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servicing your scuba dive equipment. When should I service it?
Girls that Scuba shares why it’s so important to service your scuba equipment - from why you need to service your gear and where to get kit checked, to when to send it for servicing.
Looking for your first set of scuba dive gear? Take a look at our video helping you choose your gear and where to buy it from
apeks new equipment 2021
Apeks launches new dive equipment for 2021 and Girls that Scuba is among the first to take a sneak peek at what is hitting the dive shops soon!
Aqua Lung's latest set of 3 'Leg3nd' regulators all offer something slightly different, and after a year of use, we review all 3. Could these be the best scuba regulators on the current market?
customised scuba fins
Girls that Scuba shares seven smart ways to customise your dive equipment - from painting scuba fins to customising BCDs, and how to use Scuba Goop.
What is the difference between DIN and Yoke? The pros and cons of DIN vs yoke regulator first stages, and how to change between the two with a yoke to DIN adapter.
We review the Apeks XL4+ regulator after using it for one year to let you know exactly what we think of it and if you should buy an XL4+ as your next set of regs
best womens bcds
Girls that Scuba explores how to choose the perfect scuba BCD, whether its a jacket vs a wing, and shares the best women’s BCDs from their knowledgeable community.
staying warm when diving
Scuba divers top tips for keeping warm whilst scuba diving; from exposure suits, to keeping warm before dives, on your surface intervals and beyond.
scuba diving equipment
It’s a big, wide world out there when it comes to purchasing scuba diving equipment so we’re here to help you simplify those important purchases – from what equipment to buy first, to where to get it from.

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