that the computer does not freeze the mode you chose. So during a dive, it is still able to switch to a different mode, which can cause problems when you accidentally press a button. The log capacity of the computer itself only 25 dives. So if you are planning to do a long diving holiday, make sure you upload the dives to the app regularly

*EDIT: COSMIQ+ does freeze the mode user chooses, and definitely cannot be switched to different mode while diving. It is extremely dangerous if it can. We have updated our firmware many times and the newest version is 1.5. Users need to update to the latest version after receiving the computer and before diving. If they don’t, it is possible that they would encounter such kind of bugs, which we already fixed them in the latest version.

  • SOCIAL: The Deepblu Cosmiq connects diving with social media this makes it very interesting these days. The app can be downloaded in the Google Play store; It’s similar to Instagram and Facebook and allows you to post pictures and stories, like or comment others, find followers (buddy’s), just like the other social media apps. It charges really quick and the battery life is about 6 to 7 hours. Synchronizing the dive logs to the app is very simple and quick. Just connect the computer with Bluetooth to your mobile or iPad, and the logs will be transferred. The app gives a chance to add pictures to the dive log and makes a beautiful presentation about the whole dive.

The computer is a really nice product for people who are very interested in sharing their dive adventures with other people. It gives a good opportunity to meet divers from all over the world and share your stories. By adding some pictures to your dive profile, the whole image of the dive is a beautiful memory!

The COSMIQ+ retails at $299

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Myrthe Hendriks

Myrthe Hendriks is 23 years old Girl that Scuba’s from Holland. A graduated nurse passionate about traveling and scuba diving who loves photography and is currently working as assistant instructor in a dive center in Aqaba, Jordan