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Apeks Launches Exotec BCD
We love seeing innovative new scuba diving equipment on offer from the team at Apeks. Let’s check out the brand new Apeks Exotec BCD!

The Best Women's BCDs
If you’re looking for the best women’s BCDs, who better to ask than Girls that Scuba? Read on for the best travel BCDs, hybrid styles, and wings for women.

best dive torches and scuba diving lights
Choosing a good underwater torch is important for every scuba diver, but which is the best dive torch, and which is the best budget dive torch?

new scuba dive eqquipment 2021
There have been some really exciting new pieces of dive gear recently so we've put together some of our favourite new dive releases!

We review Aqua Lungs latest dive computer the I300R to let you know if this is the right dive computer for you!

Do you love keeping warm when diving, but don't get on with drysuits? The Apeks ThermiQ 8/7 wetsuit could be exactly what you are looking for! Hands down the warmest wetsuit we've ever dived in, this could well be the perfect solution to keep warm without diving in a drysuit! We take a closer look into how it performs here.

The best plus size BCDs as chosen by real female divers in the Girls that Scuba community, from the modular Zeagle Zena to custom backplate and wing setups.

Which alternate air configuration is the best for scuba diving? Girls that Scuba explore long hose vs short hose, share safety considerations for the Alternate Inflator Regulator, and discuss the pros and cons of each setup.

Girls that Scuba looks at the latest BCD to hit the market, Aqua Lungs' innovative Omni BCD.

With real life examples from the GTS community, we explore how to store dive gear, scuba gear storage lockers, how to store scuba regulators, and scuba gear storage ideas for spaces of every size.

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