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Back by popular demand - we're off to the Maldives again, and you're all invited!

Want to see what a GTS group trip looks like! Here's what we got up to and how much fun was had while scuba diving the Maldives!

Flossy Barraud, Education and Outreach Officer, Maldivian Manta Ray Project, The Manta Trust
We continue to highlight women doing amazing things in the ocean. Flossy teaches local Maldivian women how to swim and educate them on the beauty of the ocean.

Don't just be a diver - make a differnece. Here's why you should think about marine conservation programmes instead of noraml dive holidays.

Did someone say mantas and whale sharks? Our next GTS trip has been announced; we're off to the MALDIVES!

Searching for sharks to scuba dive alongside in Asia? We've got the best 8 destinations to visit in hope of sharks!

Wrecks in Maldives
Interested in wreck diving in Maldives? There's a ton of wrecks to dive and we jump right in to tell you where to head!

Scuba diving the the Maldives is world-class. But scuba diving at night is out of this world! Here are our top 5 night dive spots!

scuba diving in Fulidhoo Maldives
It is possible to dive one of the best dive destination in the world on a budget, and here's how: Welcome to Fulidhoo Island!

We cover the pries and costs, benefits and drawback of local islands, mid-range resorts, luxury resorts and liveaboards in Maldives. It might just be your best Maldives diving guide yet.